[en] (Chile) Words of the Wizard Kids

Wizards Kids are talking to you, the scum of society, the inciters of chaos and vandalism. We burnt illicit herbs and we invoke tremendous evils.

After throwing our pagan spell into Mall Florida Center* (cathedral of consume, prison of the slaves of the superficial and barracks of the soldiers of normality), we came back to the place of the action, and thanks to the will of the fire and our magical powers, we are happy and immensely happy about the SHADY REMOVAL OF EVERY DUMPSTER of the place. Magically they are not anymore there. The action was a sucess and we will not be surprised if this place became full of security cameras. They are so afraid.

We make a call-out again to all the criminals, anarchists that DON’T care about the “politically correct” speech, wizards and nihilists to not wait the indicated moment to act and unleash the rage against the cities and the civilization. Tomorrow is late. We send good vibes and energy to the antisocials that will attack the city on the “Day of Young Combatant”.

Beware, we have a protective spell that defend us agains all our enemies and those who want to harm us. The spells against us will melt like wax.

We still conspiring and laughting around the terrific fire!
You will never be able to caught us!

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