Why and when did you get involved in radical green politics?

For about 10 years I have been involved with the issue of radical environmentalism, along with neo-Luddism, anti-civilization, etc., back then I was young and positive, then seeing all the crudity of this world, these thoughts seemed to me like reformists and I considered that no organization of that kind gave accurate blows to the central problem that is civilization.
So, I directed my way towards something more violent, something that caused an impact not only in the media aspect but in the chosen target, I decided to revive along with other accomplices the modus operandi of Mr. Kaczinski, but in the same way it seemed to me that it was falling In the same way, having an optimistic look towards his anti-industrial revolution, all his postulates fell by its own weight, because he was fighting for something that I do not know if it would one day be valid if it materialized, I was fighting blindly as the did communists who never saw their long-awaited revolution triumph, or like the anarchists who never saw their anarchist revolution triumph as they expected. So I rejected this idea and undertook a trip to the Ancient Great Chichimeca, without money or anything, I visited mountains in thick forests where the secrets of the ancients dwell, I hunted, I gathered, I made fire with my hands, I felt the peace and conflict of the wild and saw beautiful things, and things that filled me with hatred towards modern humanity. I made this trip to find vision and during my stay I met several people, all inhabitants of the hills and forests, mostly natives who filled me with wisdom, they told me the feats of the warriors killed by the invaders, and they confined me a mission, to relive the conflict that was pending, but not only against the invader 500 years ago, but now against everything else, against everything that has been ending the wilderness. I promised myself and I swore to my ancestors that I would be one of the factors that would throw this artificial reality into the abyss, I became part of the Chaos and declared War on Human Progress.
Of course, this does not fit within the “radical green politics” since it goes beyond ecologism, that is why I baptized this trend as eco-extremism, since this version is much more committed, it implies a blood pact, a cult towards the Occult and cries out for revenge, the one that is never forgotten and that is paid for with death and injuries.

You are one of the first members of ITS, How was it formed?

I had already mentioned it before, ITS was born from spontaneity. It has been a long process of criticism, analysis, of opening our eyes to make the entire panorama visible and not just a part of it, of throwing away the humanism, progressivism and idealism that infected our thinking, thinking that was coming from the left and that now we turned our backs and criticized harshly. In fact, in fact we have rejected any political position and we only focus on ours.
Not everyone understands the reason for our actions, many even doubt that we exist, look at us, we are here, since 2011 we have been moving forward and we have not stopped, we have not been stopped and we will continue, there are plans for the near future and we are putting them in practice, you will see on the news …

What are the beliefs of ITS?

This is somewhat difficult to answer since ITS is a network of individualists who have different positions, there are some eco-extremists who have a vision closer to the wild nature to which we worship and venerate our ancestors with each attack that we carry out. In ITS there are also accomplices who are closer to nihilistic terrorism who magnify the Ego in each attack and their position is related to anti-cosmic Satanism. But each of us is united by Chaos, Misanthropy and the Wild.
There is no central creed for ITS members, each one has its own particularity, an ITS member in Brazil cannot believe in the same thing that one from Greece believes, to give an example, since that creed is the result of the social interaction at that the individualist is submitted.

What is the ultimate goal of ITS?

Chaos, destabilization, terror, contributing to social decomposition, throwing the values and moral beliefs of civilization into the abyss, confusion. We wake up from the charm of political idealism, there is no better tomorrow, there are no reforms or revolutions that make this putrid reality improve, on the contrary, everything tends to break down, to something worse, we are here to remind all those delusional people who dream of the earthly paradise that everything is lost, that there is nothing to fight for and that the only thing we have left is the survival of the fittest, everything is full of obloquy, calamities, misery, deceit, and gnashing of teeth. ITS is the result of all rancor towards ourselves as a species.

Why do you think it is okay to kill civilians?

Killing civilians is only a consequence of the war we wage, we don’t see it as a good thing, but neither as a bad thing, it just happens and that’s it. We decided to attack civilians as a sign of our misanthropic hatred, as the translation of the disgust we have for the modern human being with everything it represents for this era. It must be remembered here that we not only kill civilians, we have also killed certain leaders of important universities, or who are leading important scientific projects, we have targeted presidents, ministers, businessmen and other similar crap.

How big is ITS?

Bigger than a single group, smaller than an army.

Is it correct to say that you are now less devoted/dedicated to eco-extremism and more to militant nihilism?

Nihilism itself is a complement to eco-extremism, the one is closely linked to the other so we are not turning to pure nihilism since the two are on par and have a common goal that is the destruction of everything and the exaltation of Nothingness, of the Occult, of the Wild. It is true that lately we have been setting our sights on the in-depth study of Nihilistic Terrorism but this is only the continuity of the theory within eco-extremism.
Within this trend there are parts, cycles, moments in which our thinking is focused on a topic that derives from others and that we strive for its understanding and analysis, in this case, pure and simple Nihilism. And as I mentioned above, ITS is full of individualists who consider themselves eco-extremists and others who consider themselves Nihilists, we are what Stirner had said at the time, a Union of Egoists who share the goal of Destruction. So if for the moment you realize that we are more Nihilists than Eco-extremists, notice that later you will be considering us more Extinctionists and Misanthropes than Nihilists or Eco-extremists, but in the end, they are thoughts that intertwine with each other and of which we extract something.

Why have you begun to recognize fascists as your allies (Tempel ov Blood, O9A)?

ITS never recognized that, although it is true we have taken some organizational experiences of these groups without caring much about their political orientation, not because we write or quote the TOB we are right-wing Satanists, at some point we have also taken experiences from the Paraguayan People’s Army, or from the Mapuche, and that does not mean that we are leftist or indigenists, the same thing happens when we quote the First Capital Command of Brazil, or the Magliana Band of Italy, not because we mention them we are part of those mafias , NO.
ITS takes the best of each criminal group and puts it into practice, we also see their mistakes so that we do not commit them, this is how ITS is nurtured and takes experience from that inherited empirical knowledge.

If you are so upset and disillusioned with the world, to the point where you want to destroy everything, why not just kill yourself instead of hurting others?

It would be too easy, the members of ITS are meticulous, creative to destroy, we want to perform our skills on the terrorist grounds, and not simply cease to exist from one moment to the next, of course, at some point we are going to do it, we are going to immolate ourselves, But before we want to leave a trail of violence, manuals to make explosives that are referring to whoever intends to initiate criminal actions of any kind, we want to leave a mark.
When we decide to destroy our bodies with explosives or perish in a confrontation, we are going to do it, but we are not going to go alone, we will make sure to take to death a considerable number of people with us, indiscriminately.

Is ITS a cult?

It is a cult of Chaos, the Occult and the Wild.

Some say ITS doesn’t even really exist as it only has four or five members with a large online presence. What would you say to this?

To that bunch of fools I would tell them to think whatever they want, then do not scream when we murder, put bombs and leave people mutilated. And even if ITS was a single bastard who travels to different countries to carry out terrorist acts, the danger would continue to exist, we are not an army and we do not need to be, ITS groups have demonstrated that the power of the individual, the Ego and the work in solitary are more than enough to put an entire intelligence apparatus of various countries upside down.

Have you personally carried out any attack?

Of course, I am responsible for several murders claimed or not by ITS, I have placed bombs in public places that have left wounded and I have sent bomb packages in mailboxes addressed to the heads of corporations, I have set fire to telecommunications antennas and to motor vehicles with their drivers inside, I have sabotaged heavy machinery in forests under the light of the moon, I have made bomb threats, I have participated in armed robberies in shops and banks, I have been in massive looting and home theft, I have pelted with stones and shot patrols, I participated in riots during demonstrations, and other criminal acts, I am not a man of words, but of deeds, that is why I, XALE, am the leader of ITS in Mexico.

People consider you the leader of ITS. Why?

First, because I named it ITS, because I gave the bases that now support it, because I insisted that the project must continue and not stagnate, because I proposed internationalization and because I carried out the first attacks since 2011 in Mexico with which ITS had international relevance and concern for the institutions in charge of national security.
Because my advice has guided others to cross the line from words to actions, which I have encouraged and been a reference for this trend. Only for that.

How often do you carry out attacks?
It does not appear that many have occurred in Mexico for some time.

Everything has its time dear friend, just as the flower has its time to bloom, so we have our time to carry out public terrorist activities.
Although, not because we have not claimed acts lately it means that we have stopped. There has to be a lapse of time for the improvement of acts, caution and planning, do not despair that we will soon return…

You and Ted Kaczynksi had a public discussion via letters on the internet. Could you please explain what that was about?

That was undoubtedly a somewhat indirect discussion, since Ted never explicitly referred to us except in a text that criticized our old speech that dated from 2011, however, the criticism he had was correct because ITS no longer thinks like in 2011.
With whom we did have more direct discussions was with their acolytes, their Spanish followers of Último Reducto, who have published several criticisms that we have responded promptly, however, it became clear that neither they nor we are going towards the same objective, ITS It focuses on the destabilization of the techno-industrial system now, and Ted’s followers are betting on a fanciful revolution against the same system but in the future, something that we do not see as viable and that we firmly reject.
We have always recognized that Ted has been a source of inspiration since our inception, and that we learned many things from him, but we have chosen our path outside of his standards and we have criticized him because it has been fair and necessary, however we have started something and We will follow up even if many are upset because we leave the Kazcynskian, anarchic herd, etc.

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