[en] (Brazil) 63 Communique of ITS: About the 325 anarcho-cops

I shoot him in his mouth because of the lies he said, and I shoot his hand because of the dirty things he wrote.” – Jaques Mesrine, about the kidnapping of a french journalist.

One last time the anarcho-friars spoke against us eco-extremists attempting to affect us in some way. You from the 325 NGO and your allies will pay the highest price for your delations against the alleged person behind the eco-extremist theorist Abe Cabrera, who is not even part of ITS and for slander and try to give information about Misanthropos Cacoguen to the United Kingdom police. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Every one of you behind this plot have within your bodies the spirit of Jacob Ferguson.(1) You are humanist of the worst kind, of the kind that even your own “comrades” should not trust so you tend to the betrayal, of the kind of traitor scumbag that affectively collaborate with the cops in an investigation case, of the kind of lunatic that expose and slander those who dare to criticize or overcome the failed theory and “praxis” of the corpse of the anarchy. You should know that here in Brazil the first of the laws that rule the favelas and the criminals of the streets is “never snitch”. That will be never forgiven, snitches pay with the life. Betrayal and delation are disgusting behaviours in every place, even between anarchists, and those who did it will pay a price for it. Between your people exist those who condemn in any case the delation, even when involves enemies or discordants, Who does not remember what happens in the failed scape attempt carried out by the CCF terrorists when a scumbag like you are called Christodopoulos Xiros talk against members of that guerrilla? They position theirselves against such snitch attitude (2):

“At least we, with our “mafia-style practices” never betray our ideas and our comrades. But even those who were arrested and accused of being members of our group, without having relation with it, even if we do not consider some of them comrades, or even if we consider some of them as our personal enemies, the only thing that is sure is that there was not a snitch or a traitor between them.”

We have no doubts that you found little support in what you did even between your own comrades.
So, anarchists how goes the preparation to access the police? Who would say it, the abolicionist anti-prison revolutionaries trying to send dissidents to prison.
You remind to the stalinists sending the dissidents to the gulags. You are a shame for the real anarchists that blew up in the air some army elements in the 19 and 20 centuries. The old Bakunin told that “if the power is given to you, you will be worst than the tsar”. We solve our differences without involving the police authorities, either debating or with violence. But you, “anarcho-cops” choose the filthiest way. Then you will have to face us in the worst way. The most recent eco-terrorist send to prison by the FBI was Joseph Mahmoud Dibee (3), now the para-state patrol of anarcho-cops put their effort in send some of our people behind the same bars. This symbiosis between the police and the anarchists is something than only the modern anarchism is able to provide.

Obviusly, you are not the only ones who knows secrets. If we opt for snitching anarchists certainly some of your comrades from here will fall. We have in our hands the capacity of reply with the same method, but we will not do so because we are not so miserable as you are. And dont be fools, ITS-Mexico take a hard position against Scott Campbell and John Zerzan because they were asking for it, they fill their mouth talking shit about them. Now you try to harm us with what you did. So if you want to send our people to prison, we will send yours to the world of the dead.

What drives you against us is the desperation, as the “new anarchy”, “black anarchy” and any other silly thing regardless how you want to name it has failed, acept that, period.
Everyone knows thate there is a strong discomfort inside the international anarchist scene and more and more individuals of courage step away of the foolish utopism, without waiting for better days, for any kind of collapsed or deceived by the already outdated revolutionary and humanistic fairy tales in favour of the “humankind”- Those 47 chromosomes idiots have a childish arsenal of adjectives to yell against anyone who shows sympathy towards ITS and because they have nothing else to write against us now they appeal to ridiculousness, as it is the case of the blog “Christian Instinct” (Because they have nothing of wild) (4) they republished a text calling ITS-Mexico “Nazi-Aztecs” (What the hell is that? Those leftist writers dont have anything else to invent!) So in Brazil what we would be? “Nazi-Tupinambas”? This only a question of moral judgement rooted within yourselves libertarian missionaries. The Anarchist Black Cross should be confuse when the ex-comulgated Kevin Garrido drop a bomb in support of ITS (5). Mario Lopez Tripa was another who set on fire your cassock (6). By the way, have blood in your eyes, Kevin, stay strong, your day will come. And for you Tripa, we are with you to get payback on those miserable.

In Brazil the scenario is not different, and recently some called Nucleo de Oposicion al Sistema (NOS) after some attacks in São Paulo release a “call” for a “unity and struggle against the system” (7). Really? Those leftist where so naive trying to “call” us for their ridiculous “struggle” that is incoherent even for theirselves as they ask in ther “demands” the liberation of the former president Lula, a left-wing politician that at the time of his government reinforced the actual system. What kind of shitty anarchist group demand the liberation of a former president? To counter the “Bolsonaro threat” and make a sort of Popular Front like in Spain on 1936 that tried to stop the ascend of the right wing? The justifications are dubious.

We are aware that there are many honest efforts to discuss about eco-extremism and deepen not only the eco-extremist critic, there have been many debates and texts in the last years.
Lately those interested are being coerced by a plot of idiots that harshly condemn anyone that mention the tendency and put them in some kind of black list of “ex-comrades corrupted by the eco-extremists”. This is an anarchist effort to block at all costs the expasion of eco-extremist theory and praxis. The most recent case that deserve a mention comes from a british eco-anarchist author that released an interesting essay about “decolonial violence and eco-extremism” that was presented during the Anarchist Studies Network Conference, in the University of Loughborough. In less than one week the anarchist prosecutors criminalise him in base of the moral laws of what is acceptable and what is not within the left (the author was victim of the same thing thah he describes in his own text) and they forced him to exclude his text (8) and instead release a clarification note (9). Of course, a situation like this can not pass unnoticed, We have the text and we spread it in this communique for those who want to read and discuss it, acess here.
The essay “Paper On Decolonial Violence and Eco-Extremism For 2018 ASN Conference” may have been excluded by the coercion of the liberatarians”, but we have the full content. The author express also that one of the reasons to delete the essay is his own safety (in reality he was pushed with the idea of “safety”), but with a text like this one at the momento his only enemies are the anarchist inquisitors, and not because he threat anarchists like ITS did in their thirty first communique(10), but because he rationalized in a intelligent way about the morality and terrorist violence. A fragment of the note of aclaration “Avoiding misinterpretation”:

“I understand that discussing the ugliest aspects of civilisation is something that is very uncomfortable for a lot of people and I can understand why people are not fond of me doing so. I believe that if we are to respond in any way to the uglinesses we are confronted by, we first need to acknowledge them, discuss them and not disregard or try to ignore. This seems to me to be true regardless of whether or not we are talking about the terrorism of ISIS, eco-extremism, the capitalist military-industrial complex, totalitarian agriculture or any other context.”

Leftists are prisoners in some kind or paralell reality in wich what they do and approve in their moral audits is right and acceptable (ELF, MEND, Ted Kaczynski, CCF, YPG, Baader-Meinhof, Rote Zora, Zapatistas, Revolutionary Struggle, etc.) and whatever we do is just fascism!!! (with emphasis). In the world of the adults were things are taken serius, the theory and praxis of the group, now exctinct, Wild Reaction and ITS was much more debated by several groups and individuals interested in the topic. Wildists admitted that the eco-extremist theory contributed to the fall of the revolutionary myth that was present within the wildism (11). The eco-extremist theory also contributes as an anarchist critic from former anarchists from Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Here in Brasil we know that this topic was seriusly debated in other states. In the United States and Europe the debate has contributed also, and was big within certain circles. And the anachists of the kind of “325, IGD, Voz Como Arma and Instinto Salvaje” arise and the only thing they have to say is yell “you fascists!!!” and irrationally condemn anything that the eco-extremists theorist and anyone interested in the topic have to write or say? The only word to describe this is dementia. As we said, they are desperate because the failure of modern anarchism and the spreading of eco-extremism. And the same eco-radical author condemned by anarchists that was censored in the ASN Conference, had already published in the past a respectable point of view about the actions of ITS called “Eco-terrorism, Eco-fascism, Eco-extremism, Eco-anarchism and the Bialowieza Forest” (12). An interesting part of the text says:

“I can sympathise aspects with this critique of anarchists by this eco-extremist writer, in the weakness of anarchist arguments, where anarchists just call anything they don’t like fascist”

A thorough evidence that these anarchists are demented is that if we look at the definition of fascism there is absolutely nothing in common with what we defend, so, what they say is just a delirium, everything is said in a very emotional way. Instead of reviewing their methodology and theory, they spend their time dedicated to write books and texts filled of slanders and yelling “fascists, fascists, fascists!”. If Steffen Horst Meyn died (13) nobody but the anarchists present at the place are the ones to blame as they were 20 meters high in their useless and outdated tree sitting while the Hambach forest awaits for its end. Blocades, tree sitting, posters, all that haven been proven to be totally ineffective since years ago and its only result have been the identification and imprisonment of a lot of ecologists. Despite the moral endorsement of the leftists, the decendents of MEND are terrorists and they force the withdrawal of the oil companys from the Niger Delta, what did the natives from the isle of Bougainville is called terrorism and they managed to destroy the mining activity. What have been done by the Mapuche to defend their pagan beliefs and their ancestral lands in Chile is terrorism. The santified CCF are purely terrorists. No matter how much they demonize this this concept, is pure terror. The difference with our terrorism is just the objective and the indiscriminate method, as the problem for us is not just the techno-industrial society and its progress, but the humanity itself.
In the other hand you practice terror with blind faith seeking a new and unattainable human being, with the hope hopes deposited in some kind of anarchist Eden’s garden for this catastrophe of almost 8 billion of insatiable anthropocentric creatures. That is just stupid. In the end, are you really selective? And what about the death of Sergio Landskron? And the several statements of civilians that were almost tear apart by the shrapnel in the bombs planted by CCF? What about the bomb in a metro station in a Military School in Chile? And the death of the worker in a pharmacy set on fire during a demostration in Chile? Those “inconvenient cases” are swept under the red carpet of morality and never re-opened again. You are an incoherent universal shame.

The regret for trying to harm us will be bitter, just wait.

Forward eco-extremist theorist!
Let the hunt begin, ITS from America and Europe, because here we will do our part!
Regards to Garbage Guerrilla!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brasil
– Wilderness Secret Society


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