(en) Second interview with ITS-Mexico

Traducción en inglés de la primera pregunta a ITS en su segunda entrevista por un programa de radio.
Traducción robada de alguna parte…

Second interview with ITS by Radio Fórmula of May 12, 2017. This one focuses on the scandalous murder of a woman in Ciudad Universitaria.

“Why did they kill her?”

The question may have several answers, but let’s get to the point, the murder of the woman in Ciudad Universitaria was a brutal and suffocating reaction of disgust towards the modern human being. Do you think that a person wandering at dawn, shaken by the chemical drugs ingested, is worth living? We think NO, that is why that being received what he wanted, what he deeply wanted, death.

All members of ITS completely repudiate the vices of the modern human being, we reject sharply their disgusting fun, we hate those who with the little or much money they have are living altering their senses, these and these only take away air, are a waste, A trash of people, whether women or men, are the same virus that infects this beautiful Earth that is why they deserve its extinction.

The woman murdered in CU is the faithful reflection of a decadent society that lives with regret, weak people who can not face life with all its crudity, and decides to drug itself with foreign substances, cowards that are only in the world vegetating uselessly.

It is funny that the reaction to having murdered a woman inside CU is so great, and although it is not strange, surely it would have been the same if a woman had been murdered in the National Cineteca, the Polytechnic, or any other area in Where feminists make their own. CU as we have said is one of the cradles of progress, that is where pestilent humanism is hidden and taught under the deceptive mantle of “own and critical thinking.” The samples of repudiation we have already seen and left us with a smile spilling bile, all these feminists are idiots who with those banal demonstrations only make them look helpless, they look like a “revictimized victims”, something completely contrary to what they wanted show. For all feminists and “feminists,” that is, for all progressives,

Ah! And by the way, yes, we are against progress, we hate technologicalized society, and we care a grain of ground cumin being “incongruous” with that discourse, this is seen when we use computers to throw our misanthropic messages into mass.

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