[en] (Mexico) 46th ITS communique

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 46 de ITS desde México reivindicando su participación en los saqueos y vandalismo a principios del año.

¡Adelante Mafia de los ITS!

The vandalism demons reappeared on the nights of January 3 and 4. After the pretext of the rise in the prices of gasoline and the cost of the weekly basics, hordes of armed delinquents went out to implement chaos again, only to steal what they could from the departmental and self-service stores, but others (like us) to contribute to the destabilization of the fragile status of civilized life, and to dance happily in the rotten corpse of human civility.

A year ago after the “gasolinazo” we participated in various looting that shook the State of Mexico and Mexico City, now we did it again, that is why we take responsibility for our participation in this new wave of robbery registered in Ecatepec, Tecamac, and Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico and in the Iztapalapa delegation in Mexico City respectively.

In full criminal enjoyment we stole various products for our ego benefit, we had a confrontation with the civilians who protected the big commercial chains as alienated as if they were their property, fucking pathetic! We opened metallic curtains side by side with common criminals, we unlocked ATMs, we set up barricades and unleashed terror in the streets, passing through the ass of authority as usual.

With grace we saw how the police in the distance admired the stage and laughed, we saw how taxi drivers armed themselves with pipes and sticks guarding shops and laughed, we saw criminals help other looters without knowing each other to take things together and we laughed again, society as such is a damn joke, their supposed moral judgments do not matter shit when they have the opportunity to benefit at the expense of a situation like this.

That is why we do not care that the people who were involved in the looting have been “hauled” from this or that political party, or that they have been marginal that offered them something in return to join the crowd, or that they have been “conscious” people acting under certain ideological statutes, we infiltrate the mass because we want chaos, we long for the development of individualist criminal activities, we see in these situations a valid way to express with acts all the disgust we feel for civilization, its values, its rules and its morality. That is why from this claim we rejoice in the act of the arsonists who burned a shopping center in Zumpango, State of Mexico, we are glad of the looting in the Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, and in Veracruz because each one contributes to the destabilization of this fucking system. Some of our accomplices noticed that in places like Tultitlán, Coacalco and Neza the police were nervous, they deployed an operation to prevent looting from happening again like last year, even civilian policemen in civilian clothes roamed the streets on scooters, as if their looks were not recognizable and more with that square 9 mm that they carry in the waist, HA! As if the neighborhood were not aware of the presence of strangers …

This Gregorian year is just beginning, the Eco-extremist Mafia is more than ready to unleash chaos, to detonate deadly bombs, start indiscriminate fires and take human lives. Cheer up, strength and total complicity with the other ITS groups in the southern continent, with Misanthropos Cacogen, Wildfire Cell, the Terrorist-Nihilist Sects, and those warriors who are out there denying with savage violence the artificial reality.

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-State of Mexico

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Mexico City

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