[en] (Chile) 80 communique of ITS: Destructive first of May

Once again the took advange of the inert masses in one of their fiestas trasnformed into demostration. This time was the worldwide known “day of the worker”, the first of may was the perfect excuse to create destabilization and anarchy.

With this little message we take responsibility for our participation in the riots of this first of may. We were in the middle of the mass, in the middle of the vandalic hooded ones.

In this historical date the fools march and sing, but we dont. We did not mixed ourselves within the mob to conmemorate the “Chicago Martyrs”, much less to ask for an improvement of the labor laws. Our goal was fire and destruction.

Because we worship the destructive flames, that orange color that burns, we are fascinated by the smell of the gasoline that fuel the flames. Armed with bottles filled with gasoline we went to burn everything that crossed our path. We spilled the flamable liquid and the lighter did the rest.

And dont be naive, tear gas are not enough to unleash that terrible fire…

Spreaded and always looking for our affines, aware of the citizes who dare to play the heroes, with us they will pay a high price.

Greetings to the ones with molotovs, with hammers, the destructive ones, the criminal looters and antisocial anarchists that contribute with their instruments to that day of destruction and fire.

May start and the “Day of Chaos” is approaching. May Mauricio Morales be remembered with fire and explosions!

Death to the city and the human progress!

Individualists Tending Towards The Wild – Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners
-Inquisitive Revengeful Gang


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