[en] (Chile) Twenty-Third Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del comunicado número 23 de ITS-Chile, haciéndose cargo de los críticos, paranoides y demás basura humanista que dijeron idioteces de su atentado contra el bastardo de Landerretche.

¡Arriba los atentadores!

A little more than a month has passed since our explosive present detonated and wounded that scoundrel Oscar Landerretche. The distinguished economist, progressive, and leftist (since it turns out he is a member of the Socialist Party), with a degree from that incubator of progress par excellence, the University of Chile, was deserving of all of our Savage Vengeance.

And even though his wounds on this occasion were minor physically (due to the chance circumstances upon opening the package), we know, of course, that emotionally the consequences have been tremendous for him as well as his family. 

At the root of our unprecedented, original, and certain attack (which interested the press at the national and international level), many things have been said. Some of these have been quite funny, others not so much. Some have said that our package was a “false flag” attack. They’ve defamed us, belittled us, erased us, they’ve been horrified, offended, etc. etc. etc.

Due to all of these lies and criticisms, we have decided to issue a public statement. The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild takes advantage and will take advantage of any instance to spread and make its presence noticeable. We have no problems with this. So here we go:

I. Reprehensible action, various reactions

-Obviously we didn’t expect less from the political class and general population. We knew that they would be frightened by this Savage attack. That is why the President Michelle Bachelet said, “it was an extremely reprehensible act.” Even her disciples and non-disciples were making declarations energetically condemning the act. All of that was very much to be expected.

-One of the reactions that made us laugh a lot was that of the “green ecologist party”. These hippy drug addicts have the gall to dictate the “ecological” norms on how to act. No matter how hard they try, their “ecology” has nothing to do with our Ecology, they’ll never come close. For we are indeed Ecologists, but of the extremist variety: the type immersed in a war to the death for Wild Nature. We couldn’t care less about their “ecological movement” and rules: we piss and shit on them.

In this way, they keep marching, their demonstrations, holding signs, and shouting through megaphones. On our part we will continue with this War…

If our attacks help to lead to the criminalization of all of that social ecological garbage, perfect, we would have killed two birds with one stone.

You don’t know who did it? Then why do you say that the bomb was child’s play?
If it was child’s play, then can you do something bigger? Are you sure that those responsible aren’t in your ranks? LOL!

Along the same lines (perhaps a bit more disgusting) is a communique signed by a dozen social environmental groups, appearing on an equally disgusting blog, which is only worth mentioning in passing. We will only say that we curse their pacifist social struggles in “defense of the earth.” We hope that their movement is also criminalized to the maximum extent of the law, and that the repression of the state (a common concept among them) keeps on their tail.

-Others crossed themselves praying that it was only an isolated incident. They don’t have a clue. They can’t imagine the eagerness that fills us from head to toe to deal another blow. This will happen when they least expect it, against the person they least expect. It won’t be tomorrow, but it will happen. The positive and negative cables are patient, waiting for the moment of the next contact…

-The President of the Supreme Court has stated the following concerning our attack: that is was a, “a tremendously grave act that can change the criminal and political history of Chile.” Ok judge. We have shown how, with some basic materials, you can put a whole country in check (and we aren’t exaggerating). The miserable sentence above confirms this.

It is at this point that we animate ourselves as individualists of action to satisfy our profoundest desires, that don’t cease because we don’t have access to more sophisticated means. Cheer up, friends of action, no one is stopping this war!
-A bunch of self-styled wonks in the counterculture belittled us, alleging that our spelling errors indicated a lack of “professional language of the urban guerilla,” that we were not within the “line to defend the people,” and to “fight injustice,” among other things.

Firstly, it’s likely that one of them is a sociologist who is trying his hand at writing. He or she states that they’ve never heard of us. We don’t care if they know about us or not.

We aren’t going to apologize for our spelling errors. We try our best. We’re sure they get what we are trying to say, but most importantly it’s important that our accomplices and some allies also understand. We hope that this text will lack any such errors, so y’all stop trippin’.

We repeat and reiterate that, in our taking of responsibility for the attack of January 13th, we are not crazy, that we attacked with 100% of our faculties intact. Many call us “crazy” or “demented,” and even he does it, but this two-bit writer didn’t notice our own lucidity in this matter.

To say that we want to “gain the esteem of ITS-Mexico” is a stupidity that reflects his cluelessness. Well, you can’t really expect much of value from one who believes that the attack was one of the “ultra-right,” (which we will get to below). He clearly has an atrophied mind with all that class struggle and progressivist shit.
And yes, we use the same technology to attack it and to publicize our thought. We don’t have moral qualms about that. How do you think our native ancestors waged a tremendous war on the invaders? Using the same modern weapons surely!

It seems like your professional diagnosis of our clan is mistaken (just as the selling of your books is a mistake, but of course, you owe us commission for the publicity we’ve given you). Namely, the idea that we have networks of stockpiles and hiding places. We have bad news for you: we’re still around. I would be careful leaving that building on Marchant Pereira 1925, Providencia if I were you. You looked pretty bald motherfucker!

They say that we are an adolescent group because of our colloquial language. Shitty experts don’t have a clue.

To these two we recommend that they leave their expertise aside when talking about ITS since we aren’t going to conform to any of their parameters or predisposed rules. We are a complex and hermetic horde of counter-revolutionary misanthropic, Nihilist, and criminal Savages… Oh, and adolescents too, ya feel?

-A political scientist speaks in the name of anarchism (without being an actual anarchist), and spewed some declarations befitting his rank, that is they were dumb. He begins by openly lying, saying that anarchists aren’t part of a violent movement. It seems that this one has only read Leo Tolstoy and the anarcho-Christians. And the funniest thing is that he pretends to insult us by cataloguing us as a Satanic sect. He believes that to paint us as mystics would be insulting to us. On the contrary, look at our name, idiot. In addition to this he calls us a “Al Qaeda of ecology,” Ok now we are more than flattered.

II. The hunt for the eco-extremists

The day after the explosion of the package-bomb, a last minute meeting was held of the highest ranks of the Chilean police and intelligence forces. In this meeting those responsible for state security wracked their brains concerning how a group with an international reputation could commit such an unprecedented attack? The answer is simple and as our accomplices have said: we are an INVISIBLE MENACE. We are always stalking, waiting for the right moment to pounce and unleash our fangs. We are conspiring in the shadows, among the sound of the crickets and basking in the moonlight.

And as is to be expected, they make their sterile threats, saying that they will “quickly trap us,” exhorting that “the citizenry should trust its institutions.”
The officials charged with the investigation of explosive attacks begins its intense labor of gathering information, from gathering DNA evidence to reviewing security camera footage. The investigators’ declarations indicate the difficulty they have in tracking us, that the action was well planned out and sophisticated. From this platform we state, of course, keep looking for DNA evidence. Keep looking at security camera footage. Keep reviewing hundreds of names, keep on doing what you do, you won’t find anything of value.

III. On conspiracies, false flags, and the ultra-right

In this way we enter fully the last phase that occurs after such a public attack. Due to the inefficient investigation going nowhere and not finding those responsible for the attack, it was obvious that a campaign to discredit it would begin. There were accusations that we are “a decoy of the state,” among other conspiracy theories. It should be stated that, yes, from the beginning some imbeciles have accused us of being a “ruse of power.”

One of the main conspiracy theorists was the same son of a bitch we wounded. In one of his declarations for a mining magazine, he was boosting what the usual suspects of idiots have been murmuring.

That poor skeptic who doubts our existence. He doesn’t believe that we are the same ones who take responsibility for wounding him. Pushing the same funny theories that the attack was some kind of “facade”. Of what? He never says.

And yes, in reality you made people like us angry, people who aren’t ones to just let the harm to the Earth that your company caused go unanswered. That’s why we write this and rejoice in your wounds. And yes, you know full well to what you owe those scabs on your body. You know it all too well…

This one, who on the same night of the attack came out with his best victim face, showing his bandages (which should have been covering his head or eye, no doubt). He had a wicked face on and was making “strong” statements. Our present didn’t have a pinch of cowardice, but of a pinch of violence, of course. And yes we were able to change your shitty family routine and emotional state. And you were lucky (really lucky). The test blasts before the attack with much less match head powder packed a hell of a punch! Not even our hidden message in the note with the package could set off any alarms with you. You were obviously eager to open the “gift” and read the book on mining that your colleague at FCFM sent you. LOL, poor dummy.

Many have downplayed the force of the explosive, saying that the container was “really small,” that “there was very little powder,” that “that powder doesn’t cause fires,” (????) and that we were “only looking for publicity.” This last accusation is true. We don’t deny that we wanted everyone to talk about ITS. Obviously we wanted to spread our message, that’s why we took responsibility for it almost immediately. But the primary thing was to inflict as much harm as possible on the target.

The supposed low destructive potential of the explosive charge is refuted by our own previous tests of the explosive, including the same prosecutor in charge of the investigation recognized that, “the package could have had much more serious consequences.” Those photos that the cops took of the holes in the wall of the kitchen and of the broken windows were evidence of all this.

Some politicians in the government (and non-politicians), always in the role of hypocritical victim, put forth the theory that our attack was carried out by ultra-right wing groups. These poor folks have some sort of trauma concerning exploding bombs. Every explosion probably reminds them of the bombing of the Moneda in 1973, and their number one enemy, a certain Pinochet. They should understand that we couldn’t care less about a “Copper Law,” a “Gold Law,” or whatever other law. The only thing we care about is striking back a little for all the harm that companies like Codelco and others have done to the Earth.

Others have emphatically questioned our “true motives,” stating without beating around the bush that we are a “conspiracy of who knows what”. Again they never say. In one television report, they parade this explanation around. Even if this report is rather complete otherwise, with a summary of much of the history of ITS since 2011 until now, all of that is overshadowed by the conspiracy theory it expounds. It’s noticeable that they read the accurate journalistic report that one radio station made of our work, in some places they plagiarize it wholecloth. Another newspaper story also has doubts about our attack, even excluding our participation from it. It’s based on how the gift was sent from Chilexpress and not Correos de Chile. Who cares where the package was sent from or if it was an entire day in storage before it was sent? Are the images attached to our communique not enough?

All of the accusations and defamations of the press really don’t surprise us. We know how the media works, we’re not surprised by that. We aren’t going to play the victims accusing the media of lying. We write these words to show that we are still on the Egoist path of the extreme defense of Wild Nature. That we continue to shit on police intelligence, their prosecutors are a JOKE!

For the moment we will keep going, we will reappear when least expected, let that be clear. Let’s see when we return if the usual idiotic suspects call us a “decoy.”

IV. The revolutionary who head-butts the elderly

As to be expected, not all of the reactions came from the press, nor from the social collectives or the politicians. No, the only thing missing was the revolutionary anarchists who are offended and attack what we are and what we defend. This time around, the revolutionary prisoner Joaquín García mentioned us and referred to our attack in an entry put on various blogs of the counter-informative, anti-authoritarian etc. variety.

We said once that we don’t minds when people critique or attacks us. At this point we’re used to it. What’s more, we even like to read their criticisms (we’re a bit masochistic, sure). But if people want to talk shit, they should know that we will return the favor, and our shit will be nastier.

Really, this prisoner doesn’t say anything new, more of the same: the morality of attack, revolutionary consciousness, the same old shit. When are they going to understand that we aren’t “revolutionaries” and that revolution doesn’t interest us? This is a completely obsolete concept, and it has no validity in the present. Whoever believes in “revolution” and aspires to one should seriously question their principles. They should place themselves in the here and now, and realize that we aren’t in the 19th century anymore and do a blood test to make sure they don’t suffer from some sort of neurological disease.

Our attacks don’t have rules, nor morality nor nothing that yours have Joaquín. Why do you keep questioning our methods if we have between us “an irreconcilable difference between our distinct systems of thought” (as you say)? Enough, wouldn’t you say?

This crazy person “detests to the point of rancor” our discourse but applauds, admires, and salutes our attack. What??! This declaration only reflects his complete complacency. Why don’t you also hail the actions of the Nazis that you are bound to hate so much? You also hate their discourse but you don’t hail their attacks? Odd…
He distances himself from our mysticism, and from our beliefs that he calls absurd. Sorry, we forgot that this person defends what is most “focused”, “logical” and “coherent” on the earth. Please, let’s not start with the absurdities again lest you come out surely losing, dear ex-fugitive prisoner.

Just so you know, we wear our pagan beliefs on our sleeves, we make the mysticism of our ancestors ours and we happily revive it. We exalt all that is Wild and Hidden. We declare without hesitation that Wild Nature is our authority, since it is rules over us and all the Earth. She is the one who determines our steps and will say when our hour has come.

We don’t know why our mysticism bothers the anarchists so much… or in reality we do know. It’s because of their suffocating and disgusting Western atheism that they defend like the golden rule of those “without rules”: as the prostitute clings to the cock of her john, these anarchists don’t separate from their Enlightenment roots even a little bit.

Just so you know, better to keep head-butting the elderly. On that note, it’s good that you head-butted that old man. At that moment you seem to have forgotten the boring “revolutionary morality,” that’s been shoved down your throat. Sending a bomb to someone’s house without regard for their family, oh now, how “awful”! But don’t even think about hitting frail old people. People should clap for you.

We now understand why those who talk shit about us now praised your aggression then. That open sore of disgusting leftists praised your “revolutionary moral head-butt” since it was done in the spirit of a “not absurd” ideology that you defend. Whatever.

V. In conclusion

At the end of this communique, we only want to say one more thing:

The Eco-extremist menace in the South is more hidden than it has ever been. Our attack was only a spark from the bonfire that we will set. Even if our enemies are vigilant and entrenched, are hidden or even if they forget about this, we will still be there, observing and stalking in order to keep wounding, terrorizing, and causing chaos. In the best case scenario, we will make ITS-Chile’s first mortal casualty a reality.

With Wild Nature at our side!

Long live our ancestors and pagan spirits!

May the fog of the Accursed Lands of the South keep erasing out tracks!
Forward ITS International Mafia!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
Mystical Horde of the Forest

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