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People would be deceived to think that I am some angsty teenager looking for attention. That’s sort of the opposite of what this is about. If I “hate” society, in my case at least, it’s not personal. I am entering my fourth decade, and you already know I have kids. My life is “happy”, comfortable even. I suppose what this is really about isn’t anger, or revenge, or being a “psychopath” (which people seem to accuse me of often). It’s consistency. Those who know about this project, those who see it as some sort of threat or have the insatiable urge to comment on it, are generally of the leftist persuasion (even if they deny it). In their universe, there are good guys and bad guys, and they’re always the “good guys”. “Those who are destroying the Earth have names and addresses.” Of course, it’s never THEIR names and addresses. As in the scholarship of Rene Girard, what they seek is a scapegoat. The world is awful and doesn’t meet their expectations for not being dominated or whatever and those at fault are easy to figure out: cops, CEO’s, cops, Nazis, cops, rich people, cops, conservative voters, fascists, cops, the State, cops…. did we mention cops? Oh yeah, cops…

As I have stated in the past, all of these people tend to “self-select” their milieu and even the geographic area where they live. They tend to reside in urban areas next to like-minded (left-leaning people). They may have even fled “awful places” where there aren’t even any anarchists or squats or vegan ethnic restaurants… Oh the barbarity! They’re fleeing something, they think that putting distance between themselves and the enemy will solve everything. The problem is, the people who they despise can also be “nice people”. Maybe their universe can’t withstand the incredibly nice older woman who has a “God bless all cops!” bumper sticker on her car but  is treating a sick child free of charge because that’s what her faith in her god tells her to do. Or maybe they don’t talk to military officers and their families on a regular basis. I do. That’s my reality in comfy, suburban America. The fact that I spend my time doing this is, well, hypocrisy. And?

See, here’s the difference between me and the edgy anarchist who thinks that being unemployable is somehow a severe strike against civilization or whatever: morality doesn’t save anyone. It determines who will die or get thrown in jail, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t turn on you even if you dot every “i” and cross every “t”. To us domesticated folk, we’re like helpless chickens on a factory farm. We can’t really escape, and even if we could, we’re still chickens. No use pretending otherwise. People who practically FROM BIRTH could hunt and gather their own food who were ten times stronger than any of us succumbed to civilization: I could probably name a dozen or so off the top of my head. This isn’t an intellectual problem or lack of will. We’re in a war of attrition, and civilization wins against any opponent save for entropy. And the game goes on until one of them wins. Having “good thoughts”, “good behavior,” hating the right people and loving those who think like you won’t save you, and it won’t save your precious movement or ideas.

Indeed, what binds civilization together ultimately is love and community. It might be a “distorted” love, but it’s love for the hyper-civilized. If you want to figure out why the world is so messed up, it’s not because people are mean to each other. It’s because they’re nice. It’s because the Navy Seal has the loving wife and children at home that he goes half way around the world to kill someone, who also, it turns out, has a wife and loving children. It’s because that woman is respectful and prays for the police that she has a smile on her face and the kindness to take care of that child. You can’t separate the two. Leftists / progressives think they can: just swap out one authority for another, one organized system of violence for another, but content doesn’t change. They’ve never successfully done it, but it’s “still possible”. The problem with liking some parts of this society but hating other parts is that it’s all one body, it all moves as one. It’s like saying that one loves the fingers but hates the hand: it’s a non sequitur.

Most people realize that. That is why they put bumper stickers on their cars supporting police. That is why they say the Pledge of Allegiance, call the cops on criminals, and aspire that their children be “productive citizens.” Ultimately, that’s why leftists exhort people play along with bourgeois “lesser evils,” why anarchists limit themselves to purely symbolic or reformist actions, and why even those who claim to be against civilization uphold its moral modus operandi. And that’s why people hate eco-extremists. They’re the only ones who admit that maybe our neat categories of guilt and innocence, meanness and niceness, are mere fictions when you get to the bottom of it.

Of course, here the “sane” reader will hit the roof and just state: “What, you think we should just blow everyone up then!? If that’s the logical conclusion of what you are arguing, it is absurd on its face and ipso facto false.” Maybe. But every other moral argument falls flat on its face as well. That cop you want to string up has a wife and kids. Your grandmother doesn’t want him strung up. Is she wrong? Why? That CEO who pollutes the river or whatever also has kids. He may volunteer to coach Little League on the weekends. The kids he coaches and probably many of his workers don’t want you to put a bullet in his head. Are they wrong? Why? Is getting rid of these people really going to lead to your utopia? Is their blood worth it? According to whom?

I will leave these people to their casuistry and continue to look to people who are at least consistent, who don’t feel that they need to stand around like canon lawyers and father confessors justifying their lust for violence and revenge. True, I won’t take part in these acts myself: perhaps I am too hyper-civilized to go that route. I will continue to make small talk with the military wife and treat cop-loving senior citizens with respect. That’s what a double life is all about, and it doesn’t bother me in the least. Their niceness is what is destroying all that I love and cherish. But I will continue to try to engage the world as innocent as a dove but as wise as a serpent knowing full well that:

“And no marvel; for the Adversary himself masquerades as an angel of light.” – II Corinthians 11:14

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