[en] (Chile) 50th Communique of the ITS

Once again we left our refuges to enter the abyss of the eco-extremist and misanthropic action. We plunge ourselves to its depths and talk with its inhabitant spirits, they advise us, they are glad and applaud us. Yes, they applaud us because they know that not everyone has the determination and the amount of blood in the veins to go visit them. A few have achieved to see their faces of Chaos and beauty, their action bodies that still inspire those who continue in the surface. We know that sooner than later our spirits will unite in the abysmal eternity. And when we dwell there, we will advise and applaud those who dare to plunge themselves and return.

We went out with our spirits commended to the Unknown, the Invisible, the Nameless. With the blessing from the Earth, we walked through the city carrying the explosive charge on our backs, with the device that desires the combustion and the enemy blood. Walking among deads with Chaos in the hands, we move cautiously, we rest in our accomplices and kept weapons.

We misanthropically claim the abandonment of a package-bomb on the outside of the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez (General Jofré 462), on Friday, April 13th. Our explosive package without message was aimed against any imbecile student, but it was also aimed against any curious passer-by. We yearned for the bloody and mortal explosion to any human, we don’t care if he is rich or poor, woman or man, young or old. With this we affirm that any inept and unpleasant student, of any branch of knowledge, of any political current, is and will be a target to the action of the ITS Mafia.

Our steel niple filled with black powder apparently hasn’t exploded (yet), perhaps it ended up in the trash and someday it blews the fingers of some garbage man or who knows. The important thing is that the eco-extremist intentions still intact. The set of ITS attempts in the south don’t stop at nothing, neither at the investigations of the chilean intelligence nor at the last sentences of terrorism. We the HMB-ITS, the truly terrorist, are free, wild and unpunished, we don’t care a fuck about their new counter-terrorist laws. We are the invisible menace, cautious and patient, we are the Mafia ITS…

We pretended with this explosion to fill the south with Chaos again, I don’t know why but the south is calm lately, it seems that some have got scared with the sentence of Flores, well we don’t, and this indiscriminate attempt to hurt people demonstrate it.

Our attempt goes in the name of all the Wild of the Earth, in the name of its cycles and terrific manifestations for civilization. The Unknown called us a few days before, its appeal went unnoticed to everyone but not to our bodies, we listened that message of the Wild, that movement of the Earth woke us and whispered in our ears: “now, for my spirit, attempt”. And that’s it… in its name we plunged ourselves…

Our attempt also goes to the spirit of Mark Conditt, yes, in your name goes our try, for you indiscriminate warrior, for your glorious death and life. Your bombs and your courage are an example for individualists like us. Warrior Mark, we will see you in the abyss! ¡We extor your spirit and try to revive it with every explosion! In your name we plunge ourselves…

“(…) Honestly I would prefer to be surrounded by a dense forest than by so much disgusting and filthy human being (…)”
– Mauricio Morales

That’s all for now, we will return when they least expect it, we continue through the indiscriminate path against the civilized world. Giving life to ITS for more than two years we are still free and unpunished avoiding all their intelligence equipment. They are no longer artisanal nipples, it is no longer match powder, they are no longer only knives, no! Our bodies are upright for what is coming, may the Occult says when it comes…

War on civilization, human race and progress!

For the Earth and our Egos, forward brothers of the mafia in America and Europe!

Eternal glory to Warrior Mark Conditt!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild
-Mystical Horde of the Forest

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