[en] (Chile, video) Message from ITS-South

Louis de Grange Concha,today you were saved by miracle of dying or be seriously maimed. Our explosive present unlike of the one that we used with Landerretche promised death. The iron pipe filled with almost half kilo of blackpowder and a dozen of bolts forgive your life…

And no, Louis, we did not choose you because of your belonging to a state owned company, neither the miner back in 2017, you were selected because of your role on charge of corporations that destroy the earth, period. The idiots will raise laughable conspiration theories, but the truth is in the facts and who doesn’t want to believe it, can suck and still sucking.

We shit in state security, we clean our asses with the left, the right and the center. We don’t give a fuck about Chadwick, ANI, GOPE, OS9 and all those shitty institutions.

We’re gonna continue with our terrorist actions in the name of the Unknowable and the Wild. We will continue crafting explosives and creating indiscriminate and selective terror.

On January we attacked randomly against humanity, today we attacked a specific person that was very lucky.

This time was the head of Metro, tomorrow who knows, maybe we blow up or set on fire one of your subway cars. The time and our will will arrange it…

We still being out there, free and wild in total impunity, you will not trap us easily because we are blessed by the spirits of the ancestors. We walk alongside the deities of the Hain ritual, the spirits of the mapuche warriors care and guide us.

In the video that we expose is materialized the creation of the chaos. This recorded material are the only evidence of our activities, the only trace of our horrendous crimes. This audiovisual material is meant for the restless minds who wait just for the momentum to jump into the terrible abyss of the action.

We encourage with ferocity the war of the antisocial anarchists. May the fire extinghishers filled with blackpowder, the wild arson attacks and the shootings come back like in the old times.

Forward brothers of ITS in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Greece and Spain, on the lands of the end of the world the war still going on!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – South
-Red Blood Sect
-Mystic Horde of the Forest

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