[en] (Mexico) On the anarcho-calamity

It has to be, it was expectable the reaction of those supossedly oppossed to the system, those anarcho-friars did not step back, they are boasting about their exagerated gabble and their role of judge, that role that they despise so much but at the same time consider appropiate to carry on in some “special” cases. After the ITS international coordination of December2018-January 2019, we crossed the line and now ITS is publicly considered as an international terrorist group, the publico opinion condemn them, as do the cops and as I say, the anarchists also (as it seems from many of the different anarchist currents) do it in the same way. Lately i have seen anarchist of the syndicalist type, those that claim the figure of Durruti but in no case see him as a murderer but a noble revolutionary, carry on events in Chile condemning eco-extremism with their judge hammer, the same happened in the USA and the same is happening also in Spain, but ha!, in this case they are not anarcho-syndicalists but those of the kind anti-civ/insurrectionalist/anti-nanotech/luddists/inclusivists/blablabla, anyway it doesn’t matter, all of them are a miserable progressist garbage that deserves to perish in the worst possible way.

What is happening is that ITS still gaining ground, geographically as well as in the mind of those individualistas who are or tend to be incorrect, and of course, anarchists see on that a serius problem, ITS “steal” their supporters, ridiculize them and make them look like cowards at the moment of jump into the abyss of the attack. Nothing in comparation with their historical ancestors, modern anarchists of today freak out when listening that a TRUE enemy of society detonated a bomb in a public space, leaving several wounded people (as it was the case in Chile), but back in 1892 a group of anarchists detonated a bomb in Plaza Real of Barcelona, yet another public space, leaving numerous civilian casualities, they forget about the deaths and wounded caused by the group of Di Giovanni in Argentina, Bonnot gang in France, Galleani group in USA, the individual actions of Santiago Salvador and Mateo Morral in Spain, but we do not need to go so far back in time, only to mention the civilians wounded (and even killed) left by some “vindicative” actions of CCF and FAI thei hypocrisy, double moral and shocking cowardice of modern anarchists at the time of judging the acts of ITS is exposed.
Of course, anarchist will have a lot to say about this, but their words doesn’t matter, the only thing they are doing is repeat the history with their despicable NGO-style actions, they are forcing a comeback of the old method of solving problems, the one that criminals have always used to solve their issues, the terrorist Severino shooting anarchist Lopez Arango, do you remember?

It is so laughtable when the miserable NGO 325 stated that ITS hide on the internet and choosed only to release texts, thinking that we retreated after the infamous delation against the person that they say is Abe Cabrera, the answer were explosive attacks in four different countries both in America and Europe. Retreat?, stop? NEVER!
As Nietzsche said: “The Christian and the anarchist are both decadent; unable to act more than in a solvent, unhealthy, debilitating way; where they go the blood is impoverished. ”

For us eco-extremists, antisocials, misanthropes, individualists, nihilists terrorists, etc, the only thing left is to mock on the futile attempts of stopping us, both from the authorities and from a bunc of puerile idealists that throw their PUS both on the internet as in their disgusting shitty spaces. However, I would like to make clear that not everyone from my kind will mock, some others will take part in action and when they do so, just do not complain about…

To end with, today evening I received the news about a massacre perpetrated by two youngsters in a Brazilian high school, they come in with several weapons and explosives and killed eight people, wounding a dozen more, after that they commit suicide in a Columbine styled action, I applaud the ferociousness of every individual that take his life and death on his own hands and jump into the abyss, that DO and NOT only talk. That massacre is just a reflection proving that the Forces of Chaos wander in every corner and it is only necessary a little push to perpetrate massacres that destabilize the stablished social order.

Forward ITS Mafia!


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