We’re back, the mafia grows and create networks from north to south and from east to west. We crossed the mountain range as our ancestors did when they traveled from one place to another on the snowed mountains to make deals, but this time it wasn’t an exchange of food, skin or cattle, this time was an explosive device, thats right, a parcel-bomb. The device was done by an artisan accomplice from the lands of the west, wich without any doubt and as has been proved in previous attacks, knows very good how to craft this kind of mechanisms. What do we offer in exchange for such great and destructive creation?… just our action.

We crossed their borders to find us face to face with our brothers from the other side, we found each other again and re-opened the mystic and ancestral conection than only ferocious souls can conceive, we talked, laugh and conspired to generate chaos.

We conspired carefully in the shadows to choose who will the the one who deserve the explosive. Disgust and rage fulfill our beings, the construcction and inaguration of the new line 3 of metro deserved revenge. Thus, as it was the case with “the minner”, this time our target was the president of Metro of Santiago, LOUIS DE GRANGUE CONCHA. This civil engineer whose name and existance represent one of the biggest transport companies of this country. Metro of Santiago is the company that claims to bring solutions and progress to the “great city”, with their upcoming projects and the ones already finished they just manage to gnaw and destroy even more the land, open it and tearing it apart each time more kilometers, causing a great damage to the soil. In the name of human progress they carry from one side to other those herds of bastard and monotonous civilized sheep. And so, at the expense of the injuries inflicted on the earth they continue to increase their fortune.

Before all these destructive actions, we can’t just remain without doing nothing, we had to do something about, we felt more and more the call of the wild, we felt restless living inserted in this disgusting city. It was just needed to get away from this city and spend some days in the wild nature to get filled with strenght, we left our nest to materialize our anti-humanist desires. With this explosive present we claim every square centimeter or land that is stolen to let pass the stupid and putrid progress. We can’t let them to continue installing their destructive machines, to install their high technology trains that are driven automatically and even replace the human being, and that are only useful to move the crowds around.

With our attack we did’t aim to end with the Metro company, neither to stop their projects, as that would be stupid and proper of a dreamer. We just want to honor the earth with blasts and blood. This time was the top head of Metro, yesterday was the one of Codelco, tomorrow any other important CEO.

As we did with Oscal Landerretche, once the prey was chosen, we lurked around his home, checked his security and were wandering around the neighborhoods that claim to be the safest ones in the city, we, the most wanted ones, laught straight in front of your face again. We stared into the eyes of the target, he looked at us, but didn’t saw us, did’t saw our intentions. In our hideout we discuss about killing him directly, as his execution was something possible, we have the tools and the will, but we desisted for now. For now we continue with the explosive presents that bring death. Knives and bullets are more and more thirsty for hyper-civilized blood, but as we say before… the dead will tell you when…

Amuleto mistico de ITS-Chile

We did exactly the same and still you don’t learn, but it is said that the human is the only specie that falls two time in the same trap… maybe this is the reason of why mankind is condemned to extinction… without hesitation we act in the shadows to avoid being detected, we are covered and protected by the pagan deities of our ancestors. Thats why it is so difficult to find us, becase when comes the moment in wich you open the eyes we will be watching and enjoying comfortably our chaotic creation, from the other side of the Andes mountains or from the very south of the continent.

This time the satisfaction wasn’t full and didn’t end as expected… De Grangue, you have to arrange with a pedophile priest to change your name, from now you are baptized as THE LUCKY ONE, only the luck saved you.

We move in the south, from capital city to capital city, from sea to sea, on the white mountain and you’re not even close to catch us. We continue the war against modern humanity and its progress, its us, the ghosts of ITS; the Mystic Horde of the Forest and the Red Blood Sect joining in the conspiration and materialization of our inhuman desires.

You already know us, and we alredy mention it in several communiques, either you are miopic or don’t want or simply you’re just fools. We warned on the past January when we incrusted burning metal on civilized flesh “CEO, politicians, students and plain citizens are our target. The blast will warn you…” And so it was, this time was the lucky progresist De Grangue, tomorrow can be any other scumbag who think is important, who represent a company that want to introduce the progress, make extraction works, humiliate our ancestors or, simply, someone like YOU.

In the name of the progress and their rotten civilizations the modern human being will continue damaging terribly the earth, and this will not change. But remember that we are here, ready for everything that happens, writing down names, checking adresses, here we are to give back at least a little of the damage caused to our enviroment and for that we use homemade explosives and other weapons.

Continue with your science and progress frenzy that we will continue attackin in the name of everything wild on the earth. For the rivers and the mountains, for the insects and the birds, for the cougar and the fox, for the ancestral warriors that fought civilization and for those who filled us with their beliefs and spirituality.

The disgraceful modern humanity deserve the worst, deserve devastating earthquakes, floods, murderous tsunamis and volcanoes blasts that burn them to ashes. Our bombs and the blood that we may spill are just a little offering to wild nature.

The spirit of the misanthropic warrior Mauricio Morales inspired us in our attack, in this special month for the Chaos we honor the antisocial memory of punki mauri.

With the spirits of the wild warriors Kevin Garrido and Mark Conddit always in our paths, continue with your demonic dance in the abyss!

From north to south, from coast to coast and through the mountains; forward with the war brothers of the Eco-extremist mafia!

War against modern humanity, its progress and its science!

Misanthropy, Chaos and Wild Nature always!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Chile, Argentina
-Red Blood Sect
-Mystic Horde of the Forest

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