[en] (Greece) CONSPIRE

“Up there, in the hill, the city appear in a white extension …”

We had conspired.

We witnessed the moment, to act, but later everything was lost.

Remember, everything was lost because of a snitch

That day, he went down of his existencial home, and I knew, what he wanted to tell us: run away, is too late. Him, a snitch, already runned away, he was gone on his way, and if it doesn’t fit with ours, then he have to sabotage us for it.

Remember, when we were called “nechayevists”? Only in a place like Athens can be a similar definition to those like us, those who had the anarchist nihilism in their blood.

A few months before that the “Revolutionary Popular Combat Forces” kill two from “Golden Dawn”, their muscles, that a moment before were part of their bodies, now were becoming purple… *

In that moment I enjoyed an action agains two fascists scumbags, now I can just say that they are only two humans less over the surface of the Earth.

Do you remember Kirillova about the one we were talking about?

Here is the end for a snitch, die, without the use of justice in between, the practice of revenge, must be served as a cold dish.

I was searching for that one, after he did a “mistake” to us, were was he hiding like a rat?

He felt that i was looking for him, that I pass by America Square, there I just noticed two guys dealing with heroin bags, shaking hands, roaming around the twisted streets of that area. But nothing, it wasn’t there; the next days, I crossed the big park of Pedion Areos, located around Exarchia, this one also, from the top to the bottom, cheking every bench, and after walking the road towards Zografou, towards the university and the students dorms, I knew that he may be resting there… disolved like the wind…

In Athens, crime is strong, with a stablished code that says snitches must be murdered… but I never thought about making questions around because they were totally oppossed, but in some like that I had to find him..

Now, in comparation to the former, I think we can use a form of individual amorality, that doesn’t accept everything, but that doesn’t judge everything in a moralist undestandable way. Personally I refuse to use the police, or other people through some characters that wander around the criminal world, those who are called spies, for me must be like that…

Do you remember Kirillova when we planned the murder of this rat? Do you remember when we purchase a weapon in the dark caves of Omonoia?

We must reat this metaphor carefully: “the flames that extinguished our thoughts raise barricades in the wind, the flames that erosioned our intentions, have vanished bit by bit, the flames that burn in our conscience, now belong to the realm of the dead…”

There is nothing that can hold the force that want to put a knife in the body of a snitch, and there is nothing that can stop a bullet flying towards the head of a traitor. There is no justice that sustain, no honor that cannot lead to a personal revenge. That’s how life is, those are the rules of the criminal world in the city of Athens…


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