[en] (Chile) 72 communique of ITS: Indiscriminate letter bomb

“(…)For the inmoral and indiscriminate ¡¡Long live Terror, explosions and fire!! ¡¡Death to civilization and all human progress!! (…) I wish an infinite number of bombs explode against the citizenry (…)”
–Kevin Garrido

We, in contrast to humanism and the filthy reasoning of the revolutionaries, talk with the dead, we invocate and revive them. We ask the spirits of the warriors that left us, we ask to the unknown to guide and care of us. We believe in the forces of the earth and our mysticism carries the wisdom of the ancient.

This is how, with blood and injuries, we remember and honor them!

Lets talk straight, we take absolute responsibility for placing our explosive present in a transantiago bus stop at the very center of the capital. Our letter-bomb was made by a homemade steel pipe. Did you remember that pipe bomb with wich we shatter the fingers of the miner in 2017? One like that. Filled with 100 grams of blackpowder and activated by pulling the cardboard.

The same container but in a different envelope, this time in a exercise of ancestral imagination a skilled brother crafted a complex method for a letter-bomb.

Why to attack agains the “oppressed people”? Well, we do not give a fuck about social status. Rich, poor, homeless, every filthy civilized human deserve to die. In our claims you will not find demands nor we do ask for anything like that. We hate the conduct of the modern human, their approval towards the progress and technology disgust us. May all explode!

May they explote for each cutted tree, for each destroyed mountain, for each exterminated animal.

To be honest we do not care anymore if someone doubts about our existence and invent conspirancy theories trying to hide us. The reality is only one: ITS. We have been indiscriminately attacking since 2016, and after wounding the miner we tried to burn and tear apart. All those failed attacks have been rewarded today. Proving without doubts what can be archieved with patience and will. We are ITS, the invisible threat that spread like bacteria, we operate on a international level with accomplicies in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Spain and Greece.

Our pipe bomb against the Catholic University Silva Henriquez the past April and our Thermo with blades placed in a bus stop in front of the Faculty of Agronomy in September were the preamble of the disaster…

We are already far, hidden and getting ready for what will be following, we have more containers and more will. Our little devices caused great terror and had a great impact on the media. Let this experience be an example for those who wish the disaster; a lot can be done even with little means.

Days back we sleep in the wild nature, from the dark mountains we conspired for the Chaos. The lights of the dark sky hypnotized us, the intense sound of the crickets, the trees, the rocs, the flies, the rivers and everything that is wild order us the revenge. Here is the answer!

Revenge against humankind and civilization. Revenge for each river poisoned for the human progress, revenge for our wild ancestors exterminated by the civilized life

This is our war salute for the spirit of Kevin Garrido and Mark Conditt, for you unique warrios we wounded a few humans. For you we spilled the blood of humanoids. We proudly and entranced wound them. Because any filthy civilized human deserve shrapnel, bullets and blades.

CEO’s, politicians, students and common citizens are our target.
The blast will warning you…

Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!

With the blessings of the Unknown we still conspiring!

Contributing to the international coordination of attacks of the Eco-extremist mafia!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile

-Mystic Horde of the Forest

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