[en] (Greece) 61th Communique of the ITS

Traducción al inglés del comunicado 61 de ITS.

“I think the human race should be annihilated, actually even us, since I consider that it is the human being the greatest enemy of nature. As a destructive agent it is the most harmful for the planet and for that reason we deserve our own extermination.”
-Mauricio Morales

Through this text we take responsability for the incendiary attack carried out on 17/7 against a telecomunications tower in the area of Kamatero. This act has been silenced by the media but we know that the attack was succesfull because once we were far enough at a safe distance, we were able to see how the tower structure went up in flames, burning the cables and the electric transformers.

We attacked again telecommunications infrastructure not only because of its vital role for the development of normal life in cities but because we see in this type of technology and its derivatives one of the most damaging facets of the techno-industrial civilization. The technology of telecommunications is one of the agents that has most influenced and contributed to the human progress and the artificialization and domestication of life.

Do you think your acts will not have consequences? the recent heat waves, the more unstable and hostile weather conditions, the wildfires that devours Greece, California and other places of the world, earthquakes, floods… All this things that you call “disasters” are in fact the manifestations of the revenge of the wild nature. If you think that was too much, you did not see nothing yet… the revenge of the wild nature will be unleashed relentlessly and ITS is another mechanism of this revenge, this is just the beginning.

Neither the police investigations nor some coward snitches who hide behind a computer will stop us.

We are in complicity to Kevin Garrido, recently sentenced to 17 years of imprisonement in Chile, but also sentenced by the priests of the nunnery of the anarcho-christian morality.

Forward ITS from America and Europe!
The war continues!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Nocturnal Hunters

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