There are so many beings as numbers on this planet.
Life flows and expires to let pass more life, as the death gives life to return to annihilation. In this sense, life/death are two states of a same thing (latent state and manifest state)
This natural cicle in the earth shelter those who respect and knows how to understand it.
The Ying/Yang or the energies flowing in perennials cicles, favours at the same time that devastate what exists in them.
We particularly, love the manifest infinite life of this planet, but we find an imbalance on the destructive power of one species (humankind) wich with their arrogance and ignorance destroys and enslaves every life that cross their path.
This imbalance in our world brings misery and calamity to the rest of species wich more and more painfully cohabitate with us the same planet.
This is the reason why we find the need to try to annihilate as much as we can of those infamous and disgusting beings, known as “humans”, but more appropiate will be adress them as “modern western human” o just “hyper-civilized”.
As well as attack the symbols and structures of the system in wich they live, wich rules and, but does not determine.
We also born and grow up in this system, however, we choosed to break away with their fake teachings, make war to our own human stupidity as well to the stupidity of others.
We choosed to take this mission, as we received the natural calling of our mothers, fathers and brothers, how could we ignore them?
May the modern rational mind shut up and let the wild heart speak.
Every cicle must be accomplished.
So after having drunk poison wishing that others were killed,,we choice to honor our own existence, as well as the forces and spirits of nature wich give us protection, and to the great spirit in its joint totality.
Now is because of love and not hate that we choose to fight until death. Now we preffer that will be our love and not our hate the one who kill us.
Is our creative power the one wich destroy their world, we are part of the fertile spirit that hit their cities, this is their hell, their place of torment and misery.
The angel of death brings more life with his axe.
This is our determination.

February 13 2019
Explosive detoned on the “sagrario” of the Cathedral located in San Cristobal, Ecatepec, Mexico State.

February 14, 2019
Explosive device timed with a clock, located and defused by the bomb squad, in a bench of Power Center, Coacalco, Mexico State.

February 15 2019
Clock-timed explosive placed in the first “men” WC on the third floor of “Mundo E” mall, on CD. Satelite, Naucalpan, Mexico State. It was discovered by the cleaning staff and defused by the bomb squad.

HAHA YOU CRAP ON YOUR PANTS BASTARDS! there you were all screaming because of the psychosis that create on your weak domesticated minds a little spoon of the reality that sustain and spread you. Even the army was called because a bullshit was found on a courthouse. So this is how you will die, as you lived, filled with fear. Withou having ever lived.

We ask for nothing. We are seeking for the same thing that society seeks in the wild nature: Destroy, exploit and kill. The difference is that, as every reflection, we act conversely. We will give you back a bit of everything you caused.

Harvest what you have sown.

Always laughing convinced, never crying repentant!

For the end of our sadness
Until the death against everything!
Antisocial war!

-The conspiration of thunder-
-Antisocial Warriors-

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