(en) Some criminal tips: DNA, video surveillance and other traces

Traducción en inglés del texto “Algunos consejos criminales: ADN, videovigilancia y otros rastros”.

¡Por una guía criminal para los individualistas!

The study and practical application of techniques in the field of genetics for police purposes has been developing for some time now. Given the importance that the police investigation bodies give to this field, since it makes their work much easier, it is inevitable that the progress of the technology focused on this field will develop quickly and be cheaper, this makes it increasingly a technique more used even for “minor” crimes.
Obviously not everywhere police investigations are done in the same way, and it is clear that depends on the characteristics of the crime to investigate (number of victims, media impact / political … etc.) Will devote more funds and effort, anyway it is advisable to never trust oneself and always act with the utmost caution.

The extremist individualists will never enjoy acceptance, always being a minority, we can not afford unnecessary risks or become martyrs.
We consider it extremely useful, and virtually obligatory, for any individualist at war to learn from the methods the enemy uses to trap us (or kill us) that information in our favor.

For this reason, part of the information presented here has been taken from police sources such as the interpol DNA research report (the PDF is uploaded to the internet in English) and we also recommend the “Exclusion: no coincidence” fanzine only in Spanish) edited recently by anarchists and with very interesting information on the investigation of DNA traces. Without any moral or ethical problem, we take the information valid for our purposes and recommend its reading for more detailed information of the subject, since this text only contains very basic information.

We will not focus on technical-scientific details, we will go directly to what is useful for the extremist.


DNA is used for the identification of people, DNA is found in virtually anything that comes out of our body, blood, sweat, saliva, tears, feces, hairs, remains or skin cells … although we need a specific amount to do a successful identification, the percentage of DNA required is becoming smaller due to the great advances in the field of genetic research. It can be said with certainty that everything we touch, the clothes we wear etc., is impregnated with traces with our DNA, the thing is to minimize them to the maximum to avoid or make difficult the investigations.

But how can we avoid or counteract DNA traces? there are a few tips.
The first thing is not to touch ANYTHING that will be used in a crime, not only with our hands, but with no part of the body. Try to acquire the materials or tools that we need in the most possible safe way (for example that they are packaged), in the same way, do not store these materials, tools, weapons or whatever house, in our closet, under the bed or in any other place that frequent you, your accomplices or people related to you (especially relatives, since they contain many similarities with your DNA) since these places are FULL of traces of your DNA like hair or cells that are released from the skin … etc ., and which can easily adhere to the materials. The DNA of animals or pets can also be identified.

The ideal is to store sensitive material in a place other than your home (this for multiple reasons not only DNA) with several plastic bags (new, not previously used) as a cover to avoid contamination of DNA, dust, soil or other traces that can be identified.

The same thing happens with the construction of artifacts, cleaning weapons etc., must be done on aseptic surfaces, we can use for example plastics or large bags to cover the entire surface on which we are going to work, so it will be necessary to cover our body COMPLETELY, including eyes as they can detach eyelashes, eyebrow hair, tears …, the ideal is to wear a work overalls. Obviously all the material must be brand new, both what we use to isolate the environment as the clothes we wear, the tools we use … and yes, the tools also leave specific traces. We can also work in the middle of the forest, if we do not need electricity and we have no other place to do it, we still have to take precautions both with the environment and with us.

In the event of touching something accidentally, the fingerprints can be removed by rubbing vigorously with a cloth soaked in degreasing liquid (alcohol or acetone go well), some materials like the metal require that the cleaning be with metal scouring so that the surface is ” deformed “or modify as the tracks will not go away with a simple cleaning with rag.

Do not leave anything in the crime scene or in its surroundings, clothes, tools, weapons, caps or anything. The blood stains do not go away, even if they do not “see” the trail is still in the clothes, just as if there was a fight or a hand-to-hand fight with someone, their traces remain in us and our clothes. Shooting or manipulating black powder (for example in the construction of an explosive device) also leaves traces impossible to eliminate and we assume that the same thing happens with other chemical substances, therefore it is better to use one-time clothes in each action (depending on what Let’s do it, of course). Get rid of everything safely, better destroy it and burn it if possible, and away from where the action has happened.

Finally, it is said that cleaning with liquid antiseptics (such as those in hospitals) contaminates or destroys DNA traces, we do not know to what extent this is safe, although it is not too bad to give one last cleaning with this substance …

All this may seem very daunting to perform, but in extremist action it is better to take time, patience and good preparation to hit more and better.


For years now, most of the big cities have been plagued by video-surveillance cameras, now not just those of traffic or those that install by “public safety”, as well as public buildings, ministries, train stations … that thanks to the rise of cheap technology, any imbecile can install his own closed circuit video surveillance. In this way we find cameras in private homes, shops, garages and even there are those who place cameras in their vehicles.Some are false, we know that, others are high definition and others record with a painful quality but we must treat all as if they were real, every camera represents danger.

Apart from this, there is still another type, cameras for mobile phones, any idiot today, even children have a smartphone, which not only enables you to call the police, but also to record or take photos.

How does this contrast? Here are some suggestions:

Look for paths without cameras, look every corner well, every trade … the cameras can be placed anywhere, sometimes they are hidden …
Prepare several alternative routes always, look for hidden place where to change of appearance and clothes, to make sure that there is nobody observing from some window …
If it is impossible to make a route without cameras, if they are only one or few and are within reach, they can be deactivated or destroyed without attracting attention (for example by cutting the cables or blinding them with a paint spray) but not the same moment of the action because this may attract unwanted attention, it can be done several days before the action and check if they have been repaired before performing the mischief.

If there is no other choice but to be recorded, wear clothing that is broad enough to deface the body’s characteristics, body shape, height, gender … get the clothes for better second-hand action, street markets, or stolen. In general, you should not pay anything that you are going to use in any illegal action with credit card or to keep receipts, to buy clothes and materials with sufficient time in advance and far from your place of residence and from where the action is going to happen.

Walking late at night one or more people dressed in black and with balaclava catches the attention of anyone who crosses through. For some actions in urban areas it is preferable to wear “normal” clothing, which is not flashy, or even dress in “fashionably”. And instead of ski masks, a cap, glasses and scarf or, better yet, wigs, false beards and artistic latex. Obviously the disguise must seem realistic and credible, otherwise better not to use it.

Double life, psychology and mental state.

To live a double life can sometimes be difficult to cope with, especially in the beginning, not only because one has to be extremely meticulous to maintain the “facade”, but also because it can often cause a mental conflict with oneself. To live a double life requires a willpower of steel, patience, sacrifice and a lot of cold blood.

When an individualist decides to move from words / thoughts to facts, today, given the characteristics of this type of war and the factors that surround it, practically it becomes impossible to have durability and “success” without carrying some type of double life that conceals our intentions and acts in the eyes of the rest of the world. It is necessary to have clear things in the mind before engaging in a life immersed in the chaos of war without permanent barracks, since the consequences that they carry if certain rules are not fulfilled can be irreversible. This is not a joke, death and imprisonment are very real and the risk accompanies us daily.

Before starting a criminal / terrorist activity it is necessary to change many things to have a minimum security guarantees, or rather, to live a double life you may have to change your whole being: Starting with your appearance and “look”, your personality and even your way of socializing, your circle of friends and acquaintances, where you move and what places you frequent … you have to soak in knowledge about different ways to go unnoticed in both real life and the internet, a thousand and one things that we change the life completely and for which it is necessary to be mentally prepared, and to take into account that this change could not happen from one day to another, because this also calls the attention. You have to be aware that many things have to be given up and you have to be prepared to take certain sacrifices with integrity. For example if we have “problematic” friendships or frequent places that attract the attention of the authorities … are luxuries that we can not afford and we must renounce them, even if these friendships are for years or if we share the same blood … and give up ourselves, to our past life … is something that is not easy. One of the characteristics of double life includes lying and acting falsely to hide in the society we hate, not infrequently we must bite our tongue and pretend to smile, in front of strangers but also of acquaintances and relatives. Enduring all day absurd conversations and pretending interest in the same nonsense idiocy as the rest of the sheep around you … you have to have a great capacity for self-control not to betray yourself and fit like a hyper-civilized being more, like one more of the herd. To build a parallel personality on which to conceal our true Self, and in a way to “transform” itself into everything we hate, is by no means an easy task.

The human being is a social animal, the fact that extremist individualists (of whatever type) are and always will be a minority living in the shadows, makes it difficult for many to find accomplices or affinities that share our points of view and sometimes this can lead us to feel alone and therefore try to look for affinities in our close circles or the internet. This is a fatal error.

Starting conversations of “sensitive” issues with acquaintances or family members may make them start to suspect, moreover, the fact that they can share some point of view with you does not imply real complicity.

Keep in mind that for the immense majority of people around us, we are the enemy, if they knew what we were plotting or, worse, they would know or just imagine our criminal / terrorist activities, they would be scared and would betray us to the authorities, and it does not matter if they are friends or relatives, there are issues and conversations that are much better not to mention and obviously NOBODY outside our group of accomplices (if there is such a group) should be aware of our activities under no circumstances.

For the rest of the world we must be ordinary people, people who do not dirty their hands and who respect law and order. The last one who they would think when pointing the finger as the author of an illegal act.

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