[en] (Brasil) 71 Communique of ITS

Short time ago we learned about some information released by the press that after the seven search and arrest orders made by Federal and Civil Police in Federal District, Goias and São Paulo, PCDF informed about the arrest of three persons acussed of belonging to the Wilderness Secret Society. They even mention that “the blog did not actualize content anymore, so that is an evidence that they finally catch the terrorists”.
You failed, fools.

We see symptoms of mental insanity in Federal and Civil Police by thinking that they will stop so easily the extremists of ITS. Until today they did not touch us not even a single finger, the Wilderness Secret Society still free and in tocaia, getting ready for the chaos that soon will impose over the civilized ones. Police have been so effective to find the eco-extremist as they been to solve the Queiroz case. There were no fingerprints in the explosive, there were no DNA traces, no barcodes, no tracking numbers, no CCTV recordings, no actual witnesess, no clues at all, there are nothing that can bring to cops to us. Wilderness Secret Society is hermetically closed group and lack of outside dialogs that can put our activities in danger, we do not use social networks nor make any kind of dangerous exposure, so ours is an invisible threat. There is not way to find us, the wind dismantle our traces and the darkness cover our bodies, we inherit the ancient knowledge.

Soon you will be sure that we still on this criminal path on the era of catastrophes in order to make the year of fire, bullets and explosives, all of them against the same target, the humankind.
May Krakatoa scream as loud as one century ago, becuse an infinite number of bombs will explode against the citizenry. We walk in this wild symbiosis, searching for the lucid extintionism.

It hurts us to have to look from the top of the mountains and see the human advance colossally swallowing the Wild Nature, see the deer, the guará wolf, the jaguar, the ema, the teiú and so many other wild animals with no exit before the imminent end of the sacred Cerrado consumed by civilization. It hurts to see the river that we loved dried up and that with the sound of its natural course filled our minds with serenity. It was unbearable to know that the tree that we touched and made us feel part of the All had been torn away. Going back in that living forest after years and witnessing it silently, absent from the song of birds and other living beings, was unforgivable. The human has pushed everything beautiful in this world to the abyss, what they did in Alto Paraíso at the end of the year proves once again the contempt of our species for nature. If the human species does not care about the earth, we will not care about their lives either. We do not fight for a future, the future is already decided and it will not be utopias.

Jair Bolsonaro, Ricardo Salles, Damares Alvos and company, these noxious figures who we prefer to threaten them and seek their death are just major manifestations of each common civilian who wanders madly through the asphyxiating cities. As expected, the eldest of the stupid and their main allies in their few hours of government declared war on the environment and the native peoples. What little remains of Wild Nature will be swallowed up by progress. We do not expect them to go back, we are not lamenting. We are going to indiscriminately kill how many humans we achieve, until they kill us, we swear that.

To end, to those who wish the chaos, regardless to what groups or individuals they are, explosives are waiting for you. We saw that Núcleo de Oposición al Sistema (NOS) write another “friendly” text about us. The individual that is your enemy is there, you want to do something usefull about it? stop that leftist tantrum and attack, and look also for his team and followers.
We are aware that there are another sleeping groups out there, the same goes for them, attack in a wild way. And as indiscriminate and opportunists that we are, we call also the mujahadin to indiscriminately attack. If you lone wolves are capable of that, just do it, against christian targets or any other target of the western civilization.

Moro declared is will on isolating faction leaders with the PCC and CV. We know how it ended in 2006, we know well how that it will end again. Chaos and destabilization are already sighted on the horizon.

For the moment, the war of nerves.

With the wisdom of the ancient!
The tocaia still goes on…

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Wilderness Secret Society

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