[en] Responsibility claim for barrage of arson attacks in downtown Athens

Traducción al inglés del comunicado recibido en griego el 19 de febrero, reivindicando ataques incendiarios en Atenas.

Enviado al mail.

So easy and so simple the social peace can be ridiculized and at the same time the disgusting decoration planted by Xrysoxoidi in different neighborhoods of Athens to keep the law and order, we passed unnoticed through all that and we carried out all our planned actions.
The reason we attacked different targets is to make it clear that we are not just fighting against the meat industry or state property… but everything that civilization produces. We could write 40 pages full of philosophical nonsense and the reasons why we did the attacks. Our actions were not meant to be a reaction to any call for solidarity, they are not subject to any political tendency, nor are they part of any movement or call for action. We are tired of having to find reasons or excuses to justify what we do.

The only motivation for us is to follow our instincts that lead us to set on fire the existent. The rest is politics and we are bored of political games.

We do not follow a political tendency like those trying to bring society to their side, nor are we “dangerous” wannabe-nihilists of the internet (social media and blogs) who criticize everything from the internet and the safety of their homes. Neither are we insurrectional philosophers who just limit theirselves to read dusty textbooks.

We therefore take responsibility for the following objectives:

-9 January: We placed two incendiary devices at the same time in a butcher shop and in a store with security equipment, cameras, alarms, etc. on Agia Zoni street in Kypseli.

-22 January: We placed three incendiary devices, a big one and two smaller ones in an ELTA branch and in the two vans that were parked just up front on Prigiponison street in Polygono.

-23 January: We burned 3 cars in Kolonaki by placing paraffin tablets on their wheels. The first car was a Porsche jeep and the other two were randomly chosen because they were just in front of us.

These attacks were the true expression of our egoism that seeks pleasure through the attack against the existent. We sow chaos and terror in the prison society of civilization, destroying, at least for a moment, normality.

Be sure that we will be back…

-A bunch of nihilistic lunatics-

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