[en] (Mexico) Communique of the Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS)

Comunicado traducido al inglés del Grupo Indiscriminado Tendiendo a lo Salvaje desde México.

In that moment in time the direction of the wind changed and man became a fetus… We are a curse to the rest… on a string hangs all existence, this generation keeps degenerating on the eve of searching for nothing or dreaming of nothing, pieces of shit, remember what’s good for you and live day to day, fantasies make creatures with empty minds, superior beings par excellence? They walk on two legs but freeze without money… demented, dependent, depressive, weak, imbeciles…

We were planning on doing an extensive “communique” which only got half done. This was due to the fact that it’s no use writing something that we believe in that the human species doesn’t even deserve to read and which for us seemed a little repetitive of the other communiques, soon fragments of other fragments.

That said, we summarize a bit more…

The human being has condemned itself from the day that it began to live a sedentary life. It needed more and more natural resources to supply the rapidly increasing population (everyone knows that drivel and anyone who doesn’t know at least a little about the history or evolution of modern civilizations shouldn’t question what follows even a little bit).

We can throw in here the worn-out discourse that the vast majority of texts and communiques insert here: “civilization is the principal problem for the earth which is the reason that it should fall,” “those principally responsible for maintaining human progress should pay with all of the force of wild nature,” “we attacked under savage darkness with our steps under the fog,” “we will attack those responsible for destroying wild nature”. Now we are making some points clear:

  1.      At this stage we position ourselves against our own species.
  2.   We will attack everyone without remorse or classifying them as those principally responsible, etc. For us every human deserves extinction.
  3.   We will not use words like “wild nature”, “techno-nerd”, among others. We no longer find it necessary.
  4.      We disagree with all of those strange groups that use the language cited in the previous point, since we see that it has even become the style to use it. It is for that reason that all of these groups of “sympathizers” deserve neither our respect or sympathy. (Even leftists fault civilization for everything without asking the reason why.
  1.     “Indiscriminate Faction” and “Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group” disappear to form one single group, but forgetting the discourses and repetitive words. They will now be under the name GITS [Grupo Indiscriminado Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild)].

Our position now is to attack the human being, killing and mutilating, now that the human being is the principal culprit for the changes that Planet Earth has suffered. Among these are the changes in the biogeochemical cycles that the planet has suffered in the last few years. These include cycles of N, P, C, CH4, H2O. We don’t deny that the whole system is in constant change but this change has accelerated considerably after the Industrial Revolution (we don’t have to go into detail here, whoever wants can study this, whoever doesn’t can call us crazy.) Why do we say this? Many leftists, ecologists, anarchists, hipsters, pseudo-intellectuals, and the rest spit out the same thing: “the human feels like god in modifying natural systems.” We speak here of the use of GMOs, which industry paints a rosy picture of. “They do it for the good of humanity,” so that there can be better quality, more productivity, where they can’t produce or there is a lack of production of this or that crop. So why is it so bad to isolate a specific protein in “X” species and put in a bacteria (Thermophilus aquaticus) to synthesize the protein? At the end of the day it doesn’t seem too “bad,” since the human being consumes proteins, synthesizes proteins, and requires essential amino acids. Maybe the use of GMOs isn’t so bad to additionally benefit “X” species… Wait, what about the biogeochemical cycle of N? What about the nitrates and nitrites of the Earth? You already have an example of how the biogeochemical cycle is altered and the consequences that come with it. Anyone with knowledge of the above would tell us we’re right. They would stoop down and say that we (humans) are a danger for the Planet Earth. Others will call us crazy. But the changes are there, more evident than ever. Some hope that so-called “wild nature” will end it all, others hope to enjoy life, others struggle for equality of the human being, and the vast majority lives as a mass on the planet…

Human existence could come to an end through many means. From outer space could come wandering planets, solar storms, gamma rays, etc. From the earth, the human race can become extinct from drought (produced also by changes from outer space), floods, seismic activity, pandemics, etc. From these and thousands of other causes human life could potentially go extinct. The funny thing is that the same humanity will be its own executioner. Natural resources will be contaminated, and demand for basic necessities will increase, as is now being seen. The human being will live in such crowded conditions in many cities as is already the case, thus we have apartment buildings, since there is no longer space in modern life and this is accompanying the comfort of the human being. All of this has led to and will lead to the extinction of the human being, its technology and its progress which will extinguish all that until now it has constructed. But some will want to re-build all that fell, they will want to re-build out of the ashes. Why? Because the human is so modified in his DNA structure thanks to mutations that have occurred over thousands of years, which will lead to the re-building of civilizations. It is for that reason that the human being should go extinct, so that the rest of the existing species of Planet Earth can continue with the system of equilibrium with the universe. [1]

As we mentioned in a “communique”, we know that we will NOT finish off human beings. But one thing we are certain of is that we will not stop attacking our species, even we ourselves deserve extinction and death. We don’t doubt that at any moment we will attack with all our forces. If we are struck with a chronic degenerative illness or find ourselves surrounded by police, we won’t be taken out without a fight against those who would see us fall. We know that many will say that we should start our “project” against the human being by taking ourselves out first. But first up are those masses who live such a useless life. With this we know that a whole series of commentaries will be forthcoming and all of that garbage which has arisen since our first communique. We’re not interested in what people say, and we won’t even take it into consideration as they did in Chile. Words don’t interest us, neither does who says them or where they come from. They will analyze us with psychological pseudoscience (rather inexact). Well we can make it so that they think that we are a bunch of high school kids or grown adults. We can make it seem that we are emotionally unstable, in the end, they can’t prove a thing without doing a brain scan. So for that reason we laugh at their psychology but we laugh even more at those who think themselves to be experts in armed movements or any of that stuff.

They say here in Mexico that the anarchists are looking for us (something like the anarchist police) to get back at us for an annoying device that we left in the mousetrap called che. See, now they’re butthurt! We can only tell them to keep looking for guns. While we’re rolling through the neighborhoods you try to look for heat among your friends who never leave their house. Maybe you can ask for some among your imprisoned buddies, those who are proud that they were in the clink for a day and now they feel like the shot callers of their jail. Ha, you think we don’t know that too? Seriously you’re a joke; you keep crying over your prisoners, for your kids who get messed with since they’re uncool. Well, don’t cry, it’s not stylish anymore. You already forgot about them, why cry for them if they’re going to be 30 or more years in the clink. Oh, well tell the kid to hook you up with some guns. In the end… let it be clear that we are not anarchists and we don’t associate with them.

We end our rant here. No human being will feel safe from this day forward. No means of transport will be safe from our attacks. In one of the biggest cities in the world, where one only breaths heavy metallic molecules, viruses and bacteria every day more resistant, shit and garbage, the worker’s perfume, where one only sees faces ever longer with fatigue, satiety, where everyone ignores everyone else to gaze at the screen of their cell phone, where they walk monotonously, where the human being is one more mass (at the end of the day, mass and energy are constant in the universe, that is why if the human species disappears the universe wouldn’t notice it), among all of these human lives we are here to carry out our attacks against the human being.

[1] When we say “universe” we refer to the entirety of the closest system, for system we refer to a part of the universe.

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