[en] (Mexico) 51 Communique of the ITS

We went out again with the conviction that characterize us and with the Wild on our side, we prepared our improvised explosive devices in the dark and surrounded by the ancient copal smoke that our ancestors used to “clean” the close environment.

This time we went to two objectives in the periphery of the disgusting Mexico State, the first one a Toks restaurant on López Portillo avenue (between Tultitlán and Coacalco), there we abandoned, today April 18, before sunrise a bomb composed of butane gas cans and an artisan detonator, all tied with annealed wire.

We waited just a few seconds and a ball of fire of approximately three meters, appeared with an infernal noise that rumbled various meters around, the large windows of the restaurant ended up ground because of our attempt, we executed this attack directly opposite the municipal video surveillance control center, proving that neither their fucking cameras, nor their model citizens, nor their shitty police officers can prevent or stop our terrorist desires of destruction.

The second device was abandoned inside an ATM of the Azteca Bank on the same avenue (between Coacalco and Ecatepec) when it had dawned, evading again the security controls and the public and private video surveillance cameras.

We attacked this bank because we wanted, there aren’t boring political discourses in our motivations, or economic pseudo-critiques, we just attacked it because the objective was within our grasp, to mock the civilized slavery and to satisfy our egoistical instincts of attack. It doesn’t matter that they had silenced our bombs, in any case we have more materials to detonate and cause destruction and wounds!

In this detonations were the cursed memory of the solitary terrorist Mark Conditt.

Force for the ITS groups in America and Europe!

Courage for the misanthropes and incorrect terrorists!

With the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Mexico State
-Ouroboros Silvestre

Foto del objetivo atacado un día después. Se puede ver que el explosivo derribó la parte frontal del banco, también se observa un auto negro de la policía de investigación a un costado custodiando el objetivo.

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