(en) FRR Audibooks: ITS Communiques 5, 6 and 7

Dirtoll sigue haciendo enojar a los más tontos anarco-primitivistas en Estados Unidos, al continuar publicando audiolibros con las traducciones de los comunicados de las viejas Its (2011-2014).

Ahora publica el comunicado número 5 (11 de diciembre 2011), en el cual Its se responsabiliza de un atentado contra uno de los activistas de Greenpeace México; el comunicado 6 (28 de enero 2012) es una lista de reivindicaciones del año 2011 y una severa autocrítica, por lo que Its se comienza alejar más y más de posicionamientos ácratas; y el comunicado 7 (17 de febrero 2013) en donde Its asume la responsabilidad del asesinato del biotecnólogo Méndez Salinas del Instituto de Biotecnología de la UNAM de Morelos en 2011 y un atentado fallido contra un investigador chileno del mismo instituto en febrero de 2013.

Free Radical Radio Audiobooks continues with the Individualists Tending Toward The Wild recording series with ITS communiques 5, 6, and 7.

Some interesting nuggets, of which there are many:

  • In #5, they take responsibility for a Greenpeace bombing and warn all leftists they’re targets too.
  • In #6, they change their stance on things like using the genderless letter ‘x’, and bombing Greenpeace.
  • In #7 they reflect on their relationship to anarchism and where they differ, as well as respond to technology apologia.

And since you’re probably too lazy/skeptical to actually click through to the audio or read the text, here are two juicy quotes out of context for you internet slaves to feed off in the comments:

But ITS thinks that authority is not always bad–it is bad when it restricts Freedom, when it limits your capacities to be able to reach your ends. But it is not bad when an authority figure teaches you not to falter, to pick yourself up from some emotional or physical decline, when he gives you wise counsel and when he leads you by good paths.

An example: The tree grows, the rain gives it strength, the moon makes it so there is humidity in the environment and new plants may germinate; the tree drops fruits that in turn are eaten by the herbivorous animals and their young so they grow in a future, these herbivorous animals are hunted by carnivorous and omnivorous (human) animals, the meat is for them and their young, the surplus is devoured by scavenging animals and brought to their young, the earth is nourished with what is finally left. A bird comes to the aforementioned tree and brings what it needs for its nest, while the bird flies, a seed falls where the earth is fertile and everything begins again.

From this idea that everything in Wild Nature has an order, and because we say that we obey this order and these natural laws, those who disobey these natural statutes are confined to obeying the system and denying their human nature.

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