[en] (Spain) 52 Communique of the ITS

It can be heared the fierce thunders hitting the cities of the “Old Continent”, where a deformed and artificial mass don’t live but vegetate. It can be heared the tempestuous wind, that one which predicts the advent of something tragic. The first drops begin to fall from inhumane black clouds that cover the sky with their unknown darkness…

The storm is here! Everybody knew that sooner or later it would arrive! Hyper-civilized look surprised the sky, they don’t know what is coming yet… But when they look at the eyes of the destruction, the chaos, the death, the terror will seize them and they will run to hide. A few, however, listen the call of the storm, the roar of the thunder, the shout of the wind and the rain, and attend it with the knives freshly sharpened, full of hate for the despicable shitty humanity… Because we are those egoistical savages who enjoy the death, who take delight with human misery!

That storm is the ITS Mafia. That group of eco-extremist criminals and nihilist terrorists which in January of this year crossed the Atlantic to Greece and that today, only a few months later, is operative in another two european countries.

We attack misanthropically the techno-moral society in a indiscriminate way because the humanity disgusts us, this ridiculous thing that decays in the cities full of smoke, that crawls from work to home and from home to work, like machines without life, insulting everything sacred for us every second of its existence; we sicklily hate its customs, its routines, its aspirations, its no-lifes… we want to see all of them dead! We live among you, weak human trash, we live without raising any suspiction, being just a few more sheeps, smiling in the needed moment to go unnoticed, we are those nice creatures who give you the seat in the public transport… behind this smiles are occulted our homicidal intentions!

We deliver a mortal blow to the moral of attack, how are we going to feel empathy with this stupid domesticated animal who lives distant from its natural essence? Are there innocent humans in the humiliation of the Wild Nature? Anyone who believes this is naive, a humanist or a fool (or the three). We attack, yes, foreign to the dualism of the humanist assessments, we don’t care if rich or poor, if man or woman, if white or black, modern human is our enemy and we don’t make boring humanist distinctions. Does Wild Nature make distinctions when it manifests with its characteristic brutality? ¿Did the ancient barbarian warriors of this continent make distinctions? You can make this question to the entire populations massacred by those vikings “northen beasts”.

There isn’t any political objective to reach in our acting, we don’t look for any revolution, we don’t have demands of any type, we don’t want to go back in time either. We attempt because that Unknown Force hidden in the mountains, forests, rivers, wild animals, in the Moon… carried by tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes… that force is within ourselves too, in the form of dark, violent and primitive instincts. We are civilized humans, but we know that all the centuries of civilized life haven’t achieved to eliminate this instincts. Modern human represses them, keeps them dissatisfied, chains them with its goddess Reason… we wait with ancient patience the moments when we liberate them, when we momentarily satiate them embracing chaos!

As can be seen, we don’t make the secular and modern distinction between us as subjects and Nature as object. We are pagan warriors in extreme defense of the Wild, but we don’t understand the Wild as something alien to us. To the contrary, for us the alien is the civilized life at all levels, and because of this we attack it without more regard than the strategical one.

We lack hope in a better tomorrow, we know the end that awaits us in this unequal war. And despite this we attack, like the ancient did.

Therefore, we claim that the night of April 18th we went out in the city of Valencia with a
trash bag, in it there wasn’t food waste but an incendiary device of approximately 5 liters, with a small explosive adhered and designed to detonate moments after the activation of the device, this to expand the fire and in case some noble citizen thought of extinguish it. We walked determined and with the ancients in our mind, in our pockets we carried pagan war amulets given by the spirits of the Unknown. We abandoned the device indiscriminately in the street, near a line of cars, we ignited the fuse with tranquility and disappeared from that place stealthily. Although we couldn’t know the damage caused because we didn’t read anything about the arson in the local press, we know that the device was activated because when we were far from the place we listened the explosion, so the artisanal fuse ignited correctly and the fire came to our call. There goes our gift for the normality and stability of the peaceful civilized night…

This time the fire consumed material objectives because our egos desired it, but it was also an attempt in which we carbonized the humanist values that govern the civilized life, imposing authoritatively our will above the properties of the anonymous citizens and destroying the good-evil binomial raising over its ruins our egoistical interests. Who knows when and where are we going to appear again, who knows what device or weapon will we hide then and if our objective will be material or human… may the spirits guide us in this war!

Force for the terrorists brothers and sisters of the Mafia in America and Europe!

Force for the Wildfire cell and for all those that attempt anonymously! And we remember the terrorist of the 7 bombs, Mark Conditt, with special respect!

The Mafia expands… we have chaos in our hands!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Spain

-Animist Criminals

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