[en] (México) 68 communique of ITS: Bomb in a mall

Through this brief communique we claim responsibility for the bomb that explode outside the shopping center Power Center in Coacalco, Mexico State, on December 26 of the present year.
We placed the bomb in the pedestrian bridge around 20:00, the blast was heard several meters away and damaged one of the concrete structures of the bridge without injuring anyone, what a pitty.

Our misanthropic hate manifest itself through injuries and terror for the humans that wander everywhere with that disgusting desire of consumist frenzy. fuck you ALL.
Even if the authorities hide the facts, we warning that the bombs will continue blasting public places during this days, our accomplicies from the Pagan Sect of the Mountain prove it and we also did it.

Strenght for the brothers from ITS-Brazil, who are now being targeted by the state and its security forces!
May the Unknown covers them with impunity!
Nothing human can stop the wild!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild
-Ouroboros Silvestre

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