[en] (Chile) 86 Communique of ITS: About the arrest of a supposed member of ITS-Chile

We still here, observing and laughing from the shadows while the cops celebrate the arrest of an alleged member of ITS, you should know that, as usual, you’re WRONG and in your incompetence, you left yourselves in ridiculous as you did during the previous years.

The dead protect us and that’s why we praise them before the attack, the cursed deities of the South cover us with their mantle and we get away safe again and again.

We are used to the made-up stories of the cops and in this side of the mountain range aren’t nothing new. Did you remember the joke that was the “Caso Bombas” back in the day? or the constantly made-up stories against the mapuche peoples that even end up with cops being charged with criminal offenses and the biggest JOKE have been all your investigations and research since we burned the skin of that disgusting miner back in 2017.

Lies have short legs, and you will swallow all your words when we unleash chaos again, more soon than later, in this lands of the south.

We don’t know who is Camilo, the truth is that he is not a member if the ITS Mafia, so he had nothing to do with the bombs against Landerretche, Louis de Grangue and the other four attacks that are blamed on him, those are only OURS, and those who rejoice today with the arrest of a dangerous terrorist will end up accepting the fact that probably they arrest nothing but a simple vandal, because the supposed “materials for making bombs” are common products available in every home, screws, tape, matches, carbon, etc. But from everything they are saying about, the most funny part is that of the “lone wolf”, this not even Mr. Chadwick believe it, neither the prosecutor nor anyone with a bit of common sense. Was just a single person the one who crafted and sent explosives, wounding important people and without help of anyone else? HA! We wish we had a fellow partner like that one within the Horde.

The call of the wild has summoned us for the fierce defense of wild nature, and we will continue on this path until the end, the path of terror and explosives, wounds and murders.

And if some day they really manage to arrest or kill us, from hell we will continue our war, like Kevin, Mark, Mauricio and all the ancient ones who confronted the advance of civilization.

Death to civilization and human progress!
Death to their lies and tricks!
Until the last eco-extremist is killed, we will continue at war!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile

-Mystic Horde of the Forest

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