[en] (Italy) Presentation manifest: Terroristic Cell “Misanthrope K”

We are a cell of Misanthropes afiliated to the proselitism carried out by projects such as Egoarch Terrorism and others related.

We form this cell, having carried out in the past several arson attacks against machines and social structures that disgust us, explosive devices took too many fingers and limbs, while we buried some sheep who were too much massified. Now we start the path of claiming responsibility with an specific identity, without caring about justice and its servants! see the remains!

“Our” area is “Puglia”. We act in clandestinity in Bari and Lecce, but we want to expand. Total respect for the crime that un Puglia is very spreaded and specially…brutal!

Let’s be clear: Is not a moment for great statements neither to seek something very big.

Death and destruction, that is what matter to us!

Let’s spread active extremist misanthropy and fuck the rest of humanity!

May chaos and terrorism spread, and may we be able to exterminate some human beings…
We are getting our swords and clandestine weapons ready for you all! yes!

Terroristic Cell “Misanthrope K”

Winter, Bari / Lecce

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