[en] (Brazil) 81 Communique of ITS: Damara Alves walk on the valley of Death

Today we learned through the press about the possible resignation of the head of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves (1). The information is still confusing, perhaps intentionally disproved to avoid further erosion of a government falling apart and that has already lost some ministers. Whether it continues or not, there is discomfort, that is a fact, it can be an emotional exhaustion on the part of Damares. Veja, the media that reported this possible resignation of the minister was clear, there were death threats, oppositions and attacks. The media scored and is right, certainly the greatest threat until then came from us, from the Wilderness Secret Society when we left in a church in Brazlândia an explosive device of 5 kilos with high destructive power (2). We did not care about how many we would have killed and if we were targeting a specific group, Christian religious, the same group of Damares, even if it was Protestant. We looked at this group and we had our reasons, and at the moment we made clear the threatening position and our murderous intentions also against Damares Alves. Let it be clear that they still exist, and they are increasingly dangerous. The Federal Police, with the help of Abin and other organs, carried out a large operation, but detained random people, not us (3). We keep developing and attacking. The last attack was at dawn on the last Sunday (28) in the National Forest of Brasilia where we left a trail of destruction in FLONA and burned two IBAMA cars (4). The attack is being investigated by the Federal Police according to Sérgio Moro (5). Of course, we recorded the moment to make it clear that we were the authors, the video can be accessed by anyone. On this occasion, we are concentrating our threats especially on Ricardo Salles, and this is one of the reasons for the chosen objective (ICMBio and IBAMA). Then, you can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking in eggshells, or better, in a minefield. Have you thought about a cult in your church flying through the air like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of his? And a deadly toxin in some food of his? A bullet in your head while traveling to work? Precautions have limits when you are a public figure, and in addition, the walls have eyes. We are willing to take this to the most extreme consequences. Silence precedes the explosion, just wait.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Secret Wilderness Society

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