[en] (Mexico) Black April for the Catholic Church

In a series of events without precedent, the month of April has been a black one for the representatives of the Catholic Church. By the close of the month, a total of four priests had been murdered under different circumstances and in different states.

Criminality and lack of respect for human life (and any belief system) are reflected in the alarming number (for the authorities) of criminals and indiscriminate terrorists who don’t seem to care about long-held beliefs nor the threats of spending an eternity in the lake of fire. They commit atrocious acts in the eyes of society and most of the time get away with it.

This in a place like Mexico in which according to statistics, a murder is committed every 18 minutes. So this is totally normal, but what is unusual in this case is the total indifference to Holy Mother Church and her representatives.

For starters, on April 18th, the priest Ruben Alcántara was killed in his church in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli in the state of Mexico. The media initially reported a version of events in which the man responsible clashed with the priest and had mentioned a suspected assault on his wife. Days afterward and in a press conference, the Prosecutor for the State of Mexico discounted this version of events and stated that a couple of individuals were the suspects. According to this version, one of the supposed attackers argued with the priest but there was no accusation of sexual assault by either one of the assailants. This reinforces what the ITS group, “Wild Serial Killers,” from Mexico State said when they stated, “We came upon this disgusting priest and before we stabbed him we exchanged some words….” This is relevant since, if this is a true version of events, this ITS group has never been caught nor found by authorities in the wake of these murders, which now total four. Back in October of last year “Wild Serial Killers” also carried out an armed attack on a couple of pilgrims in the State of Queretaro, which killed one and gravely injured another. This was preceded by an attack on two hikers in Texcoco in Mexico State last May.

Also of note is how these ITS murders were followed by another murder of a priest a few days later (April 20th): Juan Miguel Contreras García was shot within the church of St. Pio of Pietrelcina in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. On April 21st, Fr. Lucino Flores Sánchez was found dead in Cholula, Puebla under suspicious circumstances. On April 26th, Fr. Moisés Fabila Reyes was also found dead after his kidnapping in Morelos. The various reasons for the murders of these bastards are of little importance. It could have been for kidnapping or just reasons of common criminality. What interests us here is that these murders were unleashed in the wake of ITS’ murder. It’s as if this first violent bloody murder unleashed the violence that followed it. In the spiritual realm it is difficult not to see this, and we who have firm beliefs are certain that these three murders during that phase of the Moon were no coincidence. This will be understood by those who know that, in many cases, occult sects and organizations, as well as Satanists, have carried out certain acts that unleash the dark forces of Chaos, resulting in death and destruction.

While the invocations continue, the call of the Hidden will resound in our minds.

AXKAN KEMA TEHUATL NEHUATL! (Until your death or mine!)

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