“When I reach this point, I have to forcefully repress a sigh. There are moments when I am assaulted by a feeling darker than the darkest melancholy: contempt for men. So that there is no doubt about what I despise and who I despise, I will say that it is modern man, of which I am unfortunately contemporary. The impure breath of the man of the day suffocates me”

About the recent media scandal concerning our acts we want to say some things:

1. ITS is not responsibile for the explosive devices detonated the past February in Mexico State, those were part of a coordination of a group named “Conspiration of Thunder” (CT), and even if we share some of their motivations, they DO NOT belong to ITS, don’t give us the credit please. However, from this short communique we invite them to join this international group for the Chaos, and to share not only this acronym but the will of seeing EVERYTHING burn. Honestly you did a very clean job, and your stealthy operation put the state security agencies into trouble. Well done!
To CT, we encourage you to continue your criminal project until the last consequences. (1)

2. It is not very useful try to hide our existence wherever we operate, it has been done before and it did not work very good, while we are on the news in Mexico, also we are on France from the last interview that we gave, lately we are on the news on Chile, Brasil and Greece, so, Mr. President, get some actualized information about ITS from those useless senile and altenative hipster that you have as assistants, because during your government, as we did with Peña, we will continue our attacks, because we do not care if the government of the moment are right, left or center, ALL of them are progresists and human progress is our target. (2)

3. As it seems, after the coordination of CT, there were a bunch of people that decided to do bomb threats, leaving fake grenades in courts and set buses on fire, the media point us as responibile for this as well, we will not deny nor accept the responsibility for those acts, we just want to say that this is the evidence that a one or several little actions are enough to encourage others to take initiative and go out there to make their own disaster, to spread the contagion, oh well!
Also is a evidence of the collective paranoia that reigns in a timorous society, used to lynching or conformism of a so grey reality that is disgusting only to mention it. And how is that just with one phone call warning to explode a bomb in an specific moment, how a simple toy that looks like a grenade, etc… the stablishied order is left obsolete and broken by a single person who choosed to break with the routine of the fake reality, there is a lesson, and only the smartest will be able to understand it. (3)

4. The army wandering around the streets, so many federal and state cops stopping “suspicious” people, or so many joint operations with the Tactical Team together with the implementation of the National Guard will be useless, the terrorists actions of ITS, or the Conspiration of Thunder or any other group with similar motivations will continue no matter what, whatever it takes, because remember it good: YOU ARE A JOKE!

We still continue the international project of conspiration against human progress!
Forward criminals!

With the Occult on our side:
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Mexico

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