(en) A false escape

Traducción al inglés de “Un falso escape”, escrito hace tiempo por “Huehuecoyotl”.

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The lie of civilization is a hydra, each of their heads seeks the right moment to bite, to kill our wild instincts and make us become automatons that walk in the condition of accomplices. From this condition no one is exempt since we are all being within society.For us eco-extremists is a constant internal and ongoing war, where one tries to live away from social practices and values. Several of these practices are, for many individuals – even some who call themselves “anti-systems” – liberating, when in fact they are practices imposed by civilization. In this work I will refer to a social practice in which a large number of hyper-civilized and individuals with “anti-systemic positions” are immersed: life within a vice. These individuals find many reasons and justifications to carry that cyclical life. Fun, a measure against sadness, disappointment, “open the mind” and the most despicable for me; The quest for escape from reality.

Reality hits us constantly, we live in a world where the road to death is getting more and more shorter in a fast way. The boring and depressive everyday life to which a large part of the citizens are bound: stress, work, family, school, routine, transportation, traffic, etc. In order to face all these sorrows they look for “escapes”, something that let them breath and make forget those bad times. It would be a mistake to think that these escapes which become part of a cyclic life, are only ingested substances.
The great technological domination is a strong pillar of the cyclical life, it has become “normal” to be able to see young people who for most of their life go with the cell phone in hand – that literally – as slave and chain.
Sinking in a virtual “world”, with virtual friends and a strong addiction to social networks, which can not last for a few minutes without checking them. Total dependents of cell phones and social networks – within these the morbid and opulence dictate day to day- this is how goes a big part of society, especially the youth
towards a life of progress and technology. Wishing within their cellular devices the “ideal life” they would like to have, while around them everything alive still perishes.
Their ideal life is summed up in non-stop consumerism, in banal relationships, an existence where everything is assumed as
a truth and nothing is subjected to criticism. The youth is already lost, they are so dependent on both the cell phone and alcohol. I see no hope in the future. Some would illusively think that future generations, upon seeing the great destruction of Wild Nature, would reflect and opt for a life antagonistic to the one established within the techno-industrial civilization. This is incredible to me. The “youths” who for the stupid leftists are biologically revolutionary, are also in the condition of hyper-civilized, carrying out the same actions as adults, engaged in their studies, leaving all his vitality for the “great” progress of mankind, a progress that is a few steps from the cliff. If young people are “our” next revolutionaries, where would their revolution go, and what if the modes of production are changed, in any case production continues.
And with this revolution … What revolution could do a young one that most of his existence is attached to a technological device? How would the idea of ​​ “the organized people” be valid, if this “people” are chained to the technologies, and continue to perpetuate the lifestyle within the canons of the techno-industry. That this is not a confusion, as an eco-extremist I do not try to establish a revolution that collapses techno-industrial civilization as a “response” or a “better” revolution. So why criticize the idea of ​​a revolution ?, or why criticize young people who feel revolutionary?
I believe that in some young people there is a feeling of guilt or indignation at what they consider to be injustice. So, they choose to appropriate ideologies that propose a change …, fill their heads with revolutionary ideas, and live on the basis of utopias, mere yearnings. This is still an escape fromreality, ignoring the present decadent reality and waiting for the revolution that will come. They live in their eternal dream, I do not see the difference of a person tied to some video game, that some other tied to the idea of ​​the revolution, both ignore the here and now. Because thinking about their virtual world, as in their most fair world that will someday come, keeps their minds occupied, and in the second “revolutionaries” heals them from their deep guilt. For many, this statement I make here will be bothersome, alarming and outrageous. They will respond euphorically that unlike those who remain within virtual reality, they as revolutionaries do analyze reality and face it. Is that true? How real will be their confrontation against reality, if in their social networks in the eyes of everyone spread their work apparently, without fear of being apprehended, a “real” confrontation against reality gives the possibilities of expressing your positions everywhere? Even some get use to drink and party while they keep “standing up in the struggle”, how funny is the way to face the reality of those “revolutionaries”. We eco-extremists, we know that we are at constant risk, that our words and actions are uncomfortable for citizens and authorities. We know that the forces of order that operate in the different territories where the savage eco-extremists attack are behind us, which is why we always wake up, we reject everything that distorts our reality because we accept it and face it even if is totally depressing, for this reason that several individualists set out to spread their knowledge on how to survive within civilization. We continue to keep out of the jail, we continue to conspire from within their cities.

Breaking with the revolutionary illusion is not easy, but as long as one lives in it, the present reality is ignored, everything becomes so utopian that the now is forgotten. The revolution they promulgate will never come, the Human has lost its natural condition and has become an automaton that works for the progress that destroys the Nature. How long will these young people realize the illusion in which they live? I do not know, perhaps they will continue their whole lives pursuing the phantom of the revolution, because it is only that: a dead idea.
I spoke of those chained both to the virtual world, and to those who are dragging the chains of longing. Both despicable to me, both looking for false exits to the existing reality.
Others, who are plentiful in all cities, some of them falling into hypocrisy when speaking of antagonistic positions to reality with the bottle in hand and his body infested by psychotropic substances.
There are plenty of them and their reasons are many: For escaping from the regrets of life, for the sake of happiness, happiness that, as various eco-extremist communiques have already said, is totally false. In their total condition of hyper-civilized, they are not able to carry on any coexistence unless there is a substance that alters their perception of reality. A nauseous and false escape, where only the modes of “fun” imposed by civilization are perpetuated, sad are those who seek to heal their pains by getting sedated wildly. It seems that the techno-industrial hydra speaks, from his bleeding mouth come the words that command his slave: If you are sad, get on drugs! If you wish to be happy, take drugs! In spite of all or any insatiable desire for amusement, civilization offers a great deal of psychotropic substances. The total triumph: if you want to be rebellious, the same, take drugs! and the fierce warrior who could get in a war against reality, will end up transmuted to a docile slave, the hydra laughing pronounces his sentence:
Civilization has triumphed, the warrior is already sedated! There is no “freedom” in a cyclical life, many ignorant will catalog these words of moralism, it would be a mistake to think that as an eco-extremist I reject these substances because I consider it “bad” to ingest them. They will try to justify themselves in millions of ways, justifying their chains. These words are not a question of morality, since I position myself as an amoral being. These words are born of contempt, contempt for cyclical life, substances and practices that lead to that life, feel so alive when they are so dead, so dependent on a substance or a practice without which to live them It is impossible. It is not a question of morality, much less than we frighten and catalog these practices as “bad”, is mere contempt for their “liberating” activities, which are no more than a shortcut to cyclical life. So far, these words will stop for now, there will be more time to go deeper into the critique of cyclical life and the different ways in which it is presented.

Forward terrorist critics!
Long live the eco-extremist amoral war!
Death to the cyclic life of the hyper-civilized!

Fall 2016


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