[en] O9A: A Nihilist Movement?

The publication of the gratis open source pdf document titled Seofonfeald Paeth {1} raises interesting questions about the physis – the nature, the being, the intent – of the Order of Nine Angles.

If this work – if the three volumes of O9A texts it consists of – can be categorized then it represents (or the three volumes represent) what may be termed the “intellectual faction” of the O9A sub-culture, as distinct from other O9A factions many of whom prefer the Satanist, the exeatic, the pro-active, the heretical approach involving as such an approach often does Neo-Nazi activism, violence, holocaust revisionism, culling, and promotion of “direct action” against The State with such States regarded as part of the anti-Aryan, pro-Magian status quo.

That such an “intellectual faction” and such “extremist factions” both represent, both co-exist without rancour within, the Order of Nine Angles and both implement in their own way the sinister dialectic of the O9A highlights the true, if misunderstand, nature of the O9A occult movement with its fundamental principle of the Authority Of Individual Judgment {2} and its essential esoteric (occult) ambiguity.

An ambiguity well-expressed by a comment made by an academic in respect of its occult technique, its Dark Art, termed Insight Roles:

“through the practice of insight roles the order advocates continuous transgression of established norms, roles, and comfort zones in the development of the initiate … This extreme application of ideas further amplifies the ambiguity of satanic and Left Hand Path practices of antinomianism, making it almost impossible to penetrate the layers of subversion, play and counter-dichotomy inherent in the sinister dialectics.” {3}

In exoteric terms, the O9A is or can be whatever an individual or a group imagines, understands, or wants it to be. As evident in one of the many neglected items written about the O9A by some of its initiates:

“The Order Of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) could be considered to be a φαντασία, that is, a making visible (of some-thing). A phrenic image, an imagining; a phrenic apprehension of an object of perception; an ingenious invention or design; a visionary notion, a fantasy.
In less pedantic, and more practical, terms, it could be understood as a new genre of fantasy role-playing games: a modular game that occurs and is acted-out in real-life with the player interacting with real people and assuming various roles. A game with no set rules, no manual, only guidelines some of which conflict with other ones and some of which are, or seem to be, confusing and/or polemical and/or distracting.
It is a game with no time limit whose only goal is pathei-mathos (a learning from practical, hard, experience) via playing the game. It is a modular game because the player can choose to construct their apprehension, their version, their fantasy, of the O9A from various modules such as ‘satanist’, or ‘Rounwytha’, or ‘Drecc’, or ‘pagan sorcerer’, or ‘Balobian’ or ‘seeker along the seven fold way’, or anarchist, or ‘neo-nazi’ or even ‘terrorist’, with one of the guidelines of the game being that any player can invent or design a new module (in O9A esoteric-speak, a new Insight Role, a Grade Ritual such as that of Internal Adept) and add it to the game.” {4}

That this “game” – this playing with mundanes and with the status quo – is an amoral game of conflict, with such conflict being on many levels – practical, intellectual, social, political, personal, occult, terrorist, and Aeonic – has long been neglected. As has the fact that the O9A Game is nihilistic in nature, where by nihilism is meant rejection of prevailing religious beliefs, moral principles, and laws, together with a practical hostility toward accepted beliefs and/or established institutions.

In effect, the occult movement – the Western sub-culture – that is the O9A is an assault on the religious beliefs, the moral principles, the established institutions, and the laws, of the nation-states of the modern West.

An assault exemplified by three things. By the O9A Code of Kindred Honour; by its anarchic principle of the Authority Of Individual Judgment; and by the paganism of its factions, be they intellectual or neo-nazi or even anarchic.

This paganism, {4} the O9A Code of Kindred Honour, and the principle of the Authority Of Individual Judgment, form the core of the Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy, and in which book there is an acceptance of how others interpret O9A theory and praxis:

“The axiom of the authority of individual judgement means that each O9A person, nexion, group, or cell, are – with one important exception – free to develop their own interpretation of everything O9A, free to develop and change everything O9A, and that there is no authority above the individual, or beyond each group or collective of groups. No leader, no outer (or inner) ‘representative’, no council, no ‘old guard’, who can make pronouncements about or declare what is or is not correct. No ‘official’ or ‘genuine’ O9A; no ‘heresy’; no proscription of individuals or groups. Furthermore, no consensus is necessary or required among those who are or who associate with the O9A, although naturally a particular O9A nexion may have or arrive at a particular internal consensus and thus presence a particular interpretation of matters O9A.
The axiom the authority of individual judgement also means that each O9A person, nexion, group, or cell, will use their own judgement in respect of what they do; in how they, individually and/or as part of an O9A nexion, ‘presence the dark and manifest the sinister’ in practical ways […]
The one exception regarding individual interpretation, and changing everything O9A, is the O9A Code of Kindred Honour. It is exempted because it is the Logos of the O9A – the unique perceiveration that distinguishes the O9A – and thus defines who is, and who is not, O9A. For to be O9A is to live by the O9A code and thus to manifest that logos by one’s manner of living.” {2}

That the essence of the O9A code is the division between those who are O9A and those who are mundanes, with mundanes regarded (subject to tests to determine their physis) as expendable, summaries just how nihilistic the O9A is.

November 2019 ev

{1} http://www.o9a.org/2019/10/seofonfeald-paeth-trilogy/
{2} The Authority Of Individual Judgement: Interpretation And Meaning, in Seofonfeald Paeth, p.172
{3} Per Faxneld and Jesper Petersen, At the Devil’s Crossroads in The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press, 2012, p.15
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{5} Which paganism perhaps also explains the hostility of the Establishment – by the Magian status quo, its media and its propagandists – to David Myatt who has, in parallel with the O9A, created a modern pagan philosophy at odds with the Judeo-Christian causal abstractions which still dominate the modern Western world. See, for example, https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/06/30/appreciating-the-philosophy-of-pathei-mathos/

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