[en] (Brasil) 69 communique of ITS

Four moons have already passed since our attack and much has been speculated, a great terror was imposed when the authorities were met with our device of high destruction power capable of causing a massacre in a strategically chosen area where there were about 1,500 people celebrating a Christian mass. The act is part of a larger coordination that refers to the international project Individualists Tending the Wild, and serves to demonstrate our ability to attack and the latent terrorist threat that we are, the Eco-extremist Mafia. Impunity surrounds us because the mantle of the Unknown protects us and erases our traces. The eco-extremist war will not stop.


The stupid ones have declared that we are an invention of the “right wing” to criminalize the “left wing” and vice versa. We are anti-political, we do not care if we attack right or left, since our goal is the progressive human without distinctions. As we stated, opportunism moves us, that is why we decided to position ourselves antipolitically in the face of political instability to provoke it. ITS is a real threat and it has been operating since 2011, from Mexico, expanding in the world and arriving in Brazil in 2016, when the Wilderness Secret Society detonated a pressure cooker bomb with splinters on the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games in the center of Brasilia (1) There are several attacks in which ITS is responsible in the countries in which it operates. In Mexico we can tell about the well-known attacks on nanotechnologists at the Tec de Monterrey (2) (3) (4), and the murders of José Jaime Barrera Moreno (5) and Lesby Osorio (6), both at the UNAM progress cradle. There were hundreds of other attacks for which the ITS is attributed. In Chile, without a doubt, the most notorious case was the attack on the former president of the mega-mining company Codelco, Óscar Landerretche (7) (8). In Argentina, the Wild Constellations bomb pack aimed at a great scientific person exploded while being handled at Correos and wounded two workers (9) (10). At the beginning of this year ITS crossed the ocean and arrived in Greece (11), United Kingdom (12) and Spain (13), also sowing terror. Only a lazy and ill-informed reader would claim that we are a farce.


As additional proof to the authorship of the attack in a city of the Federal District, we released a video of the explosive recorded before its detonation.

We also leave public the link in which we announced the attack in advance:

The attack was scheduled for the 25th, at 07:30 in the morning during the Christmas Mass of the Church, but we learned through an informant that he would have a mass on the 24th, at night, then we anticipated the attack. As it is possible to see through the date, it was published on the 24th. It is impossible that we had created this link after learning about the media, since the explosive was effectively neutralized only at 04:00 on the morning of the 25th, and the media reported what happened only at the beginning of the afternoon of the 25th. That alone proves that ITS is behind the attack.


We make it clear that we can attack during the presidential ceremony. What we can say is that, we do have the ability to attack on January 1 and cause great damage and death. The proof of that was our first attack under the name of Wilderness Secret Society/ITS-Brazil, on the eve of the 2016 Olympics. There was a large military and intelligence operation working to annihilate any threat, and even completely surrounded by the military, we detonated a big bomb under the nose of the authorities and went unpunished through the darkness. We deal with civilized humans, and they are completely predictable, if they are well studied. The GSI prepares a defense structure as if a large and extravagant enemy army were to attack Bolsonaro frontally during the ceremony, when in fact a few well-disguised people with few kilos of the right explosive and a good trigger can cause a massacre. They see big, but they think small. They are not used to the unconventional warfare that ITS handles. The objective is not only Jair Bolsonaro. As much as we have a particular hatred for this fool because of his positions in relation to the “environment”, our goal is much greater than him. The eco-extremism defends that besides the civilization, the modern and civilized human being itself is harmful to the Wild Nature, therefore it becomes our target, that is why Individualists Tending the Wild defends the amoral and indiscriminate attack to destabilize and gnaw human progress. But we also attack selectively, and this is the case of the elect. Our objectives against Jair, its affiliates, supporters start from an anti-political perspective and revenge for their positions in relation to Wild Nature. It can be him, or it can be anyone who is there. Who knows, the authorities, can focus too much on Bolsonaro, while the target can, in fact, be a civilian. Maybe we will attack, maybe we will concentrate our forces in another great attack nearby. That only the Unknown will say.


We reiterate our threats to “Don” Sérgio da Rocha, president of the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil and other Christian figures, such as Damares Alves. Perhaps they will end up like the priest Ruben Díaz Acántara, former maximum representative of the church “Nuestra Señora del Carmen”, in Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, murdered by Wild Serial Killers, of ITS-México. Or also as the damned missionary equally murdered by the tribe isolated from the savage “Centinenses”.

Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!
It’s also for you, Kevin! You will not be forgotten, fallen warrior!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil

-Wilderness Secret Society

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