[en] (Mexico) Twenty-Ninth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild / Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del 29 comunicado de ITS en conjunto con GITS, en donde se responsabilizan de dos asesinatos en el Estado de México, uno más en Ciudad de México y el abandono de un artefacto incendiario en Ciudad Universitaria.

¡Arriba los asesinaos seriales eco-extremistas!

We’ve been warning you from the beginning… we take responsibility for the following actions:

-Sunday, April 30th: The murder of two individuals at the foot of Tlaloc Mountain.

-Thursday, May 4th: Abandoning an incendiary device in Room 104 of the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM

With these actions we make it clear that this isn’t a game. Our words are serious.

Every human being merits extinction and we will make sure that they lose hope. When our name is merely mentioned they will tremble since we do not respect the integrity nor the life of the human being. At this stage of the game it is stupid to believe in a better life or a better world. At this stage there’s no hope that something “better” will happen in the future. We see seas contaminated with oil and chemical products. We see rivers full of trash, we see forests burned due to the presence of human beings. We see skies turned gray due to the slag of heavy metals, soil made infertile by chemical products, alterations in biological systems, unnatural species mutations, and we see the human being turned into a mass that only subsists like a virus (1) on planet Earth. Why do we say this? The human being is not necessary in the natural biological systems of planet Earth, the only thing that it does is modify it in a negative manner. To put it more simply: The modern human being is a virus that invades the Earth (cell), it take advantage of all of the systems that exist in it, and afterwards destroys the cell (a joke of the paranoid, and of course they’ll say we’re conspiracy-mongers. Why else do you think that they are looking for other habitable planets? So that the human virus after replicating itself can invade another cell LOL). That’s what the modern human being represents to us: only a virus that has infected planet Earth and that is why it should cease to exist.

That is why we no longer take the position of being “defenders” of wild nature, nor that of “anticivilization,” “primitivists,” nor any of the other terms that you have heard applied to us. We have positioned ourselves as the enemy of the human being, without concerning ourselves about using civilization to carry out our actions. This is more than clear since we ourselves are utilizing civilization. We’re not going to use a chisel and stone to write our texts or grind charcoal to use in our incendiary devices. Or do you think we throw the bullets that pierce our victims with our own hands?

All of this being said and clarifying that we don’t care that we’re using “civilized objects” in these actions, we got hold of a gun in a bad neighborhood full of “common” criminals with “the rat.” You may know well that in the dangerous neighborhoods or the “red dots” of Mexico City and Mexico State guns move without any problems and if you hang with the “heavy crew” there is no problem in getting a hold of a gun and the next day moving the “hot” gun again. Nor is it difficult to “blend in” with those types of people in hold-ups, murders, etc.

To finish up with this, it is clear that our hand doesn’t tremble when taking the life of an individual (we have done it before). We thought previously to kill some of the illegal loggers on Mount Tlaloc since they think they can just cut down a tree without any consequences. Well, they’re wrong about that, we will fuck up all of those modern humans who devastate the Earth. But that will have to wait a bit, because no truck was seen coming up to log. But a nature-loving couple passed by where we were stalking and finally the devil appeared. While we were looking on them with the eyes of death, only a detonation was heard, and in seeing the detonation and the individual falling, their cowardly companion tried to flee, which was useless. They only got four steps before the other bullet struck them in the head. And without further ado we left that place leaving no trace, without witnesses, without any shells left there. And even so, the police and media are trying to say that the homicide was the result of a mugging (2). If this were so, why were the backpacks and all of their belongings found on the “victims”? Why was no evidence found? Well we know how much trouble they go through to hide everything. Well why bother!? We just want it to be clear that no human being will feel safe in nature. We don’t believe in coyotes, wolves, beings, nor anything like that. But we are those who will not hesitate to take aim and fire on any human being who steps on the little semi-virgin nature that still exists. So from here on out we warn that no little event like those organized by the “Ghost Mountain,” visits to the “Bat Forest,” hikes, humanist events, and stupid “primitivist skills” training will be tolerated. No person is welcome in nature, it would be best if they don’t just don’t bother coming and stay in their accursed cities. But wouldn’t you know? They’re not even safe in their accursed cities. Not even in their accursed schools can they feel safe in spite of their hundreds of cameras. For that reason we take responsibility for the death of another human in the University City on May 3rd (3). It’s not a coincidence that the next day they found an incendiary device at the UC (although no one said anything about it). Much has surfaced about that accursed being found without life near a public telephone, that “she suffered from alcoholism, that she wasn’t a student, this and that.” (4) What does it matter to us? Only another mass of flesh more, only another accursed human who deserved to die. What does it matter that it was female this time (here the feminists will be triggered). Stop complaining and realize (not just women but also men) that anyone can be next. In August of last year it was the Chief of Services of the Chemistry Department (5), in February it was the Vice Rector of the Tec of Monterrey in Chihuahua (6). This time around it was simply a confused female drug addict. Now all will tremble and go in panic to their classrooms without noticing that we are watching their every step to find another victim.

No accursed corner of the Earth will be safe for the human being, neither in the city nor in nature.

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild –Texcoco, Mexico State

– Wild Serial Killers

Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS)


1) Different authors classify a virus as a living thing, others classify them as non-living things since they don’t carry out the process of a living thing (birth, growth, reproduction, death.)These depend on the system of the host to replicate themselves. For us, this is one of the best definitions: “biological beings in place of like organisms; they are intracellular parasites that can grow only by invading cells.”

2) http://www.milenio.com/policia/texoco-tlalnepantla-muertos-circuito_exterior-monte_tlaloc-milenio-noticias-edomex_0_948505425.html

3) http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/articulo/nacion/seguridad/2017/05/3/hallan-muerta-mujer-en-jardines-de-la-unam

4) http://www.proceso.com.mx/485071/muerta-hallada-en-la-unam-tenia-22-anos-era-universitaria-estudiantes-marcharan-manana

5) http://maldicionecoextremista.espivblogs.net/2016/08/22/mexico-decimo-comunicado-de-individualistas-tendiendo-a-lo-salvaje-mafia-eco-extremista-nihilista/

6) https://www.publimetro.com.mx/mx/monterrey/2017/02/27/asesinan-chihuahua-vicerrector-tec-monterrey.html

7) http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/mexico-vigesimo-quinto-comunicado-de-its-reivindicacion-del-asesinato-de-luis-arturo-torres-garcia/

P.S. GITS has decided to not belong to ITS. Nevertheless, with these acts it is clear that we still participate in the “Eco-Extremist Mafia” and that we collaborate with ITS.

On the other hand, GITS did not separate from ITS due to the language that it uses, and is in agreement with the thought that all should tremble at the mention of our names as ITS stated in its Twenty-Sixth Communique from last month:


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