[en] (Chile) 65 communique of ITS, incendiary device in memory of Kevin

We went out for you Kevin, for your essence that still with us. We went out to honor your war name with our chaos filled instruments. For you brother we take responsability for the placement of an incendiary device inside a bus of transantiago while the passengers still inside, the previous friday, November 30.

In a ritualistic act we wanted to burn the same bus that we already attack back on 2016. At the same time and the same place we left our present. Encomended to the ancient and new spirits we jump into the abyss and came back.

We made an invocation of the god Fire but it did not answer… still we are pacient, the flames will be for the next time.

We laught at the face of all the GOPE experts, we do not care at all how much you search our devices looking for traces, keep searching but you will find absolutely nothing. Not even all your modern technology could provide traces about us.

Brother Kevin, the fact that some people say you was a member of ITS is for us a reason to be proud about. The anarcho-cowards reject you and kick you out of their church. Fucking cowards. How shameful they are. How disgusting they are.

Little brother kevin, we will keep trying for you, for the rivers, for the mountains and the cougar. For our ancestors and their spirituality.

War to the civilization and human progress!
More Chaos for Kevin!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Chile
– Kevin’s Spirit
– Uncivilized Southerners

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