[en] (Greece) 74 communique of ITS: two injured in explosion

“many would mark us as insane. insanity is only a word for how far one is willing to go to accomplish one’s goals.”

“And when your existence is flooded with the blood of your dreams, always remember this: Despair is more dangerous than hope.”

Near to our first year of life as an active group, many things have changed since we started this path of confrontation. We have evolved and learn from our own experiences but also from the lessons left by our brothers and sisters. We learned from the wild nature and its cycles, as nature does not stop, neither do we.

On Thursday, December 27 we left a bomb in the door of the Agios Dyonisios Church, in the very heart of Athens. In the middle of an apparently “safe” and controlled neighborhood and in a moment of anti-terrorist hysteria, we enter and leave the area without any problem at all, smashing their illusion of safety. (1)

Our christmas present was made of a box containing a can of drink filled with blackpowder wich had glued a bunch of nails and was tied with wire to 2 botles filled with gasoline (one of 500ml and other of 250ml), as well as a bunch of nails as shrapnel glued to the can. The device had a double system of activation, one was a clock timed detonator and the other a trap wich was made to detonate the device once it was open.

This was not a symbolic act, our purpose was to make a blast once the expected religious function for that morning started, either by the timer or because someone open it, wishing to cause the biggest damage possible to the priests and/or their flocks of believers.

Finally, a cop and a church employee were wounded, if their wounds were not more serius or even lethal was just by luck or maybe because the blast was not powerfull enough as we expected, we took this as a lesson for the next time.

We attack the church because we hate that despicable institution and because of the historical role for the developement of the western civilized society. We hate their temples, their faith, their morals, their priests and their flocks. We laught at the indignation and repulse showed by the parrots from the media, politicians, cops and specially from the church hypocrites, and we will laught even more with your reactions when you read our claim.

However, our attack was not aimed only against the church, but against the whole society.

If we attack indiscriminately against society is, among many other reasons, because we do not believe in the the false dichotomy of “innocent” or “guilt”.

We do not believe all this leftist propaganda telling us that the citizen, the people, is totally alienated and manipulated. Each one make its own choices, most of the people support and defend directly or indirectly the civilization, the system, the existent or whatever you want to name it because it provides them with that they want, what they wish and what they need. Reality is that the techno-industrial system satisfies its slaves, on exchange of ther lives and their dignity. Until certain point, it provides them a balanced, safe and quiet life, it promise them golden dreams and if this is not enough, overwhelm them with cheap entertainment, vices and leisure.

To believe that the problem is just the civilization and the techno-industrial progress is being myopic. Nowdays Society (and by society we mean not only that abstract entity or set of relationships and interactions interlaced with each other, but the set of communities, groups and individuals that form it) is absolutely dependent of the artificial world/lifestyle created by the technoindustrial system. Simply, humanity can not (and do not want) to live or survive without the “advances” archieved by the scientific-technological-industrial progress, even if to sustain the technoindustrial society of consumerism the wild nature has to pay the price with its destruccion.

Humankind will not renounce to their frentic and insatiable lifestyle no matter what, in their head there is no place for any concern about the negative impact that they cause to the enviroment and wild life. In any case is too late to fix anything, the enviromental agreements, the NGO campaigns, recycling and the fake ecologism promoted by the so called “green capitalism” are useless and a consciusness cleaner. Meanwhile, recent news affirm that the 60% of the wild animal life in the world has been eliminated since 1970 until today.(2)

Thus, modern humankind is a part of the problem, as their way of life represents an extreme threat for the wild nature. For this and other reasons, we took position as enemies of humanity.

We rejoice watching how your society succumb before the disgrace and its own decadence, watching how criminality and social cannibalism take over the metropolis.

We rejoice when the wild takes ruthless revenge hitting your cities and your defenseless citizens with earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, fires and other catastrophes as a reminder of how insignificants are your human archievements.

We rejoice when our devices explode in the middle of your disgusting urban areas and terrorize the citizens, when we see our accomplices in other places of the world keep spreading the virus of the individualist extremist theory and praxis. We rejoice of the trail of victims and destruction that we left on our way.

This has been an introduction of what is coming. With this we send a message not only to the state authorities or the society but also to those who stand as our enemies. Our hands don’t shake when comes the time to spill blood.
We will show no consideration nor mercy towards our enemies.

Our words and actions will scandalize many, even those who call themselves “anti-social”, nihilists and blabla. They speak harsh words against the complacency and servitude of the citizenry, they fill whole texts with hostile words against the mass and blame it of being accomplice of the system, but they freak out if a civilian is wounded or killed, and in that moment the citizens pass from the category of “accomplice of the system” to “innocent victim”. Obviously we do not expect you to understand us, neither to share or justify what we say and do, in any case we are not asking for support or the acceptance of anyone, either if you like it or not.

We are not a bunch of noble revolutionaries nor a good-hearted guerrilla group that fights for justice, equality or any other humanist illusion. We are not here to fix problems, but to create them, we are an instrument of revenge of the Wild Nature.

We dedicate our attack to the memory of the warrior Kevin Garrido, you will live forever in our memory and actions.

Strenght to the individualists at war with the existent!
Strenght to our brothers and sisters of ITS in America and Europe!
Nothing is over, we will be back…

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Iconoclastic Sect


(1) https://www.zougla.gr/greece/article/ekriksi-sto-kolonaki
(2) https://www.lifo.gr/now/perivallon/213206/i-anthropotita-sarose-tin-agria-zoi-eksafanisame-to-60-ton-allon-plasmaton-mesa-se-liges-dekaeties


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