First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – 2016

25 de Enero

We love tranquility, we let the mouse play; when the forests whisper, we are unafraid”


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS, before “Individualities”), is the continuation of the eco-terrorist Project begun in the year 2011. After the death of “Wild Reaction” in 2015, we have decided to continue this


To refresh the memories of those who may have forgotten:

We continue this declared war against the Technological System, and against those who aim to improve and sustain it. We attack those who physically and emotionally insist on destroying and altering the wild and untamed places
that are left.

Our acts aim to terrorize, wound, mutilate, and kill these intended targets. We use threats, explosives, and firearms to accomplish our immediate objectives.

Those who work toward the destruction of Wild Nature deserve punishment, so that their acts will not continue with impunity. ITS is not a peaceful organization that petitions governments to “punish those responsible”,
collecting signatures, and playing the absurd legal-juridical game. We aren’t an NGO. We don’t need intermediaries to clarify things. For those who threaten Nature there are no courts; and even if there were, we will still take the law into our own hands as our fierce ancestors did. As we are not interested in being a “vanguard” or being in the front lines o
this war, we attack accepting the final consequences.


Those who have opposed us and our defense of Wild Nature have given us many names in the past:

– The civilized Aztecs before the arrival of the Spanish in Mesoamerica disdainfully called us “Chichimecas”.
– The Spanish after their invasion, more out of fear than condemnation, called us, “savage pagans”.
-The English whites after their arrival classified us as “hostile peoples”.
-Today, the hyper-civilized call us “terrorists”.

Even though we prefer to classify ourselves as an Eco-Extremist group, let there be no doubt that ITS is and continues to be a terrorist group. We identify with the Chichimeca Wars because we find valuable lessons in those
bloody battles that our ancestors waged until their final deadly consequences.


We have tossed in the waste bin the rationalism and scientism of our first communiques. Now we rejoice in our pagan roots and we create gods from our personal dwellings in nature and from its cyclical processes.

Though we are not a tribe, we are individuals who have turned against modern progress, artificiality, and everything that attempts to mechanize and automate us.

To summarize, ITS is an eco-extremist group, formed by individualists opposed to modern values such as equality, humanism, and progresivism., as well as the moral foundations of the Techno-industrial system and its
constant Progress.

ITS is the violent active response against those who aggressively cause imbalance in the Wild and Unknown, and look to domesticate them one way or the other.

ITS is a reaction, it is the logical consequence, a group of modern humans possessed by the primitive warriors of the past. We have decided to kill and meet out punishment to those who are directly responsible for the offenses against the Earth and those who dwell on it.


We are the same people who are responsible for leaving a UPVM worker maimed in Tiltitlan in our first attack. The same who left two techno-nerds gravely wounded at the Tec of Monterrey in Atizapán. The same who broke into the Cinvestav of Irapuato, the same who put a bullet in the head of a biotechnologist in Cuernavaca. The same who sent explosives to those hypocrites at Greenpeace, the same who wounded a professor of the UPP of Hidalgo with a car bomb. All that and more in 2011 alone.

We are the same people who sent a mail-bomb to the neurologists of the ITAM in Mexico City, which the authorities tried to keep quiet (among other acts) in 2012. We’re the people who terrorized the researchers of the IBT
in Cuernavaca with a bomb destined to arrive at an institute belonging to the UNAM. We are responsible for the worker who was wounded stealing our package bomb from a mail box in Tlalpan in 2013.

Those who joined together from among a dozen groups to give life to “Wild Reaction” in 2014 are the same who decided to kill the project in 2015.

And we are the same people who now, in this year of 2016 according to the Gregorian calendar, continue the Extremist War dedicated to returning the blows that have landed on our wild places, and their flora and fauna.


We do not wish, nor do we seek, nor do we find it necessary, nor does it interest us to work for a “revolution”. We despise that term and deem it a non-existent goal. We attack in the present because that is all that there is. The attack in the here and now is what terrifies our selected targets.

We are not “revolutionaries”, nor anarchists, nor do we represent the radical left.

We are not primitivists; that deluded romanticist Zerzan does not represent us, nor does that deluded radical Kaczynski, nor does any gringo, Spanish, or Italian theorist. No one.

ITS represents only itself. We have created our own discourse-tendency. We have created our own concrete objectives and have formulated plans of attack in accordance with our positions.


We don’t distinguish between “good” or “bad” attacks in this war. We salute acts by groups who burn cars, those who detonate bombs in institutions that assist in destroying the Earth, as well as those who send mail bombs to blow up important people in populist and humanist organizations. We salute those who attack indiscriminately this compromised society, just as we rejoice in the arrows that pierce the bodies of loggers in the Amazon and surrounding places. It fills us with joy when tornadoes destroy urban
areas, as well as when storms flood and endanger defenseless citizens. The same is the case when we see those who freeze to death in the cold winter, or when we see people wounded in earthquakes, for these are responses and reactions as well to the Technological System and civilization. We learn from nature and its violent reactions. Nature doesn’t stop when faced with subways, or rural or urban buildings. It doesn’t respect the common citizen
or the scientific specialist. It is relentless, it destroys everything in its path without consideration for morality. With this, we are personifying in animist style Wild Nature, because in our pagan belief, nature is the Unknown Force of the first hunter with the same color skin as the earth,
who with the first gatherer woman with braids of feathers, dances over the corpse of modernity and shakes the minds of those who feel in their gut the moribund beating of the Earth. They are dark beings with the characteristics of the Coyote and the Deer, with the scent of Moss and
Mesquite, with eyes of Flame and Voice of Thunder; those that begot free man and woman, both wild, the same who have possessed our minds to continue on the war of our ancestors.

Our war is extremist and violent, in connection with the natural and joined to the spirits of the exterminated native tribes.

Those who we wound and kill are a blood offering to Wild Nature.

ITS has this warrior inheritance and we know others have it, so that:

Forward with the War against the Technological System and Civilization!

If they don’t respect the Earth, we won’t respect their lives either!

Death to Progress, Scientific Advances, and Modernity, the cancer that threatens our lives and wild surroundings!

Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!
[Until your death or mine!]

First Full Moon of January

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild / ITS

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