“I love those who are capable of great contempt, as they too can venerate with great intensity, they are like arrows thrown at will to the other shore. I love those who do not look beyond the stars for a reason to go to meet their decline and sacrifice, but sacrifice themselves in honor of the Earth and for the Ubermensch to arise in it. “


We warn you, we have been saying it for years, ITS it is an invisible threat that tends towards Chaos in the name of the Wild, that conspires, creates networks, that does not stop and that has crossed entire nations and continents, expanding its presence with great power.
After the international coordination that we executed in December 2018-January 2019, we will not be minimized again, maybe they hide our future attacks but as long as we remain outside, we will continue to leave injured and causing deaths, unleashing terror, paranoia and general alert in the countries where we choose to attack.

Our operational level in this coordination left States and governments in shock, caused a great impact on the media, interviews and reports that delved into the philosophy of the Tendency were gestated and most importantly; it caused wounded and true terror.
We witnessed how the collective panic took over the streets in Santiago de Chile for several days after the detonation of the explosive. Of the great national alarm that put all the security systems in trouble in the presidential ceremony of Bolsonaro in Brazil. The deafening blasts in Mexico and the unprecedented attack that alerted the intelligence services in Greece.

In this way and with pure will our brothers around the globe decided to join with gunpowder and staining the asphalt with human blood. As we said a long time ago, “the dead and wounded will be a blood offering to Wild Nature.”

This coordination also responded to a call from the underworld, the death of a warrior will always be a reason to blow up the routines of the hyper-civilized, that is why this international operation is dedicated to the memory, life and death of Kevin Garrido We hope that in the abyss you heard the explosions and cries of pain of the civilized we hurt.

We still out there, unpunished, ready for the next attack. This can’t be stopped, because even if all the ITS members of all the countries where we operate were arrested, the threat against the civilized will still valid, very few manage to understand that we, the individualists of ITS, are not only part of this International Mafia of Indiscriminate and Selective Crime, but we are part of something much more bigger, we are part of the force of the unleashed fire, of the destrucction of the tsunamis, of the untimely immensity of the enraged sea, of the incomprehensible for the modern human being.

We proved our scope and operational capabilities, we are on this since 2011 and our worldwide presence begin in 2016, until the present day, 2019, we did NOT suffer any losses, neither any of us have been arrested, nor the elite investigation agencies with their intimidating operations, or the anti-terror police forces manage to find us, we ridiculize them, and with this rethoric statement we are facing them, once more time we will repeat it: YOU’RE A JOKE!


“How many times they tried, planned, alerted but they could never shoot us, they climbed down, they asked, they kept quiet, but in my [Mafia] nobody will ever talk.”

There is no external financing para ITS, Unlike armed groups, ITS uses its own means, mainly several series of robberies and scams serve to sustain each ITS group. We are not the Islamic State wich was financed by sympathetic sheikhs of Arab countries, we are not the FARC that in their beginning were financed by Cuba and the USSR, we are not the ELF that took money from Infoshops, bookfairs and anarchists events, etc…thats the reason why our devices are rudimentary, year after year, slowly and stealthily, ITS groups are acquiring firearms and experiences from the common crime, if in December and January we did a mess only with powder from matches and blackpowder, imagine what we would do when we attack with ANFO, C-4 or we got in our hands AK47 rifles…
Get ready then for upcoming attacks, you will continue squeezing your brains trying to find us, after your pathetic and unsuccessful searches you will invent non-existent links with this or that group (and you already have done it, in Mexico they linked us with drug cartels and judges, in Chile with anarchist groups, in Greece with the Sect of Revolutionaries, ALL FAKE) as your incompetence and disapointing investigation work will be null before us, lets make it known that ITS works ALONE, there is nobody who “move the threads”, we act in a different way and it was successful for us, the new form of criminality shaped from the individualists conflued under this acronym follow its course.


We are sure that there are individualists out there with the same aspirations in destroying the civilized morality and transform it into shit with gunpowder, fire and lead, we know for good that we are not the only ones that rejoice before the high deaths toll after the response of the Wild in Indonesia, of the gigantic fire that destroy everything in U.S and Chile.

We are aware that those individualists need only a push to start their own projects and bit by bit get full of terroristic experience, the members of ITS from our own corners of America and Europe encourage and support you in your process, we salute every politically incorrect statement that is being published, every amoralistic claim of responsibility, every editorial project that spread the Tendency and every act of misanthropic hate spit with disdain and disgust to the face of the repugnant society. Becayse if the anti-humanist criticism is REAL, it MUST have continuity.
We salute our accomplice groups in Italy, Peru, Turkey, Colombia, Germany, U.S, Netherlands, Canada, France, Uruguay, Finland, etc…, you all should know that all the ITS groups encourages you to continue your war against the artificial by every possible means.


We are violent stars. Our actions precede us and we are proud to accept that historical role. We are flashes of primitive violence that awaken the civilized of their peaceful dreams about egalitarian societies and computer-designed worlds. Like a distorted mirror we show humanity its most twisted face, but still its own, we reflect all that of the human that they would like to forget, they strive restless to hide our existence but our strength prevents them from achieving it, here we continue to remind the civilized that the war against chaos has not ended… And in the infected social body the symptoms of this sick and expanding violence begin to be noticed. Our accomplices overflow impetus knowing this, overflow their furious intentions to break with modern false peace.

Ours is an uncomfortable, disconcerting role for many. But still we claim it for ourselves, for years we faced this path and we left behind the point of no return, now we only have to escalate the violence, that the wounds are transformed into deaths to be able to leave a scar in the body of history. And to be remembered as what we are, declared enemies of the human race.

We continue our war in the cities and in the Wild. Our motivations scape from the humanist reason. In the darknes of the forests. In the mountains isolated from every human trace. In the night sky illuminated by the stars. In the clarity of the moon on the ground, because only in absolute darkness can you appreciate the power of its light. In the eternal noise of the current of the rivers. In the flight of birds and in all the wild of the earth. There are our motivations.
The dark forces of the Wild and the ancestral word of the primitive peoples who perished flows through us against the civilization. So it flows, and it is projected in the form of explosives and gunshots against humankind.
Chile has been the scene of the earth’s revenge. The last time the narrow country has registered ferocious forest fires in the south and terrible rains that have overflowed rivers in the north. The furious wind that knocked down houses in the southernmost part of the territory. Added to a 6.7 earthquake that affected the town of Coquimbo in January. All this is part of the violent response of the wild nature against the settlements of mankind. There is the unstoppable and omnipotent force to which we obey and honor.

We will continue attacking, coordinated or not, and have always present that we are the invisible threat that tends towards the Chaos, that honor the earth with hyper-civilized blood and revive the dead with gunpowder and fire.

Chaos, Misanthropy and Wild Nature Always!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-International

-Wild Ouroboros (México State, México)
-Pagan Sect of the Mountain (México State, México)
-Wild Serial Killers (México State, México)
-Group 7 (Mexico State, México City, Nuevo León y Guanajuato, México)
-Popocatzin Clan (Mexico City, México)
-Desert Band (Chihuahua, México)
-Indiscriminate Group Tending Towards the Wild (Mexico City, México)
-Eco-extremist Nihilist Mafia (Morelos and México City, México)
-Feral Criminal Band (Guadalajara, México)
-Flint Blade Clandestine Clan (Coahuila, México)
-Secret Wilderness Society (Brasilia, Brasil)
-Mystic Horde of the Forest (Santiago, Chile)
-Uncivilized Southerners (Santiago, Chile)
-Inquisitive Revengeful Gang (Santiago, Chile)
-Iconoclastic Sect (Athens, Greece)
-Nocturnal Hunters (Athens, Greece)
-Wild Constelations (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
-Red Blood Sect (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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