(en) On “Left-Overs”

Sobre los tira mierda angloparlantes escondidos en la internet.

Anarchist pages and social media are blowing up over a certain article that also mentions the “Individuals Tending Toward the Wild” (sic) to tar individualist anarchists and nihilists who read Stirner as secret fascists. It’s funny to us mostly because all of the supposed “nihilists” and “individualists” are getting themselves into a tizzy claiming that they aren’t Nazis or fascists. Meanwhile, the editor of Atassa has written the following:

I don’t see why anti-civ / nihilism people care, other than their feeling that it excludes them in social circles or whatever. That author dude is a successful troll imo. Maybe without his intending, but all the same. In many ways, my views are “worse than Hitler”, in some sense being called a fascist is a step up. Human extinction? Don’t care. Indiscriminate attack? *shrug* I don’t care what leftists or rightists think, I’m opposed to both in equal measure on principle. You can call me Hitler or a commie, I don’t care. I’m not batting for your team…

My “nihilism” isn’t leftism continued by other means. It isn’t frustration that I can’t achieve the goals of the Enlightenment of equality, liberty, and community through normal means, and must resort to some sort of “wu wei” to defeat big bad evil hierarchy and domination. It isn’t a means for self-realization and to acquire my deepest desires. It’s an animus delendi and the realization that human beings are kind of low on the totem pole in terms of what I value. So I’m for mutual defeat of all sides, in every circumstance. I’m on Team Chaos, not out of any ulterior motive, but for its own end.

While of course we don’t pretend to speak for eco-extremists or the “Individuals Tending Toward the Wild” (sic), the sentiment stands as an accurate portrayal of what eco-extremism intends overall.

(en) A note on an inconvenient truth

Una reflexión de Abe Cabrera desprendida de una cita de Marx.

“Flesh is replaceable”

One more time, on the grid.

If there is any aspect of anti-civilization thought that needs to be questioned, it is its Neo-Luddism. Not because technology is somehow a good, but more because those who have recourse to blaming technology for everything use it as a scapegoat, or as an excuse to be intellectually lazy. Here is the reason that they need Karl Marx. From Capital:

As against this, the commodity-form, and the value-relation of the products of labour within which it appears, have absolutely no connection with the physical nature of the commodity and the material relations arising out of this. It is nothing but the definite social relation between men themselves which assumes here, for them, the fantastic form of a relation between things. In order, therefore, to find an analogy we must take flight into the misty realm of religion. There the products of the human brain appear as autonomous figures endowed with a life of their own, which enter into relations both with each other and with the human race. So it is in the world of commodities with the products of men’s hands. I call this the fetishism which attaches itself to the products of labour as soon as they are produced as commodities, and is therefore inseparable from the production of commodities.

“The grid” here is the embodiment of the social relations of humans manifested in things. The social relationship is primary: the domestication and the social cohesion. The actual material existence is secondary. Yes, perhaps given enough of a destructive impulse, perhaps the grid once attacked “stays down.” But let us note that massive infrastructure was destroyed during the Second World War, with entire cities being leveled, power lines cut, railroads stopped, etc. etc. but that didn’t deter anyone from re-building. Indeed, such destruction led to things being re-built bigger and better. It also led to three decades of prosperity that birthed the Space Race and the Computer Revolution. Even before then, the Black Death that killed a third of Europe led to the foundation of capitalist modernity according to many historians.

In other words, disaster may not be antithetical to civilization, but at its very heart. Yes, maybe we are approaching catastrophic levels wherein civilization will no longer be possible. Then again, even if civilization was reduced to drastically smaller cities underground or in climate controlled environments, you haven’t destroyed techno-industrial civilization: all it is doing is re-grouping.

If you believe in a dogma wherein human nature is inherently good and salvageable, then of course you are going to blame non-human things (i.e. machines) for corrupting it, while desperately looking past their true (man-made) nature and functionality. If, on the other hand, you appreciate that they are merely physical manifestations of social relations that are a lot more difficult to destroy, you are in a much tougher position, but at least you are being honest with yourself. The former approach is the ideological foundation of anarchism: humans would be just fine if only the State, Capital, Technology etc. would leave them alone. The latter approach, the more realistic one in my opinion, sees that technology and the modern human are intertwined with each other almost to the point of being con-substantial. If technology exists it is because modern humans will it to exist, they love it, and value it with their whole lives. You may dispute this sincere affinity all you like, but here appearances don’t lie.

(Chile) Caso Landeretche-27 de marzo

Desde la prensa chilena publicamos esta noticia respecto a la preocupación que ha recaído sobre algunas personalidades políticas el atentado contra Landerretche ejecutado por ITS-Chile.
En este caso Alejandro Guillier, precandidato presidencial está bajo resguardo de escoltas desde el mencionado hecho. Hacen bien los bastardos que saben que pueden ser un objetivo, lo que no saben es que los eco-extremistas son pacientes como las aguilas…
¡Arriba el terrorismo de nervios!
¡Arriba el terorismo indiscriminado y selectivo!

Guillier es protegido por escoltas desde atentado a Óscar Landerretche

Ya sea en actividades públicas y masivas, así como en otras de lugares cerrados, e incluso en los traslados en auto, Alejandro Guillier es acompañado por dos escoltas.

Esto, después de que fuera proclamado precandidato presidencial por el Partido Radical, y que el presidente del directorio de Codelco, Óscar Landerretche, sufriera un atentado en su hogar el 13 de enero.

Desde el entorno de Guillier confirmaron a la prensa que los encargados de escoltarlo llegaron dos días después del ataque a Landerretche.

En la ocasión, el economista recibió un paquete en su domicilio de La Reina, el que explotó y le provocó heridas en el brazo y abdomen, así como la asesora del hogar y si hija, quienes fueron trasladadas a un centro asistencial de manera preventiva.

Tras esto, una publicación en internet de una organización que se hace llamar “individualistas tendientes a lo salvaje” y que pregonan el “eco extremismo”, se adjudicó la autoría del paquete bomba. “El economista (Landerretche) ha sido merecedor de nuestro regalo explosivo, por estar a la cabeza de este mega-proyecto devastador de la todo lo hermoso de la Tierra”, consignó la declaración sobre el presidente del directorio de Codelco.

Frente al impacto de lo sucedido y en medio del rechazo transversal que recibió la situación, el Gobierno, el Partido Socialista y Codelco se querellaron en contra de quienes resulten responsables del atentado.

En este contexto, la semana pasada Guillier llegó a un stand de refichaje del PR en la Plaza Victoria de Valparaíso junto a integrantes de su equipo de campaña y sus dos acompañantes escoltas. Lo mismo hizo hoy lunes en el Paseo Ahumada en Santiago. En otras ocasiones, como en reuniones públicas pero en espacios cerrados, lo han acompañado de forma más alejado y menos visible.

Y pese a que por protocolo se estila proteger a los abanderados, no todos cuentan hoy con seguridad personal. Así, y en su calidad de ex presidentes de la República, Sebastián Piñera y Ricardo Lagos, sí tienen.

En tanto, Manuel José Ossandón tiene escoltas desde que fue alcalde en Puente Alto. Por su parte, José Antonio Kast no es protegido de esta forma, ni tampoco la presidenta de la DC y carta a La Moneda, Carolina Goic.

Mientras, los interesados en ser el postulante del Partido Socialista, José Miguel Insulza y Fernando Atria, tampoco son escoltados en sus actividades hasta ahora.

(en) Abe Cabrera’s thoughts

Recientes pensamientos del jefe editorial de Atassa en audio y texto, junto con la lectura de “The Singing River” publicado en el mismo trabajo.

The Singing River

On liberation

More thoughts on liberation

Scenes from a double life

On an extremely rare Sunday morning free, I decided to revive the custom of my youth of walking to church for early morning Mass. At this point, at least in personal things, I am a creature of habit. In order to get through life, I find rituals assuring. Just as some have alleged with the Greeks and Romans, I do not believe in the validity of these civic and religious rituals: belief is an odd thing anyway, but I wrote about that topic years ago and I would rather not rehash it.

Even though the suburban church is only a short walk from my house, I was still fashionably late. I arrived during the sermon just as the priest started talking about hell. This was surprising as I can count on one hand the times I have heard a normal Catholic priest preach about hell. In the narthex of the church was a poster of the smiling seniors of the parish who will graduate high school in a couple of months: the bright and promising scions of the local affluent class. I had passed coming in the latest model trucks and sports cars, and the church itself, while my family doesn’t usually attend there, is at least to my aesthetic liking (i.e. quite old fashioned). In other words, these people have money, and I probably can be considered to have money too, just not as much.

But here was the priest, dressed in rose vestments for Laetare Sunday, going on about hell. He also moved into themes of rote prayer and corporal works of mercy, etc. Very traditional, probably in the style of old fashioned priests, though the rituals and other accouterments have noticeably changed. 

Leaving the church, I realized that perhaps the church had to preach hell until very recently (and, as this priest shows, still does at times), in order to get people to behave just a little bit, because civilized life was just that awful. The priest was not asking his charges, as Jesus did in the Gospels, to renounce everything, take up the cross, and follow in the path of abnegation and suffering. No, in order to avoid hell, he was just preaching that people should be more attentive while praying the rosary, visit people in old folks’ homes, and invite estranged believers back to church. Seems like a small price to pay to avoid eternal damnation.

In my morning reflection yesterday, I spoke of liberation, but after I uploaded it, I realized that I had avoided where our concept of liberation truly comes from, and that is the church. The secular believer in the Enlightenment will protest that it goes back further into Greek and Roman law, and the reforms of the early modern period, etc. But all of that was passed down to us through nearly two thousand years of the Biblical and theological interpretation. Leftism is Christianity carried on by other means, secularism is the Church set on surer foundations, etc.

Thus, when one speaks of liberation and egalitarianism, one cannot but have recourse to Jesus and St. Paul, who spoke of the “freedom of the sons of God,” or there being neither slave nor free nor Jew nor Greek. Even in a time of slavery, the Church had to develop an ideological mechanism by which everyone is equal and free at some level. I was reading for an essay that will never get written on the Valladolid debate between  Bartolomé de las Casas and Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda concerning the humanity and nature of indigenous peoples in the New World in the 16th century. Of course, all modern people are on the side of de las Casas, but Sepúlveda relied on Aristotle to indicate that the indigenous peoples were by nature inferior to their conquerors through their violation of natural law, and this meant they had to serve. Even then, no one was disputing (at least by then) that they couldn’t be baptized and thus go to Heaven when they died. Only that, in this life, their faculties were inferior to other humans and thus the capabilities weren’t there to live a fully human life. Thus, there was “equality” where it counted, namely, in the afterlife. A good and holy death following a life of servitude would be rewarded by egalitarian utopia in heaven. Indeed, a humble Indian servant’s life could be more meritorious, as the parable of Dives and Lazarus in the Gospel indicates.

What I am getting at is that the modern idea of liberation, total liberation, what have you, is a Christian concept in spite of itself. Per aspera ad astra, to the stars, or, to Heaven, to utopia, to freedom, etc., through that which is difficult: revolution, insurrection, techno-industrial collapse, etc. etc. Personal liberation can never be enough because it is a lie, at least if we give it more than an individualist content, draining it of juridical and philosophical implications. The only freedom can be that of attack and escape, full stop. It is the freedom of the wild animal, not of the Communion of Saints. And it will inevitably lead to re-capture or death. There is no happy ending here, and no point in hope. If one aspires to these latter things, one is falling into the trap again, perhaps more deeply this time. You dream of Jesus harrowing Hell once again (see above), this time the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has a different face: The End of All Domination, Anti-Technological Revolution, a Re-Wilded Future, etc. It’s all just another name for Paradise and the Beatific Vision, and it’s all a lie. Jesus isn’t going to pull you out of hell, he’s what put you there in the first place.

But as ITS has indicated, even in Hell you can fight. Even in Hell, that place in Christian theology where God’s light does not shine, the human animal remains untamed and indomitable. It’s not the freedom that one may necessarily want, but it’s the freedom that we have. Wield it wisely.

“If death comes we will keep destroying things in hell; disgusting world, I will laugh as I see you falling, in this eternal confrontation…”

-Eleventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild, 2016



(en) Thoughts on morality

Reflexión de Abe Cabrera sobre la moralidad.

When researching the Creek War for my article in Atassa, a curious thing I encountered was the attitude that the Indians had towards black slaves. For the Creeks and Seminoles, a slave was not free by virtue of slavery being an immoral institution and thus illegitimate. A slave was no longer a slave once he decided to stop being a slave and run away. One of the issues that the whites had with these Indians was how they would harbor escaped slaves, and this was a major point of contention in the Second Seminole War. But this was not due to the “enlightened” attitude of the Indians. They were not above taking blacks as slaves themselves, or keeping them in bondage. The point was that the “freedom” and “dignity” imparted to all human beings by Enlightenment thinking was not a given for the uncivilized mind. It had to be “earned” or “seized” from those who would take it from them.

I have left behind the idea of noble sentiments, those transient feelings that merely wishing for nice things makes me a good person. I have seen to many instances wherein people believed in mercy only to commit atrocities, or committed atrocities as an act of mercy. It is best just to try to empty yourself of those sentiments: whatever happens will happen. Death comes soon enough, weariness brings forgetfulness, long-suffering numbness. The only victory comes in being still here and still standing.

People want their dignity and life recognized merely for existing. It doesn’t work that way. That is the leftist dream, but it never achieves anything. That we all mean something just because we are: we are joined to the noble savage and the future transhumanist explorer of the stars due to some continuity… Continuity! What a fabulous lie! All the savages are slaughtered, and by dancing on their graves… I mean, “honoring them,” we obtain the wisdom and power that they should still have but don’t. We think we are all the same but we aren’t. In fact, it’s that thinking we are all the same, that we are all “humanity”, that leads us to cut down the forest, pollute the rivers, till the land to depletion, and pave the rest. Because we’re humanity, because that’s “our” good. Humanity is the enemy of nature because it is the enemy of place, of physicality, of wildness. There are human beings (human animals), and then there is Glorious Humanity. If one does not stare humanity in the face and declare one’s opposition, one is either a fool or a coward.

To separate the human being / animal and Humanity is not so simple. In fact, it is nearly impossible. It is like asking the animals to stay away from the watering hole in the hot summer.

To posit indiscriminate and selective actions is to posit the superiority of the Inhuman over the human; that is, that human beings are not a closed system, they “open up” onto something greater than themselves (even if they neither understand nor obtain it). To destroy those greater things (Wild Nature), one fails in one’s vocation, namely, to be open to the universe, to be merely another force within it and to act like it. This attitude seeks to make everything sterile and artificial because those things are “safe”.

To posit “amorality” is to seek to destroy all obstacles as you go. It is to posit the individual over society, chaos over order. It is to posit that sins of omission (not doing anything) are no less grave than sins of commission (doing something). That civilized peace is built on the pile of bleached bones of extinct savages. That you can’t buy off the universe with good behavior. That you refuse the bargain of the Golden Rule because only slavery and vice come from it (and not the commendable kind). “Amorality” acknowledges that we all have “blood on our hands” because we have all bathed in this blood. Our society was irrigated by it.

Does this destroy love and mercy whole-cloth then? Not necessarily, but it certainly opposes their codification: their enshrining into the realm of rights and “inherent dignity” of the person ipso facto. I can hope for mercy for those I love, and wish for destruction on those I don’t: wishing neither makes me noble nor makes it so. I am not God: my Word is not in the beginning, and nothing is made by it. But it is perfectly reasonable for me to hate a system that would set my or any other desire as a universal code of morality. Hypocrisy? What does it matter?

[en] (Mexico) Twenty-Sixth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del comunicado número 26 de ITS, esta vez firman todos los grupos de la Mafia en México y tratan varios temas de interés.

¡Por la expansión de las palabras filosas como si fueran un puñal al corazón del enemigo!

“Nature works wisely and without thinking… It does not recognize political borders, it situates new beings on the globe and contemplates the free play of forces that work upon them. At that point it overcomes by its push and character. It concedes the supreme “right” to existence… Eternal Nature inexorably takes vengeance on the sin of its enemies.


I. Opening greeting

“We have seen the horrors of civilization, and each one of us felt in our hearts that liberation by itself would never be sufficient.”


“All of their symbols will fall. Their prayers, their idols, they will fall, for the imminent catastrophe of civilization, by the revenge in the name of our ancestors, and in the name of all the wild that inhabits and has inhabited the earth. No prayer will save them from the attack undertaken by animist heretics.”



Our hearts fill with joy every time we read words of complicity from those who have shaken off disgusting complacent humanism filled with the old political ideologies. These accomplices have decided to ferociously confront civilization in all of its disturbing expressions: cars, communications towers, trains, churches, etc. often with cold hearts and without concern for legal consequences. They have used bullets and knives against the flesh of the hyper-civilized.

This War is Extremist, without hesitation, without quarter, without aspiring to “social change.” It rejects the demand for “revolution” in this era, a practice buried by the corpses of its defenders and propagandists.

Forward individualists!

II. Preliminary reflection: ITS and the FAI

“The only thing that should be at the forefront of this war are sincere acts of persons who truly appreciate and decide to act unto the ultimate consequences in the extremist defense of wild nature. Only that, no group is either in the vanguard, or rearguard.” (1)

That’s what we stated during our Wild Reaction stage, and we continue to hold this position. ITS is only an expression of a complex war, carried out by valued individualists who have united in this international project, to generate the greatest amount of damage that we can to all of this shit.

ITS is not a vanguard, it’s not a “front,” it’s not the leader of groups or individuals. Since 2011, the only thing ITS has done is extend its network, spreading the hate that we feel for the artificial with words and actions to unsettled minds , as well as that profound love for Wild Nature to all those who have felt our stated words to be their own.

ITS is not a “confederation” of “primitivists” of “direct action.” We do not defend “informality,” nor do we posit a “new form of organization.” ITS is a Mafia, a Secret Society, a Clan of select individuals chosen to form part of an international group that aims at destabilization, destruction, the execution of attacks and indiscriminate and selective murders against the Other.

For this reason ITS has not made “open calls” so that others take up its initials as they see fit. From the beginning we have NOT hoped that this “takes off” in a direction that does not satisfy us. In other words, we aren’t the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). Even if in the past we took some examples from this organization to sharpen our own, we do not base ourselves entirely on the FAI, and this is more than clear.  To be more concrete, we think that this Federation is now obsolete, its time has passed, and all that is left of it are crumbs of what it was in its prime, even if some attempt to take it out of the tomb of history.

It’s regrettable what the FAI has become: from being one of the most impotent organizations (mainly in Italy, Greece, Mexico, and Chile), it gave life to anarchist projects that reverberated in the social-political-economic sphere from 2010 to 2014. Today, the FAI is only a pretext for some to raise the most putrid, sterile, and aberrant flags of the social anarchists, and the perfect pretext to cover up poisonous police strategies of “criticisms of tension.”

“[…] Here in the road, the harpies, disguise hypocrisy in courtesy


The “nature” of the FAI was antisocial individualism and the criticism against the sleeping masses. It was not an organization of “defense of the oppressed people,” as some try to disguise it now. And we would dare to say that the FAI (in Italy and elsewhere) was in  many cases (above all in the package-bombs) indiscriminate and selective.

One only need to look back and notice that what we are saying is not totally off-base.

How can we erase from our heads that recognizable simultaneous package-bomb attack against various targets in Switzerland, Greece, and Italy in March 2011? Here two employees of the Swissnuclear company in Olten, Switzerland were wounded upon opening the package. Even though the wounds were minor, they drew blood nonetheless (2). A more selective attack was the package bomb that gravely wounded a lieutenant colonel in the Ruspoli military barracks in Livorno, Italy, which resulted in five amputated fingers and bloody wounds on the face and legs. (3)

In this case, some would argue that the FAI could have placed more explosive material in the package sent to the officer than that which was sent to the nuclear facility, where it was certain that a certain “inoffensive” secretary would open it and not the executive. In any case, the attack in itself does not lose its terrorist face, it does not lack the seal of the wounds it caused, and its nature does not cease being indiscriminate and selective.

The same could be said concerning its package-bomb attack in December 2010 against the embassies of Chile and Switzerland in Rome, Italy, for which the FAI also took responsibility (4). Here the wounded were consular employees and not the chief representatives of the embassies. Did the FAI apologize for the wounds of the “poor” secretaries? NO. Why would they, if these acts developed into an open war against consular targets and against what they represented for their solidarity strategy with aligned prisoners in those countries?

Here is where we start to make things uncomfortable, and it is because in order to place our eco-extremist gaze upon these PAST events, it is necessary to try to understand the hypocrisy of some in the PRESENT. For there were some at that moment who supported those actions, since they were being carried out by anarchists, sure. They supported the letter-bombs that arrived at the embassies and that wounded employees, but they now are scandalized when they hear about US, the eco-extremists, wounding bystanders or employees in the same way that the FAI did some summers back. What’s that all about then? With all of those who are firmly two-faced about this, do they not remember that the CCF also wounded an employee of an express courier service in Athens in 2010? (5) This even though they were “careful” to always advise the police before detonating an explosive so that the targets could be evacuated. That’s because any attack with explosives or fire, even an armed attack, is always a roll of a dice. You can never guarantee the security of bystanders and even if the target to be attacked has been thoroughly studied, the unexpected can never be anticipated.

III. Anarchist hands with innocent blood on them

After reading that, maybe some will say that modern anarchists are lacking “unnecessary” casualties when compared to us. They will say that we are defaming them. But if one gets over historical amnesia one will see that modern anarchists (like us) have “innocent” blood on their hands. (“Innocent” as this hated civilized society calls it.) But they have dead and wounded also on their conscience (or maybe not anymore). For all those who talk shit about the dead and wounded we have caused in Mexico, maybe they don’t remember the mailman wounded by the package-bomb sent to the Sub-Secretariat of the Penitentiary System in 2012 (6)? No one claimed responsibility for this attack, but it was also a clear example of “propaganda of the deed.” Or the 12 workers burned during a fire in a store in Iztapalapa that CCF-Mexico took responsibility for the same year? (7) Only in the second case did CCF in Mexico state that their intention was not to harm civilians, but the burned skin of the workers of that personal hygiene product store is permanent (8). We don’t condemn these attacks with their respective collateral damage (on the contrary, they pleased us at that moment). We only use these examples to quiet the arguments of the “new school” in Mexico which today criticizes our methods thinking that modern anarchist groups are the embodiment of “nobility” and “cleanliness” of action. These people are profoundly mistaken.

The same can be said of certain anarchos who are talking shit about us in Chile. These anarchos think they are morally superior, (some) presuming that in their contemporary history there have never been “unnecessary” dead or wounded. In believing this they consider themselves so “revolutionary,” and classify us as “counter-revolutionary,” as if that term scared us. They slam our brother clan ITS-Chile as “irresponsible” when they found out about the attack against Landerretche, his little daughter afflicted with audial trauma. What disgusting double morality! Maybe they don’t remember the amputated and wounded victims from CCF-Chile’s 2014 attack on the Santiago Metro? (9) Or maybe they forgot about the poor dead victim from the detonation of a fire extinguisher the same year, where they even found pamphlets with anarchist “demands” on them? (10) Or will they say that the wounded and dead are just a ruse?

Yes, this goes for you too, Joaquín García. A little while ago you decided to have a go at our accomplices who are making a name for themselves in the Southern continent (11). You spewed your bile and talked your leftist-revolutionary shit, how disgusting. Keep in mind that not even 200 “insurrecto” bombs in Chile could cause the same impact as only one package-bomb of the Proud “Mystical Horde of the Forest.” You think that the eco-extremist menace will be stopped by your sterile calls to the “anarchist community” to exclude us for their circles? Ha! Not even the best prosecutors, nor the most capable police, nor the intelligence officials, nor the experts, nor the security cameras, nor the media broadcasting lies, nor the new laws against “individual terrorism,” nor faulting the imprisoned for the bombings during their visits, much less the “revolutionaries,” no one will stop this because the seed has sprouted. You can cut the tree down but the roots remain. Let that be clear! So come up with another strategy Joaquín because writing your little letters from your cell isn’t getting you results against us “counter-revolutionaries.” Oh, I know, why don’t you try punching more old people, which is what you do best. We all know you can’t flee very well. When you get out of the clink maybe we can contract you out to hit that senile hippy Zerzan. It should be a piece of cake to hit him and you’re sure to find him riding his bike in the parks in Oregon…

Getting back to our main topic, we conclude that the only big problem here and the only reason people criticize our actions is because we, the eco-extremists, rejoice in the indiscriminate wounds that we cause. We don’t ask forgiveness from anyone for what we do since we don’t answer to anyone. Not to a larger organization (as in the case of the FAI when some member does something against the “general values” and is severely criticized). We aren’t slaves to humanist values and morality, nor to a politically correct position that dictates to us “how things should be done.” We formulate the attacking for pleasure. We rejoice that our package-bomb, our explosive, or fire wound or put more than one in danger. A smile crosses our faces when digging our blade into our target or hearing the deafening mortal shot. This is a WAR against civilization, this is not a game for children.

ITS will stop at nothing. We don’t make warning calls after planting an explosive as CCF does in Greece. We detonate it and that’s it. We have no consideration for society, we forget about the noble standards of not “wounding innocents.” We are proud that our method has spread and that others have taken it as their own. At the end of the day, this is all for the annihilation of moral progress, so that we can dance over the disgusting corpse of repulsive humanism,

IV. Speaking specifically of methodology

This is, what is the sending of a package-bomb if not an indiscriminate and selective method of attack?

There are an abundance of examples of this. The die is cast in each attack. It would seem that the method of the parcel-bomb is more indiscriminate than selective. This is because the terrorist cannot be absolutely sure that the intended target will open it, or if the intended person or someone else will cross its path.

The method was indiscriminate when a university worker opened the first parcel-bomb in April 2011. The worker, instead of giving it to the nanotechnologist for whom the package was intended, decided to open it himself and lost an eye. (12)

It was selective when two technological scientists of Tec de Monterrey opened it in the comfort of their office. It detonated and left them gravely wounded in August 2011. (13)

Another selective attack occurred when a representative of the Human Rights Investigative Unit opened the parcel and was wounded in July 2015. (14)

Another attack in November 2015 was at the same time indiscriminate and selective when a rancher of the National Council of Agriculture opened a package next to his secretary and the two were wounded in the incident. (15)

It was tremendously indiscriminate and selective when Landerretche opened his present in his own house and it wounded him, his daughter, and the maid just this past January 2017. (16)

And what about all of those other parcel-bombs that weren’t ours? Certainly they had the same intentions. They have either wounded their target or they haven’t. They have also struck “innocent” people, “defenseless workers,” and “civilians” who had nothing to do with the intended target. We can cite the example of the FAI in Italy in 2003, but to not go that far back into the past, the secretary of the IMF wounded in Paris some days ago (17) is a prime example of this.

We conclude this point affirming that it is inevitable to plan to leave civilians unharmed while employing this method. The humanist anarchists who criticize indiscriminate and selective attacks of the eco-extremists will have to think this one through and not just talk for the sake of talking.

V. Silenced for the moment…

It’s clear that after it was made known that ITS was responsible for the fabulous attack against the head of Codelco, many things would change. This is above all the case once people realized that ITS originated in Mexico but had rapidly spread to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Interpol has already collected all the information that it could from the Internet about our Mafia. Perhaps they are on our tail and they’ve already scolded the Mexican government for letting things get this far. In the Chilean media a sociologist with expertise in security stated, “if there has been an escalation of violence from this group (ITS), there is a serious problem with the intelligence system.” How funny, she gets it…

For that reason there is a concerted effort by the media to cover up what we’ve done and what we take responsibility for. And that’s just not us being paranoid. Why did they cover up the attack against the Plano Piloto bus station that ITS-Brazil took responsibility for in January? (18) Was it because it was near the location where its brother clan detonated a pressure cooker bomb in the Conjunto Nacional Shopping Center in August of last year? (19) Why did the Chilean media say nothing about what the “Mystical Horde of the Forest” declared in the 21st communique published a little more than a month after the terrorist attack? (20) Why did the media not hold its typical macabre feast with the news of the assassinated Vice-Rector of the Tec de Monterrey, for which a new ITS group in northern Mexico took responsibility in March? (21) Maybe those three cases are just coincidence? We doubt it.

Be that as it may, ITS will not stop. We will keep waging war against civilization, its sickening artificiality, and its asphyxiating technology. We will keep mocking it boring moral values and violating the imposed legal norms as we have done for some time now. For, “the warrior is, in essence, condemned to keep going.”

Our ancestors have taught us to become stalking animals. They have passed down to us the glory of taking a life and wounding our enemies. Confrontation drives us on and the land of the dead awaits us proud that we have continued the ancestral war, for having exacted revenge for the Earth.

“For people like you, people like me exist.

For persons like me, people like you get put in the ground, asshole.”


Power and complicity for the arsonists in Finland and Germany, for the criminal nihilists in Italy, for the chaotic people of Argentina, for the transgressors in Brazil, and for the indiscriminate ones in Chile. Know that your acts and words animate the power of the warrior spirit.

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chihuahua

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón

-Flint Blade Clandestine Clan

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Circulo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje

– Popocaliztli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Jalisco

-Federal Criminal Band


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P.S. The Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS) has a few days ago declared a new project apart from ITS – Mexico. We are happy to know that as its own group it has decided to go its separate way. We recognize and endorse their war. However, we do not agree with what they have said concerning leaving behind certain terms merely because “ the leftists use them.” Certainly it’s disturbing when radical progressives (or not) appropriate the terms that we defend. But the solution for us at least is not to cease using them merely because “other people have taken them up as their own.” On the contrary, we choose to make these terms so menacing that only their mention fills the hyper-civilized with terror. So much so that the leftists think twice about appropriating these terms for themselves.

Otherwise, let each take up what they find most accommodating to them, and let everyone draw their own conclusions.

(Chile) Caso Landerretche: 22 de marzo

Desde la prensa chilena publicamos la nueva noticia en torno al atentado eco-extremista contra uno de los jefes de la empresa minera Codelco.

En un programa de la tv chilena, el bastardo dio detalles del ataque que lo afectó junto con su hija y su criada en su propia casa en enero. Como se sabe, el grupo “Horda Mística del Bosque”, grupo de ITS en Chile reivindicó el ataque, pero al parecer para Landerretche la reivindicación es muy “rara” y en su conspiranoide cabeza solo cabe la posibilidad de que el responsable sea algún directivo dentro de su empresa, enojado por las reformas implementadas en la cuprífera.

Que crean lo que quieran, los eco-extremistas están sueltos, siguen allá afuera, ni se imaginan por donde merodean y cuando menos se lo esperen, verán de nuevo el resplandor de la pólvora, el olor a humo y verán heridas sangrantes en sus cuerpos.

¡Muerte a los híper-civilizados!

¡Que viva la Mafia de ITS en el Sur!

¡Por el ataque indiscriminado y selectivo!


Orgullosamente publicamos el video sobre las reacciones, “análisis”, mentiras y espanto de los medios de comunicación respecto al indiscriminado y selectivo atentado de ITS en Chile contra el miserable jefe de la minera de cobre más grande del mundo, Landerretche.

A más de dos meses del atentado que conmocionó a una nación, escupimos a las caras de los difamadores, meamos sobre sus valores y chorreamos pestes en sus deseos por querer tener a los eco-extremistas en sus jaulas. Que el manto de los antiguos cubra a los alegres Mafiosos perpetradores de los atentado en Chile, Brasil, Argentina y México.

¡Por la propagación de los terribles atentados que le quiten el sueño a los objetivos de los individualistas!