[en] (Chile) Thirtieth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 30 de ITS. En él, “Sureños Incivilizados” se adjudican el intento de un atentado incendiario contra un bus del transantiago en la capital chilena.

¡Adelante con la Guerra!

Let it be known, we have invoked the accursed spirit of the Kawesqar, Ajajema. We have invoked and awakened it. It awoke furious and full of hate for what the modern human has done to the Earth. At each moment it curses the disgusting concrete, its wicked buildings that prevent the view of the horizon, its abundant wheeled machines, but above all it curses with much force that which the human animal has become. It has whispered in our ear that humans deserve death for offending the wild with every breath. We respond that we feel the same way. We have made a blood oath with the spirit and we have promised to act in its name. We seek to revive the pagan spirit of the Fuegians in each of our uncivilized fires. May disaster fall upon civilization and human progress!

In the Southern lands rain falls and its sound whispers vengance to us. It wets us, but we don’t try to shield ourselves and we are soaked by it just like our ancestors. The water fell, overflowing rivers, leaving civilization in chaos.

The rain wets the Earth… the Earth, the trees, the plants, and all of the other beings demand rain. They wish for it, they desire it, but the human hates it, he curses it, he considers it evil for harming the “poor” people. Each onslaught from wild nature inflicts the hyper-civilized mass and saddens it. On the other hand, we rejoice and celebrate it.

Earthquakes in the previous days announced our steps. They announced our attack. The movement of the earth shook our being, accelerated our heartbeat, and sent us the unmistakable message from the unknowable. Few are capable of listening to this message and responding. This message called us to action, cried out for us to risk our lives, and sunk us into the chaotic abyss of action. Above all, it cried out for a war against civilization.

The hyper-civilized human race is beyond help, it cannot be saved. Joy bursts our hearts each time wild nature manifests itself against civilization with ferocious natural disasters. Each massacre makes us jump up and down with excitement. And if tomorrow we are the ones who are destroyed because of the wild, know that we will succumb with great satisfaction.

Our bodies could not avoid that ancestral call. This call will not remain unheeded by us. It was in this way that on May 15th of the present year, we selected one of the Transantiago buses on the 208 route. This time the fire didn’t start, but our egoist wills made the attempt. Don’t worry, without a doubt we will persist in the attack. The fire will be for next time…

Their system of mass passenger vehicles is needed for civilization to function, and it has been in our sights for some time. The burning scrap is and will be our offering to the Earth. Transport vehicles don’t present any obstacle to us, it’s really a “simple” operation. We abandon a homemade incendiary device lit by an incense stick. We don’t know why the fire didn’t start, they surely saw it and called the cops to look at it. Maybe the device failed and it was there all afternoon, who knows…

We speak, and speak, and do. We carry in our bodies the exquisite ecstasy of natural adrenaline: “Our hearts beat rapidly and we go to the back of the bus… shit, there are two losers sitting in the back. At our side is an adult woman, and behind us is a young man. There is no turning back. We rest on our recently sharpened kitchen knives (which have been prepared surely for the body of the next citizen-hero). We take out the bottle taking care to hide it from view. We light the incense, look around, light it again. The bus moves so much that the flame cannot center itself. We continue lighting. All lit, with smoke and the smell of chocolate, ok, the route ends right here… We get off last after everyone else. The bus turns around and we wait for the fire…”

-An egoist speaks of an action for those who those stirring with desire and will

Our only motivation was revenge: revenge for the earth that is polluted by the wicked modern human being. The human along with his cities deserves the worst. They deserve the earthquake that splits the concrete, the rain that overflows the rivers, the fire that burns towns, the volcanic eruption the fills the environment with ash… and without a doubt they deserve our attacks.

Fire, beautiful fire, this time they owe us…

An embrace of complicity to the eco-extremists of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. To the egoist terrorists of Italy and the eco-anarchists.

Brothers of the Mystical Horde of the Forest, your terrorist attack stirred our spirit. We know that you are preparing your next attack. Let’s see if this time you kill your target(s).

For the murders of the northern mafia!

Death to the hyper-civilized and their progress!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

– Uncivilized Southerners

*This time it wasn’t manifested it flames, but we will persist…

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