(en) Autexousious Apanthropinization

Desde el profundo abismo de la nada, unas opiniones objetivas desde Archegonos.

”If you go to the borders, you might see trees, soil, sea, but you will not see countries. When I roam in solitude inside the city I see heaps of human creations, all manifestations of God, but I don’t see any Gods anywhere.”

This is only a short text, which mentions realizations that I have wanted for a while now to write about. I myself have escaped the masochism hidden behind these same realizations, and these words are written to refute erroneous conclusions that had been expressed, and criticisms that I don’t agree with anymore, regarding ecoextremism, which was approached from a point of view of values, obscuring what it is objectively. The words written here are coming out of lived personal experiences.

”It seems to me that society usually wins. There are, to be sure, free spirits in the world, but their freedom, in the last analysis, is not much greater than that of a canary in a cage. They may leap from perch to perch; they may bathe and guzzle at their will; they may flap their wings and sing. But they are still in the cage, and sooner or later it conquers them.”
-H.L. Mecken-

The freedom that the spiritual man seeks, the freedom of values, the freedom of liberation is an illusion that gets crushed under the guillotine of the objective observation of human nature. It is murk that becomes mire when it comes in contact with reality.

Some believe that Christianity limited the human spirit. What they don’t understand is that Christianity is the human spirit. The ethical self that denies natural existence. Mind over matter. All that modernity has done is to recycle its name. The purpose remained the same.

Let’s take one thing out of the way and say, that what has come to be termed as Anarchy has nothing to do with Nihilism. I am not playing with words here, I will be blunt. It is the objective realization of facts outside of bullshit subjectivistic valuative thought that gives a context for reality. Anarchist realities and interpretation are always based on social contexts, like this could be considered the default structure that can’t be dissected furthermore. It is always based on the ethical world of humans. It is always mind over matter. The mind is the boss of the ego and the ego follows. Though egoism is a reality that cannot be disproved. Anarchist logic is always formulated according to root ideological constructions. The natural ego remains unable to fully take over. The ego, all impulses and irrational desires don’t need justification from ideas to exist or to do jack shit. Antisocial Nihilism is essentially misanthropic and removes out of the way once and for all, the artificial world of the human mind. In other words you can either use your brain as simple, harsh and indifferent logic exactly as the naturalness of nothingness around you does and use it only as a weapon whenever it is applicable, or otherwise it is as useless and a fabrication of myths, as is the entire human world that has been built through it. The human spirit doesn’t exist! Looking even more deeply, the paradoxical nature of consciousness and phenomenology is not something that can be overlooked.

”Attempting to think the thing without being given in advance the means of attaining it: that is the task of phenomenology. An impossible task, the temptation of the impossible. But is this not our human condition?” -Marc Richir-

Outlined truly in the above sentences, this is all there is to it! All the masochism of human existence is here, all the self torture that seems so difficult to get rid of. Think that with this pathetic tool, the mind, the humanly constructed realities are created. Think where they step on and how crumbling they are when contrasted with the natural sharp gaze of Nihilism.

”Here the feelings of misanthropism come to be attached, and as limitative as they might seem on a social-cultural scale which doesn’t concern me at all, as much liberating they are on a scale of existential search. The realization of triviality of existence if perceived as a value in itself and therefore the human substance inside it makes you loathe with the anthropocentric way of thinking and being and their exaltation of the human as a moral value or the centre of evolution. It’s these moments that you see the human thinking it can reach with a purpose a long term target, whichever their purpose might be, as a thinking and rational being it thinks that it can create, change, adjust the world to fit it, adjust the lives of the non-human animals to fit the world and to fit it. Moments of pure arrogance and ignorance. Moments of ideology. “Humanity” for me as a concept parasitizes in the mind and as entities parasitize with the mass way of living. ”

The so called human is just an animal that always wants to forget it is such. And it is not a ”bad” animal. Just a totally dysfunctional one. A cursed biological organism. Because when the human arises (the world of mind and thought) it tells it that there is something beyond that. Hence the need for ethical considerations to determine why are we ”bad”. What went wrong? Nothing that the world of mind can’t fix of course! It doesn’t matter that Nihilism when taken to its logical conclusion eradicates all the humanly constructed reality and you remain with what is left to act upon, but some peoples connection with the shit that is inside their heads still makes them try for the impossible. They want to fool themselves. All this bullshit has become part of the human DNA.

So if an anarchist is frank with himself should admit that he seeks to re-create right and wrong. That he wants to perpetuate the human and its bonds that have become biological realities after so many years of flagellation and self defeat. There are three types of anarchists that I can recognize right now. The honest (but failing) idealist, the priest and the fool. All of them remain moralists. What I was, was a much more differentiated kind but it had a paradoxical nature. For the anarchists the world doesn’t have enough spirit. They want to instill more into it. What kind of spirit will that be is not what matters here. What matters is the insistence on maintaining faith in the human being. Though if you advocate Nihilism and not ideological hypnosis you will be as healthy as possible. You won’t have the fuckin insistence on masturbating with the human anymore. Antisocial Nihilism doesn’t have any concerns about justifying any behavior against anyone whereas Anarchy has to answer to ideas.

I for one accept that I am an obscene and depraved product of today’s civilization and of the total misanthropy, which has shaken off all idealism, that the abomination of the societies of the ethical being, of this pet, has imposed upon me. I hate everyone the same no matter who or what they are. For me it is not a matter of who ”deserves” to die. It is not an ethical question. I don’t need justification from something. I desire whomever to die in this stenchy christophany which is the civilized human world and its artificial carnivals. I don’t see spirits around me. I see parasites limiting my claim of power. My claim of power which can’t be much with so many parasites around me, this doesn’t mean that this harsh truth bends my will. I have specific interest in the spread of misanthropic action in the extramoral sense. I still though have the capacity for respect, which actually surprises me, but it is exactly the way it is realized and felt that makes it an aspect of power and not of christianism. So not in a sense of an ethically rooted idea of equality, but in a spontaneous violent affinity of an animalistic frank action-reaction of beast towards beast. For some animals that we have shared egoistically, not communally, with an attitude of in your face aggression. Some win, some lose, but they all learn something out of it. If something doesn’t destroy you, it will most probably make you stronger. Outside of shame and the hypocritical veil of christianism or the elitism of the spiritual priesthood of the righteous ones.

For the anarchists whatever they do is fundamentally rooted in the western mentality, part of the ecclesiastical political cultures, part of the normal way of life, in a sense of the human conduct, the participation in the Theatre. It remains and will always remain humanist. For me whatever I do in this sanctified purulent sink of citizenry is an act of egocentric arbitrariness. Pure negation. A step into the paths of the void. The opening of the gate is a non path to war, a chance to satisfy my thirst, a spit in the face of ethico-biological barriers. It isn’t a fantasy of any form of liberation. It isn’t a scheme of the ”good”. Whoever stares at this world and not the world of heaven will know what I mean. Total Nihil is my shadow it isn’t my enemy.

Why do I even bother to write since I hate everyone? Since I even abhor the world of the internet which I use and its ways of communication? I am seeking to fulminate my course of the fall in the paltripolitan panopticon, which will be death, capture or cowardice. There are no other ways or solutions. The liberation of the raped corpse of Christ will not save me. And to shut the word holes of all those who have hated me for who I am, because they see in me a depravity, and when I opened my mouth I spat poison on their frith of mind. And as I said before, to spread misanthropic action after some rejected fallacies.

The basic notions that have been rejected and henceforth my misanthropic Nihilism attempts the expansion of my ego over are these: The arrival of every new human being over the arbitrariness of chaos. The notion of anarchy vs authority. The notion of the individual vs domination. The spiritual ego. Every idea over my unique concrete ego. Every ethical consideration. The biological superiority of human existence.

What I say in this text is a vomit that will benefit only me from spitting it out. It is no obligation towards anyone, neither attempt for criticism, nor a pillar towards collective evolution. I don’t give two fucks about this, I only care now to support and sharpen my complicities with the crazy motherfucker Nihilists who attack everything because our interests overlap, outside of ideological, political utopian collective quests. Everyone pursues their own, we agree on indiscriminate attack and I will not claim to be able to say more for now. All total misanthropes, the eco-extremists, nihilist terrorists and other nihilist criminals who have understood that human existence and its theatrical performances are a joke. Those who don’t deny their natural ego and accept authority as a natural reality. I am also one of those who defy the biological/ethical limits that have been programmed into us by modernity. I am the solitary misanthrope patient each time for the right moment to eviscerate more and more another piece of humanity. Everyone else can continue trying to resuscitate the human from its tombs.

I talk with the pet animals in the zoo,
the one they named the human world,
I dissect their thoughts, their dreams,
their faithful aspirations, their subjectivistic spirituality,
aspects of what is called human,
the ultimate lie and pillar of ethics,
the cornerstone of the human world.
In the zoo the animals
have been talked into believing
they are humans
and some of them
even think they are more than that.
That they are spirits of another world.
The human has flagellated them,
so hard that they have repent.
So let the biological clocks of ethics correct us!
Natural existence is despised so much
that the mind has taken over.
The ego has mutated into a mass
of ideological deprivation,
that consumes the organism.
I laugh cataclysmically with their piety,
and their unconscious hypocrisy.
”Recycle the spirit my brothers!
Never let it die, for if it dies,
we are doomed into chaos!
To be consumed by nature.
So let us be raped by Christ!
Let the spirit cum all over us!”


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