[en] (Mexico) Claim of responsibility of the latest explosive attacks in Mexico City

We laught at your idea of pacification, it is like a smoke courtain, we can bring it down with a few bombs, or as any other criminal killing a cop, proving how fake is your illusion of safety hahaha, if you think that there are not psychopaths out there ready to attack once more time so here we are making you tremble, disturbing their daily life as much as any “natural phenomenon”.
We will be clear when we say that we are not just like “any other criminal”, neither we are part of the narco gangs, nor we are sided with any political party as some people are stating; we’re just armed misanthropes, ready and lurking in order to put down all those ones that are disgusting to us.
There are no bases, no comodities, the only thing we still have is violence, the uncertainty of one more day…
What do you still have?…
Just the waiting until anohter attack happens…
Se get ready! because the war is growing. Build as many fake fortress as you want, we will still observing you, waiting for the moment…

–Friday, May 24:
We placed an explosive device in “CEN Morena”, they claimed to be found a “garbage bag”, but surprise! it was ready to kill. On the same day another device was planted in the rich area of Colonia Roma with the intent to damage the crowds of people that were present in the place (The outcome of this act is unkwnown, as media never report nothing about it).

–Saturday, May 25:
A bomb explodes in a Cinema of GAM, we manage to blow up the fingers of an idiot who tried to disarm the bomb, pity that nobody died.

–Wednesday, May 29:
A book-bomb explodes in the face of the senator Citlalli Hernandez, sadly, the explosive charge did not blast on full power to blow up this pile of fat haha…

Even in the senate we manage to deliver a bomb. We can hit anyone, anywhere. So now keep saying that there is not terrorism, we will continue attacking!. Remember this letter, every parcel, in every corner or in every shadow, we will be hidden and watching.
Its a pity that the second and more powerfull explosive did not blasted away the fat senator. Cholesterol will take care of you…






This is not the work of some vandals, there was individualities who put their will to wage a war here, where you think that there is not, we mocked all your useless CCTV systems to prove to that bunch of fucking progressists that we exist, that we are not seduced by their good manners. We are not afraid of them, as the spirits guide us in every action we did, and for this is important to adress that they will never have control on our beautiful madness. It is really easy to try killing their slaves, and even if this time nobody was killed, there will be…
With or without national guard, you can’t stop us, we are invisible, we are wind, fire, water, storm, thunder….

We will continue dancing the rythm of the war drums. We know and in the end they are only interest in wrongdoing, making money, produce… We don’t give a damn about your disgusting lives, sell-out hypocrites.
Limbs will continue flying around, yay!! as confetti does in a party, this is the style in wich we deal with our rotten existence.
Beasts will emerge from the shadows to fulfill their duties.
As you see, this plague still growing, pushing the restless minds who because of witnessing a dying world choosed to feed their own demons, we know who are the ones to blame for such situation, we despise the life, this ridiculous life that the human being has forged, we are sick of it and we claim for death and destruction.
We know what you are hiding.


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