[en] (Argentina) 73 Communique of ITS

We speak now to set something clear about a note made by TN, mass media from Argentina wich interviews Gaston Cavanagh, the journalist that contacted us in the frame of G20.

I. “Strange denomination”

We are Individualists Tending Towards the Wild, “Individualists” because our fight is for ourselves, not for the people, the mass or any oppressed group. We fight against civilization and humanity because their existence leads to the destruction of the wild nature of wich we are part of, many do not want to see, soon or later it will be evident as the way our specie lives is untenable, we are digging our own grave and the grave for the rest of forms of life of this planet. Even the scientists that work on behalf of the human progress are warning for decades the humanity about the consequences of their actions- We are living the sixth massive extintion of species in the history of this planet, bigger than the one that happened with the dinosaurs. In 2007, OUN announced that nearly 150 species are being extinguished every day, recent research upgrade that number until 900, meanwhile, only today 14.000 hectares of forest were cutted. For the humans the things are not much better, there are about 3.000 suicides every 24 hours en in the same time lapsus 22.000 die of cancer, the sickness of this modern era. Those numbers shows the hypocrisy of a society for wich “One death is a tragedy and a million deaths is an statistics”. In this contexts it should be not strange that some people choose to firmly stand against all this disgusting system. We already murdered 8, a dozens more were injured, this is NOTHING in comparation with the level of destruction reached by the techno-industrial system, wich in the time we spend writin this lines has taken more lives than our organization in its 8 years of life.

“Tending Towards the Wild” is about recover the actions of resistence of our native ancestors, for them it was obvious even more than 500 years ago that the arrival of those strange white men in their boats will bring only devastation and misery. Is about rejecting the morality imposed by society and value the natural over the artificial. Nowadays you can see all the kids on the “eco-radical” fashion, friendly to the mapuche struggle or defending fourth wave feminism, they go to demonstrations and write threatening post on social networks, were they promise revenge and death against “machos/specists/cops” or whatever other enemy of that moment. We walk on the street and see a disgusting institution that promotes nanotechnology, wich will be used afterwards for the domestication or destruction of nature and to perpetuate the harmful human existence, and instead of get rid of our frustrations on facebook/twitter or drowning them on drugs as the majority of leftist cowards do, we make a homemade bomb and place it on their door so they can feel the consequences of their actions. So, unlike the common person, we took a confrontational attitude towards the modern aberration in wich we live. You could get angry or condemn us in the media, in case of journalists you should do it. But on the inside, you know about what we are talking about, soon or later the account will be settled. When there is no more drinkable water to pollute, when the forests die, when seas and rivers became dry, you will realize that the madness was not to stand against to this way of life, but in perpetuate it.

II. Our war and our contradictions

We adress briefly this point in order not to be very repetitive. We use techonology, live normal lifes, we have smartphones, cars, houses, computers. Civilization with its way of life has dominated us, we do not have any illusions to change that and in the opposite, we use the advantajes of the civilized life (cronyism, aesthetic prejudices, indiscriminate solidarity, etc) to develope our terrorist activities. If we wanted to change the system by our consume choices as point the stupid proposal of the green fashion, it will be contradictory what we do, but our only goal is to spread the chaos, any mean is acceptable.

III. The invisible threat

Media is not clear about if they have to take us serious or not. The reactions of the States grow this “shadow” that covers our eco-extremist activities. In Mexico, were our brothers have been murdering human garbage since 2011, they choosed to ignore totally our existence, now that a populist party is on the government, probably this will continue being like it is. This on one hand gives more impunity to the groups that already showed their capacity to attack with military grade explosives like C-4 and dinamyte, various calibers firearms and even machine guns but in the other hand makes difficult, even if only partially, the spreading of the eco-extremist threat. In Chile they pass from focus all their efforts on find us, to deny our existence or plant weird conspiracy theories, this due to their total failure at the time of finding those who are now for more than 3 years mocking the national security agencies by attacking under their noses. In Argentina they gave widespread diffusion to our acts, but they retreat at the time of relate them to us and with our claims, we are thinking on strategies to reverse this situation.

In December 2017, we send a parcel-bombto the dean of UTN, in that moment we did not reveal this information as we had in mind to attack against him again, we change our mind after knowing that the authorities already known to who was adressed the parcel, this was something that was not published by the media and that we were able to know only because of our informants. The workers of Monte Grande mail branch told how the nuts and bolts fly like bullets after the blast drilling other parcels, and how the person nearest to the device fly because of the shock wave, one had the ear shattered, another one got injured on the shoulder. If the parcel-bomb was opened by Guillermo Oliveto on his desk and centimeters away from his body, as we planned it, it is not difficult to imagine what would happen. You can be afraid or ignore us, meanwhile the humanist dream flash away on the drain and the worst monsters still coming on the horizont.

IV. Proliferation of eco-extremism

Eco-extremism in Argentina has been an intermittent threat, in this last year we did not claim responsibility for any action, we did not attack but the threat is there, with the patience of the ancestors waiting for its arrival when you less expect it. For now was the turn of the Wilderness Secret Sociey and their attack that sowed panic in Brasilândia, followed by the bloody letter-bomb of the Horde and all the impact that has caused, our time is also about to come.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Argentina

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