(en) On “Left-Overs”

Sobre los tira mierda angloparlantes escondidos en la internet.

Anarchist pages and social media are blowing up over a certain article that also mentions the “Individuals Tending Toward the Wild” (sic) to tar individualist anarchists and nihilists who read Stirner as secret fascists. It’s funny to us mostly because all of the supposed “nihilists” and “individualists” are getting themselves into a tizzy claiming that they aren’t Nazis or fascists. Meanwhile, the editor of Atassa has written the following:

I don’t see why anti-civ / nihilism people care, other than their feeling that it excludes them in social circles or whatever. That author dude is a successful troll imo. Maybe without his intending, but all the same. In many ways, my views are “worse than Hitler”, in some sense being called a fascist is a step up. Human extinction? Don’t care. Indiscriminate attack? *shrug* I don’t care what leftists or rightists think, I’m opposed to both in equal measure on principle. You can call me Hitler or a commie, I don’t care. I’m not batting for your team…

My “nihilism” isn’t leftism continued by other means. It isn’t frustration that I can’t achieve the goals of the Enlightenment of equality, liberty, and community through normal means, and must resort to some sort of “wu wei” to defeat big bad evil hierarchy and domination. It isn’t a means for self-realization and to acquire my deepest desires. It’s an animus delendi and the realization that human beings are kind of low on the totem pole in terms of what I value. So I’m for mutual defeat of all sides, in every circumstance. I’m on Team Chaos, not out of any ulterior motive, but for its own end.

While of course we don’t pretend to speak for eco-extremists or the “Individuals Tending Toward the Wild” (sic), the sentiment stands as an accurate portrayal of what eco-extremism intends overall.

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