[en] (Chile) 70 Communique of ITS: Frustrated arson attack

We did not comeback, because we never left and we have been always here, pretending between the mass of disgusting fake morality, playing roles, but aware that we are not part of the disgusting plague that wander around a city that have their days counted and soon or later will perish along all the humankind.

The transantiago bus company METBUS and ENEL X, bring to this southern land 100 electric buses of the Chinese brand BYD, with the excuse of the progress. Those idiots and the sheep that use them are not able to understand that there is no tomorrow, the progress does not exist, is just an illusion that hides one more slavery, humanity advances without solution to a granted destruction, and only nature will survive.

Is that illusion what the tried to burn down, on Monday December 31, by indiscriminately leaving a incendiary device in one transantiago bus with the route 508 METBUS. We are not naive, we are aware of CCTV and other security measures in the electric buses routes and we will fall because being careless, we are years on this and we know how to be as carefull as the puma, lurking to launch the fatal blow. This attack was not made randomly, it was carefully planned, to continue always in the shadows and never fall in the hands of the bastards we mock today and in every attack we did in the past.

The burning sun over our heads watched our steps and search whatever you want, you will not find us and if you manage to do it, we will face the death standing our ground and fighting, thats for sure, we are part of the nature’s revenge forces, that natural force that always end up being victorious.

Even dissapointment was the first word that come to our mind once we realised that our device of new year eve did not function as we expected, our sick mind pass from dissapointment to euphoria, we just have to wait, we will not remain paralized and the fire can become shrapnel, only the time will say it, we still conspiring…

May all burn!

The spirit of the warrior KEVIN is present in the fight against human progress!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Inquisitive Revengeful Gang

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