“The only possible way to start such a statement is to say that I hate writing. The process itself summarizes the European concept of “legitimate thinking.” What is written has an importance that is denied to the spoken… It is one of the paths of the white world to the destruction of the cultures of non-European peoples, the imposition of an abstraction on the oral relationship of a people… Actually I don’t care if my words reach the targets or not, they have already shown, through their history that they cannot hear, nor see, that they can only read (of course, there are exceptions, but the exceptions only confirm the ruler).

Sen needs a great effort on the part of each one of the American Indians to not be Europeanized. The strength of this effort can only come from tradition, its forms and paths, the traditional values ​​that our elders retain. It must come from the hoop, from the four directions of the wind, from relationships: it cannot come from the pages of a book or a thousand books …

But there is another way. There is the traditional path of the Lakota and the paths of the other American Indian peoples. It is the path that knows that humans have no right to degrade Mother Earth, that there are forces beyond everything that European minds have conceived, that humans must be in harmony in all relationships or those things will end up eliminating disharmony …
-The European arrogance of acting as if they were above the nature of all things – can only result in total disharmony and in a readjustment that cuts the arrogance of the human being, gives it a taste of the reality that is beyond of your reach or control and restore harmony. There is no need for any revolutionary theory for this, it is beyond human control. The natural peoples of this planet know it, and do not need to theorize about it.
The theory is an abstract, our knowledge is real.

Rationality is a curse since it can cause humans to forget the order of things in ways other creatures cannot. A wolf never forgets his place in the natural order.

Mother Earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, and this cannot continue forever. No theory can alter this simple truth. Mother Earth will retaliate, the whole environment will retaliate and the abusers will be eliminated, things complete the circle back to the starting point. That is the revolution, and this is a prophecy of my people, the Hopi people and other right people. ”

Wanbli Othinka, For America to live Europe must die.

The question now is what to do with these words, just keep them (as intellectuals usually do) in the coffers of useless knowledge, and then be able to bring them out in some talk, writing or debate through which to feed your miserable ego? Or really take for once something that is not aimed at selfish benefit.

Because, let’s be honest, many of you know that both anthropology and the academy itself are bullshit, but you know that through it you can obtain certain civilized benefits: comfort, recognition, power within your society. So they just excuse themselves and even lie to themselves saying that from that place they will make their contribution to improve things, but we know that it is not so, we know that the vast majority just want to earn money and get comfort to their possibilities, hypocritically this society says it wants good for everyone, but good is the enemy of the best, and what is good for you is bad for the earth, for individuals who do not want to submit to this sick world order. For us, the only dignified and honorable path is the war to this civilized society, to this techno-industrial order and above all to the darkness that proliferates within the human heart, and which materializes before our eyes in this great apocalyptic catastrophe that we witness horrified, but feed day by day.

Many spirits from wise ancestors today are sold for any misery, alienated people seek to escape their suffering, and when they try to flee from it, it increases more and more, increasing the circle of self-destruction. What happens at the apparently personal level, happens at the macro level, as a complete species. For this reason, we decided to stop ignoring the voices of the spirits, OUR OWN VOICE, and face a spiritual war, which is being waged in our interior, and that at the same time manifests itself in our life, by attacking this rotten society and each one of its bastions.

October 12
According to the “official history” five hundred and twenty-seven years ago, a European fleet arrived in these lands in search of India. This is how the devastation of our sacred world began, the world of our grandparents.

With Europeans, a new and decadent way of understanding reality and relating to it (that is, of relating to the Great Spirit, the EVERYTHING) was brought here.

Respect for life and its cycles, sacred medicine, sexuality and even food, our magic and our Gods were changed by a lower and mediocre worldview, called Catholicism, a religion created several centuries earlier by other ambitious Europeans (Romans) with the intention of creating subjects from the psyche, taking slaves massively (throughout their empire) trying to ensure the perpetuity of their tyranny.

This could only be achieved by covering the spiritual eyes and ears of all subjugated peoples (we could say that the conquest happened first in Europe). The loss of souls through separating the individual (more and more) from their cycles, from their surroundings, from their father sky, their mother earth and their sisters stars, from their medicine, from energies and living beings, from every knowledge lovingly guarded by ancestors.

You, anthropologists, have heard the voice of our peoples, and have misrepresented your words for convenience, you think that everything can be translated into your poor western language, your mediocre reasoning.

Anthropology is another expression of Western arrogance and betrayal of the whites. (Remember that by whiteness we mean an acculturation, a way of thinking, of being and relating and assuming its place in the world, but not a specific skin color). They get involved with a certain community, take out all the information they can, deform it with their corrupt interpretation to share it with their world (and incidentally extol their name) and use the knowledge obtained for their selfish purposes, often to the detriment of the same community that opened their doors.

You Westerners locked in your academies do nothing but masturbate your egos and tell lies.

The knowledge they obtain is almost always used to maintain the macabre order (which they often say they hate) by strengthening the progress of their degenerate society (society of wich we are enemies).
Their humanistic speeches about peace, respect for others or inclusion are ridiculous. Who said we want to be included in their hell? We don’t want to be slaves of the western world, we want to attack it to illuminate its darkness.

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