(Mexico – Chile – Argentina) Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Comunincado original en español publicado el 09 de mayo 2016.

Traducción del septimo comunicado de ITS al inglés, en donde reivindican multiples ataques en Buenos Aires, Santiago, Ciudad de México y Estado de México.

Traducción a cargo de Chahta-Ima.

“When we hunt, it is not our arrow that kills the moose, no matter how powerful it is. It is Nature that kills it.”
-Big Thunder

Universities, educational centers, academic institutions, etc. are the places where they prepare present and future progressivists (that is, those who believe in progress). Thus, they are an immovable target for eco-extremist attacks.
The incubators of progress (high schools, universities, trade schools, etc.) are the keystone to the development of the technological, scientific, and industrial system. They are the academies where they prepare young minds that have been blinded by modernity. They are complicit in the destruction of Wild Nature.

Today we live in a society consumed by technology, one that reproduces the moral values most conducive to the unrestrained development of the system. This society trains and guides its children to lead a life that clings to values such as “humanism,” “progress,” “indiscriminate solidarity”, “collectivism,” “equality,” etc.
Teachers never tire of saying, “study, prepare yourself to be someone in life,” and the children pay attention to them. Some make it to be professionals or prominent people within social circles. These are the progressivists par excellence. The others have less education, and constitute the great mass of wage earners who swarm all over the place, progressivists of all forms. These two parts, one way or the other, maintain the normal functioning of civilization. Some are the executioners and others are the slaves, but all are made from the same mold, that’s for certain.
The majority of people in the universities (though not all) have a superiority complex due to all of their degrees, their erudition, or their “knowledge” accumulated over their time in the classroom. They aspire to progress. Those who study to be engineers, for example, whether they study systems, robotics, mechanical or computer engineering, etc., are a prime example of this. They are always coming up with new technological fixes to “improve nature,” or “to save water,” or “to solve climate change,” to increase production, etc. That is to say, they study and put into practice the necessary methods to help overcome the crisis that the system now faces.

The other example are science students (physics, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, neurology, mathematics, etc.), most of whom (though, again, not all) equally create methods to improve science and help it to become the absolute truth. This new truth supposedly replaces the
simple ancestral beliefs left to us by the ancients. This ancient wisdom is everyday more devalued by modern knowledge. They propose instead brilliant theories that try to explain the mysteries of the world around us.
Artificial and complex intelligence is what the system aims to make a “belief” in this century, this to the exclusion of the beliefs based on the forces of nature. These latter beliefs are judged to be irrational, primitive, and doubtful.

That which the sciences and those who study them (though not all) aim to do is explain every process, action, etc. that is observed, thus taking humanity to a higher level, thus carrying the banner of arrogant anthropocentrism. They forget that human knowing is nothing compared to the Great Wisdom of Wild Nature (or whatever you want to call it.) They have also proposed alternatives to “help” nature. This is a hidden hypocritical attitude that hides its real motive of obtaining notoriety and fame among their fellow investigators. They seek to increase their alienated knowledge which is totally foreign to the idea of  “helping nature,” which is what they claim to be working towards.

The last example are the science and social studies students (law, communications, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, art, economics,  literature, architecture, etc.) which form part of the alternative and progressive wave that is now back in style.
Those who have more theoretical than practical knowledge place themselves in a new era of inclusive youth who are immersed in the moral values of the system, allowing its continuity: “feminism,” “anti-classism,” “communism,” “civil anarchism,” “ecologism,” “anti-racism,” “legalism,” “humanism,” “anti-fascism,” “pacifism,” “primitivism,” “Marxism,” “passive nihilism,”
“veganism,” in other words, PROGRESSIVISM.
We clarify that not all of these students have moralism deeply ingrained, though the great majority do.
Indeed, these types of students can be found in the universities, vegan restaurants, in cafes and bars, talking about Nietzsche, Bukowski, or Dalí. They live in co-ops, in squats, and can be found at demonstrations where they are working for “a better tomorrow.” They try to change this society for the better by giving to it thinkers, critics, and saviors, without noticing that in their demands, even though they talk a good radical game, they are only proposing that which the system needs to keep going.

It is thus that these university or high school students continue with the previously-mentioned attitudes, that is, on the path of modern progress. And it is for that reason as well that we see the universities as symbols of harmful human progress, and the professor / teacher masses as directly responsible for the degradation, domestication, and destruction of the Earth.

As is to be expected, eco-extremists refuse all of this. They refuse to accept these values and they subvert them whenever they can. For this reason, ITS has no consideration for these sheep as is evident in the attacks for which we now take responsibility below:

April 12th.
An extinguisher filled with dynamite was abandoned in front of the University of Ecatepec in Mexico State. This campus is located on the Avenida Insurgentes in downtown San Cristóbal, two blocks from the Municipal Palace which is filled with police, and only a block and a half from the central command of the State Security Commission, which we mocked with our attack without any problem.
The device was planned to go off once the students came onto campus for morning classes at that semi-private university. But a system error took place and it exploded beforehand. A great explosion was heard around 6 am, without wounding anyone. This still caused a significant police mobilization at the site of the blast. As was to be expected, the act was covered up by the demoralized municipal authorities.
The progressivist students are safe for now. Next time we won’t fail…

-On the same morning an explosive device with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in front of the Hispanoamerican Educational Community, located in the same municipality.
The device was contained in what appeared to be a black briefcase. It was activated by pulling on a fake handle, and was composed of galvanized nipples filled with dynamite. According to the press, the device exploded without leaving anyone injured. This for sure is false reporting, as the device could not have exploded without someone having pulled on the handle. We are certain that it injured one of the campus guards, a student or a teacher who may have picked it up, as we left it in at the entrance of that private educational center.

The authorities of the institute sounded the alarm to the police at 7:30 am after the “suitcase-bomb” exploded, which mobilized a police and military operation in the area, which prevented the students from entering the campus.
The press stated that there were two explosive devices, which is also false. Our hypothesis is that one of the nipples exploded blasting the other nipple some meters away toward the exit of the campus. When the state police and soldiers arrived at the place, they found the remnants of the cheap suitcase that was the product of the explosion of one of the nipples, while the found the other next to the exit.

April 19th
A homemade explosive device inside of a plastic container filled with shrapnel was detonated at one of the entrances of the Technological Institute of Advanced Studies of Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) at its Mexico City campus, in Tlalpan Delegation. The device exploded successfully,
without our being able to verify the damage done. The act was silenced by the Mexico City authorities.

April 25th
An explosive with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in the parking lot of the Architectural Faculty of the UNAM in the Ciudad Universitaria, on Avenida Insurgentes, south of Mexico City.  The device abandoned between two cars resembled the one detonated at the Hispanoamericana Educational Community in Ecatepec: in a briefcase (see image below) and composed of two galvanized nipples activated by pulling on a fake handle. Although we weren’t able to verify the result of the explosion, we are certain that the explosive went off, only that the university authorities once again covered up the act.
-On the same day, another explosive was abandoned at the entrance of A Building at the Faculty of Engineering at the same university in the Ciudad Universitaria. This explosive was contained in what appeared to be a shoebox. The mechanism works when the box is picked up, which makes the negative pole attached to a rod hit the positive pole stuck to the ground, generating an explosion. The consequences of this explosion were also covered up by the authorities at the UNAM.

Frustrated attack against the FCFM, Santiago, Chile

I prefer the saddle to the streetcar, the starry sky to the ceiling, the difficult and dark path leading to the unknown to the highway paved withasphalt, and the profound peace of nature to the discontent that the cities offer.

We penetrated the cradle of science and progress in Chile. The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Chile (FCFM) was the target of our will turned into attack. The FCFM with its technological innovation and its latest scientific advances contributes daily to the
perpetuation and improvement of the techno-system.

Those techno-nerds applaud all that is technology, science, and progress. Their departments of sciences, physics, and engineering. Their humanoid robots constructed in the robotics labs. Their great observatory constructed on the Calan Hill. Their innovations in mining along with their studies in machinery, all the same. With all that, the educated and studious scientists seem like the saviors of the planet before the masses of citizen-students who rush to graduate endorsing and sustaining all that is progress and science.

In this way, all of the FCFM represents without a doubt progress and civilization in its highest expression. From there we decided to leave a present abandoned by the second active group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in Chile. While we occupied ourselves creating a distraction to divert attention, two of our people entered stealthily into the installations of the faculty at eleven in the morning to leave the explosive device, which would then explode at the given time.
This was a frustrated attack that has been covered up by the press. And from here comes the importance of taking responsibility for it. If the attack was foiled, that doesn’t mean that we will not take responsibility for it and make it public, as otherwise it would have never been brought to light. We would not permit this to happen since it is ours, from our EGO, in the name of the WILD, and against civilization.
The reason that it was foiled was because it was discovered, as its doublé system of timers was designed not to fail (see image). The structures of the FCFM, dedicated in 2014, deserved to burn into ashes. Our attack was not preceded by a warning call or anything of the sort. We were hoping that the flames burned the enclosure as well as a researcher or student. We don’t have consideration for anyone.

The renowned professors along with their researchers abroad and the poor students all take part in the subjugation of wild nature and thus deserve the worst. This is a warning that we are getting closer, improving our aim. We will take care of it: Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar, Dr. Paulo Araya, Dr. María Elena Lienqueo, Dr. Guido Garay, or the student Luz Martínez. We know your daily routine, your monotonous lives. Dare to continue to support progress, beware of the consequences…

“And when my hour came I found the must rugged, solitary and desolate place that exists.”

The wild can wait no longer. Civilization expands indiscriminately at the cost of all that is natural. We won’t stay twiddling our thumbs, looking on passively as modern man rips the Earth apart in search of minerals, burying her under tons of concrete, or piercing through entire hills to construct tunnels. We are at war with civilization and progress, as well as those who improve or support it with their passivity. Whoever!

The Universe, with all of its galaxies, stars, and planets, with its immense unknown, also forms part of Wild Nature.
Because the Universe is abused by man through his rockets, satellites, and invasive projects aimed at other planets when this one collapses.
Because a satellite is a television cable floating in space, it is the same as a highway going through a forest.
It is for all of this that we act violently and indiscriminately, in defense of the Wild and in self-defense. We see ourselves under siege by Civilization and Progress, and we find satisfaction in the harmonious movement of the stars.
From there our name comes, since it is our identity, the one that we picked. It is what we really are and not what they want us to be.

With Nature at our side, this past April 22nd, we abandoned a package-bomb at the National Technological University (UTN), that is located at Calle Medrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The action was covered up by the press as has been the case with many others. We are almost certain that the package was found as it was abandoned in a common area well within sight of all of the techno-nerds.
We know that they do not tolerate the presence of ITS in other regions outside of Mexico and they find that unsettling. They’re right! ITS does not forgive. But by silencing our actions they don’t achieve anything more than increasing our desire to watch the world burn.

Experience is gained with time. Knowledge is gained through theory and practice. This is how this war will continue, come what may.
This international coordination by groups of ITS against primordial targets is only a test of our level of operative capabilities. And also of our desire to see all that tends toward artificiality burn and collapse. These attacks that planned to hurt, destroy, and terrorize university objectives and educational centers are the beginning of something larger. Today it was the universities, tomorrow who knows what we will choose to jointly target.
It doesn’t matter if they censor and cover up our acts. We will push forward, and to the authorities and specific targets in the three countries where we are active we say:
Heed the consequences of covering up our attacks, for you know that the seed of eco-extremism has developed in fertile soil, and has sprouted!
To those who develop, work on, or find new and effective ways to domestícate and destroy the last vestiges of wildness that remain, we say:
“Take heart, relax, pretend like we don’t exist, but don’t complain when you see our arrows pointed at you.”

For selective and indiscriminate attacks and eco-extremism!
In defense of the Wild Universe!
Let the mystics and arrogant people keep talking!
Neither “revolutionaries” nor dreamers nor optimists, nor cowards, Indiscriminate Ones!
Death to humanist progressivism!
Continuing the war inherited from our primitive ancestors!
Death to the Moral of Attack!
In complicity with allied eco-extremist and nihilist terrorist groups!
Let the explosives keep detonating, may civilization keep burning, may violent resistance against the Alien spread!
Let us be dangerous:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Argentina)
-Wild Constellations

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chile):
-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico):
-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)
-Grupo Oculto “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)

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