[en] (Brasil) 67 communique from ITS

“Despite all the focus on ISIS, those guys are the only ones who managed to detonate a bomb with real intent to cause any harm, they are a very serious threat … This seems to have been silenced by the government and the media in Brazil. […] “- Peter Martin, global security consultant at The Sun

Under the light of the full moon and with the Unknown next to us we went out yesterday obstinate to provoke a massacre. Again, a surprise factor, once again the only ones with the capacity of conspiracy and real power of terrorist damage. Peter Martin was right. Will the authorities and the media cover us up again as they always have in this ridiculous game while the eco-extremism continues to grow and annihilate what is within reach? We are destined to do it in such a way that it never happens again that we are silenced. ITS, this is the acronym. They recognize us as a public threat and say our name with dread as we fill our chest with warrior pride, as the coming months will be of catastrophes tearing down the human empire with greater intensity, like the cataclysm in Indonesia on the eve of our attack. We are part of the inhuman catharsis while the Wild bury the future of the human species in revenge for civilized destruction, and nothing can stop it, the “anthropocene” will be swallowed up by Chaos. In the past the ancestors have seen in their spiritual visions that civilization will return to barbarism, because there is no space on Earth for those who do not kneel before the Spirits of Nature, those who turn their backs on rivers, mountains, to the wind, to the forests and embrace humanity deserve complete annihilation, since humanity is the greatest enemy of Nature, and it was what we wanted yesterday with a selective attack of considerable proportions. We, the Wilderness Secret Society vindicated the abandonment of a 5 kg explosive filled with nails and black powder in Santuário Menino Jesus, this time, in Brazlândia, around 9:20 p.m. The Sanctuary is the second largest Catholic temple in the country. In the place, which was filled with miserable Christians, a mass was celebrated on Christmas eve, and we hoped to provoke a great massacre during the departure of the faithful from the church. Unfortunately, a large BOPE operation deactivated our explosive because a person suspected of the abandoned backpack and called the police. Only that they can not neutralize the imposed terror, something that we owe cult and praise during the next selective and indiscriminate actions. Some words:


ITS continues to operate actively and causing damage with its asymmetric war in the various countries in which it conspires. There are no indications that these activities will decrease, on the contrary. It has become untenable to deny the eco-extremist threat, and some “experts” in the world have corroborated this. We are a threatening eco-terrorist group and we will provoke destabilization and chaos in civilization by all necessary means, lies have short legs, they will not cover us up forever. We are a public threat. Things that well-structured groups like ISIS have not been able to do in the Americas, ITS has reached and gone unpunished, and we are talking about attacking and sowing terror. There are no limits to our capacity, this will continue to expand and self-perfect, and if one day we reach the capacity to kill thousands, we will do it. All those who harm the Earth are in our sights.


We assume a public anti-political position. This will be a peculiarity of ours and refers only to the situation of great political instability from which we wish to take advantage and generate more destabilization. It also refers to a situation of revenge. Since the biggest of the stupids was elected, he has shown great opposition to the “environment” with his liberal policies. He will place human slag in his ministries like Ricardo Salles and Damares Alves. If the stabbing was not enough to kill Bolsonaro, maybe he will have more surprises at some other time, since we are not the only ones to want his head, the Primeiro Comando da Capital and the Comando Vermelho also want him dead and can also resort to terrorist methods for this. If it is not him, he will serve any of his team, affiliates, or even supporters. On January 1, 2019 there will be here in Brasilia the presidential possession, and we are in Brasilia and we have weapons and more explosives stored…


We align ourselves with the PCC in terms of plans disclosed during the dismantled terrorist attacks with C-4 explosives that would be perpetrated by the paulista gang (1) during the elections. This is not an alliance, it is a criminal alignment that refers to objectives, then the police can also be a target of ours, it is part of our anti-political position. It is public knowledge that Primeiro Comando da Capital prepares large operations with focus on their demands on the prison system and in the attempts to free Marcola, a “Salve Geral”(2) can be given at any time. If we face the opportunity, we will also terroristically attack the police for our egoist and chaotic goals.

We are very happy to know that yesterday, also at night, the brothers of the Pagan Sect of the Mountain of ITS-Mexico also attacked and to our surprise, also against a disgusting church. This only reinforces the pagan war we wage against the Christian faith. The tocaia continues.

They can not stop us, they can not hide us!
The ancestral war against Christ and his followers continues!
Forward, ITS America and Europe!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil

-Wilderness Secret Society


1. Refering to the faction or Gang of São Paulo.
2. “Salve Geral” is the maximum order from PPC to its members, calling the group to war, when a “Salve Geral” is emited every member of PPC in Brazil, inside and outside the prisons must be ready for a deadly war waged against the chosen target.

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