(Mexico) Eighteenth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild / Indiscriminate Faction

Traducción al inglés del dieciochoavo comunicado de ITS en conjunto con el Grupúsculo Indiscriminado.

¡Muerte a la moral del ataque!

“I chase you, you look for prestige, that’s why now we talk about explosives.” In the shadows there emerge figures that stalk your back and stab you to death, or with bombs. It is winter, the snow wipes away my footprints… you provoke, they will kill you by mouth.”

 Mr. Grey

The Indiscriminate Faction in coordination with the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild take responsibility for the following attacks:

1. Wednesday, October 19th: We abandoned an explosive device in the transport bus “COPESA”, on the Cuemanco Canal corridor of Chalco-metro Barranca del Muerto. We do not know what became of that device.

2.Thursday, November 19th: We abandoned an envelope with an explosive charge in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM. The envelope wasn’t addressed to anyone, it was only labeled, “Winner of the iPhone Award.” This was for any person who would take it and find a nice explosive present when they opened it.

3. Wednesday, November 23rd: We abandoned an explosive device in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM. Let this be a warning to all of those worthless leftist humanities students who talk shit about us. Let it be known that we have eyes and ears in places they wouldn’t expect…

4. Thursday, November 24th: We left another explosive device in the same bus as we did in October.


Communique of the Indiscriminate Faction

You’re attacking public transportation that is used by the poor citizenry, those hard working folks! A “sympathizer” might be riding on it. Yes! And we will keep doing it, we don’t care who is riding mass transit, and that’s why we attack it. We want to harm passengers as well as infrastructure which every day erase more of the little nature that still exists. If we attack persons it’s because they’re just as responsible for urban sprawl, for cutting down trees to build their miserable concrete houses, more highways, and thus, bringing more cars with them to get back to their comfortable houses.

Since human beings have become sedentary, they have condemned themselves to extinction. This world doesn’t need more humans. It doesn’t need for the human being to keep living in it. To see a more beautiful world, the human being must go extinct. We know that this is far off, even though it is still possible. We know that we personally will not get rid of the human masses, but as long as we’re walking the Earth, we’ll try to kill off the greater part of the human masses that we can. That’s why we attack the most affluent neighborhoods.

Another idiot has said, “If you are so radical and nihilist, why don’t you just strap a bomb to yourselves?” Oh, brainless and dumb kids, you haven’t understood a thing. In the end, “he who likes to eat shit will keep eating shit.”

“I go from the mountains towards the buildings. You’re not doing honor to this, cousin. I left my life behind, I don’t need it. The crows make the scarecrow sweat. I am a wolf, not a baby goat.”

Once again with the UNAM… blah blah blah the same drivel that one would expect. There the “computer geeks” are formed (a slang term that makes us laugh quite a bit). It pisses us off to repeat the same thing as always, the same “sound bite”, so once again: Yes, once more, the UNAM. If it’s simple to attack mass transit which is so full of people, imagine how easy it must be to attack a university. Piece of cake! We don’t have to disguise ourselves to pass unperceived, or put on a fake moustache or wig. We don’t even have to invent a movie script, though I suppose we could say something along the lines of:

“We put on a fake mustache; we even disguised our gender so that no one would notice and we entered the UNAM to leave an explosive package… While we were leaving, we aimed a nine millimeter pistol at the students and personnel. When we go to the exit we robbed a bus with forty people on it to plant our explosive device. Then the police followed us and a firefight broke out in which we wounded five police and killed three more.”

Wow, not even ISIS does that! But no, we only went in and left some bombs and that’s it. We did it in plain sight. In the Faculty of Sciences we left an explosive package in the hallway of pp Building. In the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters we left a bomb while the same old leftists were hawking their wares, or rather, their “self-managed works.” It’s that easy to attack the citizenry, without any complications or without much of a spectacle.

But why attack the good and popular left anarchists? These beings, these “anarchists” don’t merit our respect. These anarchists only know how to complain and cry about being victimized. That’s all they know how to do… oh, and march, sure. Mexican anarchism is dead, it’s in death agony. This pack of kids only knows how to get drunk, snort drugs, and believe themselves to be super-insurrectionaries of direct action. You don’t think so? Then ask yourself the question: why support a “comrade” (as anarchists like to call them) when he’s detained for just being a little druggie faggot? We say let them die like dogs. Why support those little cliques of “support for anarchist prisoners” when they fuck up the donations for the prisoners? Rascals! Do they really think that people don’t know? Ugh. Of course people will come out of the woodwork and scream that it isn’t true. “Those are lies!” “A group full of infiltrators says that to tarnish the anarchist movement!” “They’re part of the government!” [Sob] What “anarchist movement”? That’s a wrap, dudes! You guys are just a bunch of conformists and reformists. Since the real anarchists of old have went extinct, the “new anarchists” aren’t worthy of any respect.

Lastly, to finish our sermon, we have seen the growth of a number of individuals who feel a fleeting empathy with the “eco-extremist tendency”. To them we would like to state the following:

It makes us sick to our stomach that more and more individuals are attracted in a superficial manner to this. We despise that there are more people out there who are flaky, those who feel themselves to be “free and wild” with lines crossing their face. They are the ones who like to hike in the woods, the desert, and the jungle. They feel like they’re shamans and pagans (we’d love to see them sacrifice or kill something, to see how much of the “shaman” they still feel then). We hate these people who hold their little “re-wilding skills” events. We’re sick of these people. For this reason, hypocritical fake groups emerge like the Whore Eco-Extremist War… Oh, excuse us, Guamera Eco-extremist War and Shadow of the Forests (who are either people with a short attention span or police who we are dealing with in these lands.) We’d like to state to all those people who attracted by “natural beauty” that you too are in our sights. Just like the list of scientists, the list of “forest lovers” who we will attack is quite long. Don’t be surprised if one day while you’re out camping the “Devil” shows up. This time you won’t be offered as a sacrifice, you’ll just be fertilizer for the trees. “The coyotes descended from the mountain, now they return to them.”

Without further ado we end this entry. The next time we’ll just take responsibility for our attacks and that’s it. That’s in order to keep the tendency “pure” since, as in the Mafia, we believe in hierarchies and no one can enter unless we give the order.

-Indiscriminate Faction (GI)

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS)

“Fury of the Lynx Occult Group”

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS)

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