Why and when did you get involved in radical green politics?

For about 10 years I have been involved with the issue of radical environmentalism, along with neo-Luddism, anti-civilization, etc., back then I was young and positive, then seeing all the crudity of this world, these thoughts seemed to me like reformists and I considered that no organization of that kind gave accurate blows to the central problem that is civilization.
So, I directed my way towards something more violent, something that caused an impact not only in the media aspect but in the chosen target, I decided to revive along with other accomplices the modus operandi of Mr. Kaczinski, but in the same way it seemed to me that it was falling In the same way, having an optimistic look towards his anti-industrial revolution, all his postulates fell by its own weight, because he was fighting for something that I do not know if it would one day be valid if it materialized, I was fighting blindly as the did communists who never saw their long-awaited revolution triumph, or like the anarchists who never saw their anarchist revolution triumph as they expected. So I rejected this idea and undertook a trip to the Ancient Great Chichimeca, without money or anything, I visited mountains in thick forests where the secrets of the ancients dwell, I hunted, I gathered, I made fire with my hands, I felt the peace and conflict of the wild and saw beautiful things, and things that filled me with hatred towards modern humanity. I made this trip to find vision and during my stay I met several people, all inhabitants of the hills and forests, mostly natives who filled me with wisdom, they told me the feats of the warriors killed by the invaders, and they confined me a mission, to relive the conflict that was pending, but not only against the invader 500 years ago, but now against everything else, against everything that has been ending the wilderness. I promised myself and I swore to my ancestors that I would be one of the factors that would throw this artificial reality into the abyss, I became part of the Chaos and declared War on Human Progress.
Of course, this does not fit within the “radical green politics” since it goes beyond ecologism, that is why I baptized this trend as eco-extremism, since this version is much more committed, it implies a blood pact, a cult towards the Occult and cries out for revenge, the one that is never forgotten and that is paid for with death and injuries.

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