[en] (Mexico) 49th Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado 49 de ITS, haciendose responsable de un par de atentados incendiarios monstruosos en el Estado de México el año pasado.
¡Adelante Mafia de ITS en América y el Viejo Continente!

“If civilization wants to live in its own shit, we’ll be happy to oblige it.”


Complicity grows by the day. Individualists who were once dispersed now join up in a Union of Egoists to bring about an individual and collective project that has only one end: Chaotic destruction, destabilization, and satisfying the homicidal instinct.

There is no distinction across borders because we don’t recognize them. We are rejected nomads who are guided only by the sun and the moon, the variability of ecosystems and climates. It is for this reason that the Mafia has crossed the wide ocean and set foot in other lands. This is the cause of our criminal joy.

The Invisible Menace continues its course and shows no signs of letting up.
Without any hope whatsoever we visualize our target and with the goal of filling our lives with powerful experiences nurtured by our individual War, we have “awakened” the Great Consumer. That is what we have chosen from the beginning. Our pyromaniac values are more than the living image of our anti-humanist individualities. This is where our hatred of all that is civilized is reflected, for modern humanity, the desire to see everything burn consumes us. That is why for some time now we go out into the street with a few in complicity, in order to again materialize our sick disdain for everything.

March 21st, 2017: Using an incendiary device made from gasoline, napalm, and thermite, we lit a heap of tires on fire on the side of various large polymer pipes used for the drinking water system in Ecatepec. It was March, the gust was blowing strongly and made the flames reach the tubes which were burned completely. The property loss was in the millions. The authorities said that it was an act of vandalism, which is correct. The sky was blackened, and we repeated the phrase above: shitty hyper-civilized faggots, if you want to live in your own shit, we will be happy to oblige.

May 25th, 2017: An incendiary device placed in the Modatelas store in Ecapetec. The small device successfully activated and burned the store to the ground. This was easily achieved if, say, the store didn’t have surveillance cameras and sells highly flammable products (cloth). The fire reached other businesses. Beautiful fire, so uncontrollable and impertinent!

We carried out these attacks some time ago, and we take responsibility for them now for reasons of strategy and for the convenience of our accomplices, and also to celebrate the expansion of the Mafia into Europe.

Cycles end and others begin. Strategies are hatched and we go learning along the way. Let the dogs bark, the wolves continue on the prowl.

“The world showed the little love it has for the Earth, and that taught me the saying that people too can go to Hell.”

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State
-Pagan Sect of the Mountain
-Anonymous Chaotics

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